Platform : theatres

Director: Saagar K Chandra

Writers: SachyTrivikram Srinivas

Cast: Pawan KalyanRana DaggubatiNithya Menen, etc..

Release date: 25 Feb 2022 (India)

BheemlaNayak #PSPK-Saagar movie review is first big release at box office after a gap of two months. Trailers, songs have raised all the expectations.  It was released today amid of huge expectations. Let’s see it has met everyone’s expectations or not.


Bheemla Nayak (Pawan Kalyan), SI,  arrests retired army person Daniel Sekhar (Rana). Sekhar was humilated by this arrest and  things take a shocking turn and it results in a clash of egos between Bheemla Nayak and Daniel Sekhar. To find out why Bheemla Nayak arrested Daniel Sekhar and what resulted in the ego clash between the two, its connection to Daniel Sekhar’s father Jeevan Kumar (Samuthirakhani), an ex-MP, and suguna (Nithya Menen) you should watch the film. Very few changes has been made to story line when compared to original from Malayalam language – Ayyappanum Koshiyum .


This is what every Pawan kalyan fan is expecting from him. While the vakeel saab had satisfied thier hunger to some extent, this particular served them full meals. This film drove us crazy from the first scene itself.  Pawan kalyan is just terrific. His swag, attitude will make you mad. He completely comes out of his comfort zone and went back to Badri days. Pawan Kalyan creates a powerful explosion with his intense dialogues. He brings out the fire in him particularly during the confrontation scenes with rana. His mannerisms, subtle performance during first half, powerful dialogue delivery satisfies everyone to the core. if you are waiting for Gabbarsingh kind of Pawan, he as Nayak entertains you bigger than Gabbar singh with strong content and character. For others Pawan kalyan impresses with his terrific performance. Okay, that’s what my inner fan always tells me about how to be happy with my star hero. But other side story is all different.

Most of the movie is felt more like it made for showcasing Pawan kalyan as fan favorite rather than exploring the beauty of Cinema. Even with humongous craze PK got among fans, Rana succeeded in grabbing the attention and scored the brownie points. We can’t imagine any actor other than rana in this role. If any other actor portrayed the role,  one may not get same kind of acceptance, response as rana got. Just because of Rana’s terrific performance all the confrontation scenes have reached next level. It is  not easy for any actor to portray the role which has both positive and grey shades. He gave a balancing performance. But what we think is , what about these two major actors playing opposite role. That’s what would have created good movie rather Bheemla Nayak spoiled the beauty of film making and story telling.

Finally Nithya Menen has got the role what she actually deserves. She is an amazing actress in South film industry and only did very few movies in decade long career. She deserves more and more roles and her role is definitely an added advantage and perfectly fit. Taking real actors for any film definitely helps in lifting the proceedings. Because of Nithya Menen, this particular character has came out really well. If there is one more powerful scene during second half for her, it would have been a complete treat. After Rana she impresses with her limited screen time. Hopefully star directors and other actors will consider her name from now onwards for any performance oriented role. But for her matured acting we won’t think she will fan favorite, but she will be a legendary actress for sure. Samyuktha Menon is decent and her character is crucial during the climax.

Rao ramesh entertains with comic timing. Murali sharma is ok. Samutrakani, as egoistic father has brought lot of depth to proceedings. Though Samuthrakani’s role is very limited on screen, it gives it’s deep impact and worked as close to Ayyappanum Koshiyum.

Thaman once again gave the terrific BGM. His songs are as regular as any of his previous films. No freshness. 30 minutes before the interval, BGM deserves special mention. Cinematography by Ravi k chandran captured the forest atmosphere, all night scenes shot in an effective manner. Felt like his work was slightly inspired from KGF for flashback scenes and it is good. Dialogues getting OK response and are powerful, but there is nothing fresh about those dialogues. More of them are straight out of Ayyappanum Koshiyum. Stunts have been choreographed in superb way, but once again they are not good as near as Original. There is some Synthetic masala smell coming out of whole stunt action from PSPK.

Saagar along with Sachy has made crucial changes from the original and tried to make even more effective to suit the taste of Telugu audiences, but to fail miserably. Saagar completely rewrote the Bheemla nayak character and made it powerful and masala mix. He proved his mettle in directing a big commercial film. That’s the good part for fans. Fans of Pawan kalyan couldn’t have asked for more as Pawan kalyan character is elevated to next level. He made sure to give necessary high to the film at regular intervals, but unsuccessful to natural level like Biju Menon. PSPK could not even do the half of what Biju Menon did in AK. PSPK is not at all looking good with Masala scenes only designed for his showcase, but they spoiled him on the screen. He looks so synthetic.

Basic story turns around the ego, that’s where the whole effectiveness missed in Telugu version. Character arc of Bheemla Nayak is also weaker when compared to the Original. But all the flaws are dominated by the terrific performance from Pawan kalyan(for fans) which complimented well by Rana and Nithya Menen. Rana character graph would have been handled better, it felt like makers desperately did that to pull up PK’s dominance on screen.


Bheemla nayak is complete feast for Pawan kalyan die hard fans. But definitely not for cinema lovers. After a slight gap of two months, theatres are ready to offer you a one time watchable movie, nothing more nothing less. If you are fan, this film has brought us back the most celebrated years of Pawan kalyan. No doubt you won’t satisfy for watching it for one time. This film has lot of repetitive value for fans. When we have strong script with unnecessary changes into story then the result is Bheemla nayak. Experience another spoiled film on Telugu screen. PSPK might have impressed me as fan but as film he is actually a negative to whole image of story.

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We could only give a 4.0/10 rating for disappointing screen changes and hyped up heroism rather than concentrating on the real beauty of story and dialogues. Bheemlanayak is just another Telugu Masala film.