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#ShyamSinghRoy-Nani movie review

#ShyamSinghRoy-Nani movie review

Platform: Theatres

Directors: Rahul Sankrityan

Writers: Satyadev Janga

Cast: NaniSai PallaviKrithi Shetty

Release date: 24 Dec 2021

Natural Star Nani is coming to theatres after a gap of more than two years. #ShyamSinghRoy-Nani movie review is here with us. His last two films does not impress any one, so he pinned all his hopes on Shyam Singha Roy and promoted the film aggressively. The presence of Krithi Shetty, Sai Pallavi  has also raised the expectations. But you have to tell us whether it achieved the goal. Let’s check in our review whether it has worth all the hype or not.


Vasu is a short film director who aspires to become a director one day. When every thing is going well, A case has been filed against Vasu citing he has copied the film story from the famous books written by Shyam Singha Roy. How Vasu and Shyam singha Roy are connected ? Does Vasu really stole the story from Shyam Singha Roy books? Forms the whole story.


Director Rahul Sankrityan must be definitely lauded for choosing different story with unique treatment. There are high chances for treating this film as a complete art for which he may earn some awards not the money for his producers.  But this is the point where he exactly shows his mark and perfectly blended a love story with super natural elements which gives different feel to viewers. The way he integrated re-incarnation angle into the story is impressive and logical. The research he done before on his characters and their ideologies for narrating the story is clearly visible.  Although movie runs on predictable note, Rahul Sankrityan engages with unique treatment by elevating the scenes at regular intervals.  Little fine tuning would have done wonders for the film.

After the slow start, movie catches its pace after Nani becoming director and from then there is no looking back. The love story between Shyam and Rosie is projected in a poetic way and it is the major highlight. The way Rahul Sankrityan uses one of evil practices as background for the love story is impressive. Rahul Sankrityan has taken all care to engage the audience with either situational comedy or commercial touch for few scenes with out deviating from the main story. 

He connected all the dots during the climax and it takes the movie to another level. After completion of the movie, you will come out with satisfaction for watching good and different film. Rahul Sankrityan definitely sets the bar high for his next films with this movie and impresses big time with story, screenplay and direction and narrated the entire plot in a beautiful way. No offence to Nani, but like Rahul Sankrityan said in one of his interviews, if the same movie was done by the Pawan kalyan the impact would have been Very high, of course with his nature, Nani applauded those word too.

We are missing Actor Nani these days but he once again amazes every one with his performance. This is what we are actually expecting from actor Nani. He impresses as vasu but shyam singh roy role is definitely one of his career best performances. He is terrific as shyam singh roy and completely steals the show. Apart from physical transformation, he delivered all Bengali dialogues with ease.

Sai Pallavi gave her best once again. When she got a role like Rosie, sky is the limit for her performance. What can we say about her performance It has become routine habit for Sai Pallavi to steal every one hearts with her amazing dancing skills and beautiful acting. She brought the beauty to all her role with her stunning performance albeit being not glamorous but natural girl. She hooks up from the first moment she appears on screen and her dance is feast to the eyes. This is again one of the memorable Performance from her.  One word for her is definitely true, she is one of best actress and natural performer of our Indian Cinema right now. With right films and good commercial hits in future, she definitely attains acting legend status in future.

Sai Pallavi and Nani took the movie to entirely new level. It is actually a feast for viewers to see two natural performers together on screen. Their chemistry is an asset for the movie.

Krithi Shetty is in completely different avatar and attracts in her role. Madonna Sebastian as young lawyer to Nani impresses in her role. There is slight comic touch has given to her role and it worked. Both Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian roles are crucial to move the story forward. Rahul Ravindran has got a memorable role. Abhinav Gomatam entertains with unique comic timing.

Art work of the film is extraordinary, thanks Kolla Avinash for that. The kali temple, Antarmahal and Kolkata recreated in a beautiful way by leaving everyone awestruck. Cinematography by Sanu John Varughese is splendid in its own way. Every frame is top notch. He beautified the entire film with his stunning camera work. Firefly Creative Studio did good VFX, few misses are there, but okay.

Editing could have been slightly better. Dialogues are intense and powerful.

Mickey J. Meyer music is another major highlight. All song comes out really well. His background score elevates all the scenes during second half. Siri Vennela song is the best melody in recent times. And this song gave great adios to the legendary Siri vennela garu. What a tribute. Situation of this song is perfect and comes at right moment. The tune actually haunts us even after the complete time, like we can’t forget sirivennela garru.

Last but not least Niharika Entertainment should be applauded well for their conviction to bring back movies like this.

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One can not expect a better film than this when we have the terrific performers like Sai Pallavi and Nani on screen together. This is one of the beautifully and brilliantly narrated movie. There are few negatives but those can be easily ignored. All the positives of the movie dominated those few negatives. On the whole Shyam Singha Roy is emotional periodic drama with with terrific and riveting performances and impressive story line. It has all elements to engage the audience. A brilliant and Beautiful film has all ingredients to attain cult status in future.


We are lucky to to give this movie a fine rating of 9.0/10.

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