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#Pushpa – AlluArjun-sukumar Movie review

#Pushpa - AlluArjun-sukumar Movie review

Platform: Theatres.

Director: Sukumar

Writers: Sukumar, Srikanth Vissa

Cast: Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil, Rashmika Mandanna, Suneel, etc.

Release Date: 17 Dec 2021

#PushpaAlluArjunSukumar Movie review is here and is most hyped film at this moment with deadly combination of DSP-Allu-Sukumar after Arya& subsequent part. Expectations are sky high. With Allu Arjun eyeing on the Pan India image, let’s see whether it has reached our expectations or not.


Pushpa is a daily wager always dreams becoming big in the smuggling world. It this process, he locks his horns with Mangalam seenu (Suneel), Konda reddy (Ajay Ghosh). Within no time, he becomes undisputed king in the smuggling world. When everything goes well, he has got strong opposition in the form of forest officer shikawat (Fahadh Faasil).  How did Pushpa rise to fame and his journey forms the actual crux of the story.


Sukumar is one of the finest story teller of Telugu cinema. He never disappoints us with his detailed story telling. This time he teams up with Allu Arjun again after the gap of 12 years tried to show him differently in Pushpa.  When Nenokadine was released, Nobody is actually ready for that advanced thriller at that time and the end result was flop. And then Sukumar directed less complicated story in same genre in the form of Nannaki Prematho and Scored a hit. But every one knew that Nenokadine is superior product than NNP. If Sukumar directed NNP first and then Nenokkadine, then Nenokadine would have met positive result.

Just because he made people to knew about what he is capable of, NNP became a hit. Sukumar Changed the gears with Rangastalam and passed with distinction. He followed again the same NNP pattern for Pushpa. All posters, trailers, songs have strong resemblance with Rangastalam. Since Rangastalam is a huge hit, Audience generally expects better product than that. In that case Sukumar scores less this time, compared with Rangastalam. Scale and Span of Pushpa is very big. 

There are many characters in the film, it would be really difficult for us to remember every one with their names. Duration is also so long that we actually forgot few scenes at the end of movie. This is the point where Sukumar actually stood back. Improper sound designing is another major drawback. This has reduced the overall impact on the movie. Becuase time line and mis-calculations, whole VFX looked under the norm the best guys of Telugu VFX. There are many scenes in the film where there are high chances for giving us goosebumps but the poor sound designing has spoiled the actual fun. This is not at all expected from big production house like Mytri movie makers and talented director like Sukumar.

Story of Pushpa has been explored for many times, Director Sukumar has nothing new to explore here. What makes the Pushpa different from the movies from the same kind of genre is entire back drop, realistic characters and their expansion last but not least Pushpa‘s characterization. Sukumar has shown all his love towards Allu Arjun while narrating the role of Pushpa and emerged successful in elevating the Allu Arjun‘s heroism in many scenes. Sukumar is known for logics and detailing. Detailing that he has shown in the film makes us spell bound. Back story of Pushpa, though not much emotionally effective but designed really well. The reason he gave for Pushpa’s nature is good.  Sukumar has taken utmost care in designing the Pushpa character and it really worked out.

Sukumar has shown his magic again in title cards. He started the journey of Pushpa really well. The way he is gaining control over every one is convincing. This time Sukumar does not create any scenes that involves intelligence. But he shows his magic and logic in his narration. The film really takes off well from third song followed by pre interval chase sequence and then warning to villain during the interval gives us real kick. The second half starts with bang.

Few interesting twists and turns happen in this part with big forest fight, and it is the major highlight at this point. Fahadh Faasil‘s introduction increases the intensity and confrontation scenes between Pushpa and Shekawat came out really well. Though there are many routine scenes and few unwanted scenes, developments in the first part and climax have perfectly set the tone for its sequel. Pushpa the rise is all about the character establishment, its development and their conflicts.

Films with this kind of huge span and scale perfectly suits for web series. It is not easy to narrate everything in just 3 hours, it really takes time to involve in the world of Pushpa. Still Sukumar has convinced every one to most of the time.

Allu Arjun has put his heart and soul for the movie. It is his one man show all the way. He clearly understands the nuances in his character and gave the best.  We see only Pushpa raj on screen not the Allu Arjun. His performance definitely stands in the list of best performances in TFI.  His Rayalaseema slang is perfect and costumes, styling are apt. He Carried the film entirely on his shoulder and mesmerizes with his attitude. His comic timing is perfect. Undoubtedly, he gave the Iconic performance.

Rashmika Mandanna has limited screen time and but her character is not there just for attraction. The way Sukumar involved Rashmika Mandanna into the story and created conflict with the villain because of her is really impressive. But there is too much of cleavage show in this film which we generally don’t expect from Sukumar. Does it really required?  Samantha oozes glamor in “Oo antava” song. Though the song and its picturization is good, it is not meant for heroine like Samantha who has achieved a lot. There are high chances for makers to consider her only for item songs from on.

There are many villains in the film. Suneel is ok where as Anasuya does not get much scope to perform. Among all Ajay Ghosh impresses us with his role. Fahadh Faasil comes only during the Pre-climax scene. His introduction is terrific. His presence felt strong in film.. Actor who acted as a assistant to Pushpa impresses us big time.

Devi Sri Prasad songs are good. There is one song which comes during the climax is terrific. Expect for Saami song, Every song gels well with the narration. Due improper sound designing, his BGM work went unnoticed. Cinematography by Miroslaw Brozek is natural, realistic and unique. Seems like both the cinematographer and director have found perfect for this film. He clearly understands the vison of Sukumar and captures some unique shoot. Kuba’s cinematography is another added advantage for this film. It gave completely new feel and texture to the film. This film has mostly shot in real locations which gave a different feel.

Fights are composed really well. There are few unrealistic movements in the fights but every action sequence has followed the basic principles of gravity. Among all the forest fight in the second half stands out. Editing could have been far better. At-least 10 minutes trimming during the second half is required. Saami song could have been easily chopped, picturization is also not up to the mark. Dialogues are ok.


It is basically a character driven story, Allu Arjun shines in this. He entertains with his unique comedy timing, attitude, slick dance moves. Despite of having flaws like technical glitches, familiarity of the tale and slow pace in second half, Pushpa manages to engages us for most of time in its three-hour long duration.  This may not be par with the other works of Sukumar, but it has moments and this is just one part and not a complete story. Entire setup and characters relatively new for us. It take to time understand the world the Puspha. Allu Arjun and Sukumar does not disappoint you, only if you put your expectations down.

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Pushpa though it is not everybody’s film it impressed us with first part and we want to give a nice rating of 7.5/10. No more comments.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamshi

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