Platform: Theatres

Director: Boyapati Srinu

Writers: M. RathnamBoyapati Srinu

Cast: Nandamuri BalakrishnaPragya JaiswalJagapathi Babu, etc.

Release date: 02 Dec 2021

Akhanda(2021) #BalayyaBabu movie review is live friends. Most anticipated Blockbuster combo is back with Akhanda. This is the first big ticket release after so many months. Irrespective of Balayya fans, every Telugu movie fan is waiting for its release. Expectations are humongous. Let’s check our review to know whether Akhanda reached expectations or not.


Murali krishna played by Balakrishna(NBK) lives in Anantapur and reforms all the factionists and turns them into farmers.  Saranya (Pragya jaiswal) is newly appointed collector in that area falls in love with him and in due course both saranya and murali get married. Things went up side down in their village when illegal uranium mining has affected the nearby villages making many villagers to suffers from unidentified diseases. Muralikrishna finds out that Varadarajulu(Srikanth) is behind all this illegal mining. When Murali gives warning to Varada, Varada puts a bomb in Murali’s hospital and frames Murali as culprit. When Varadha is about to attack Murali’s family  Akhanda comes to rescue. To know about the further developments and connection of Akhanda with Muralikrishna family  you must watch this film on silver screen


We already knew that Boyapati Srinu doesn’t care about basic physics in his films, so no one really cared about this aspect.  He redefines gravity with his action sequences. Akhanda(2021) is no exception. Those who had been following Boyapati films from Simha, then we can easily predict what is coming next and we can even predict the expressions of actors.  Boyapati has followed the same regular template to narrate Akhanda. The only difference here is, he shows Balayya as Akhanda. He kept few Sanskrit dialogues and some powerful dialogues for Akhanda apart from this he doesn’t keep any variations for this role. This aspect initially raises the curiosity but eventually dilutes the over all feel. To be honest  there is no story in second half. Not even a proper direction to story flow in later half. He just added scenes like mother sentiment, greatness about Hinduism etc. in between the high voltage action sequences. 

Even Simha and legend are high on action sequences at the same time those films were rich on highly emotional scenes and drama which was completely missing in  this movie.  This is  better than Vinaya Vidaya Rama but definitely least best work from Boyapati and for the block buster combination this is not what we actually expected. Balayya is acting as aghora is only difference we find from other two films. The only point where Boyapati has succeeded is extracting the terrific performance from Balakrishna.  He extracted beyond saturation point from Balakrishna. If not Balakrishna, this film definitely wouldn’t work.  Entire success credit should be given to Balakrishna.  And of course for Boyapati at the end of time for satisfying all the fans for showcasing Balayya in such a powerful role with out proper script

Apart from not following basic physics rules seems like Boyapati has developed a hatred towards government officials too. In order to show his villain as powerful person, he literally degraded the government officials. We had some respect  and perception towards NIA and collector, showing collector as helpless person and disrespecting her after she got suspended is not a good sign.

When bomb blast occurs in hospital for which Muralikrishna is the owner, NIA comes to Anathpur with no time and arrests Balayya without showing any proper warrant or reason. At the same time when Akhanda is killing 100’s of people, NIA comes there just the watch the action delight from aghora Akhanda. Nobody arrests Akhanda. What is the logic. Villain is raping another govt official Poorna in front of her own son is another Boyapati mark scene. In VVR he has shown military persons were least powerful men before villain this time he uses NIA. At least he should avoid this aspect from his next films. Glorifying villainism on screen to entertain the audience is good but not at the cost of demeaning the government officials.

Akhanda(2021), #BalayyaBabu movie review

Just because of Balakrishna and Thaman electrifying score, Boyapati has escaped from another disaster. This dialogues also doesn’t work properly.  Introduction of Balayya is the best one. There follows a love track between Pragya and Balakrishna. Movie picks up with confrontation scene between Balakrishna and Srikanth. This particular action sequence and scene followed by it the major highlight for the film. Interval bang gives us goosebumps. Thanks to Thaman BG score again.

Boyapati has finished first half with no major complaints. As we all aware of, Boyapati‘s strength actually lies in powerful second halves  and we just waits for Akhanda to roar. This is point where he completely disappoints us. There is back story for Akhanda and purpose of Akhanda arrival is also not properly explained.  There are many powerful scenes in second half,, we enjoy those scenes to some extent, due to lack of proper content we give up after certain point.

This time Boyapati‘s villain is also not so powerful. Srikanth has got one expression and one costume for entire movie. His introduction is good but this particular role doesn’t help him in any way. Definitely not a game changer  role for him like Jagapati babu in legend. Pragya Jaiswal as collector doesn’t have much to do. She looks on screen but her chemistry with Balayya in two songs is treat to watch. She is clueless about her expressions for most of the time. 

We wonder does she the same girl who perfumed beautifully in Kanche. Poorna is ok.  Jagapati babu wore different role this time, far from regular roles. Rest other actors are ok. The  biggest culprit for this film is Boyapati. Improper scripting, lack of emotional connectivity are huge let down. Mother sentiment, child sentiment nothing has worked. He tried to give socio-fantasy touch to the film but this aspect also doesn’t really work.

Fights are amazingly designed. Every fight is special. They are designed to suit the Balayya image. Cinematography is another asset. This is where audience feel again like Boyapati would have been action choreographer if not directing.

Even though this film has many drawbacks, but everything was beautifully covered by SS THAMAN with his electrifying and vibrating music. He took the movie to entire level.his work literally gives us goosebumps. If it is not Thaman, the film would not looked the way it is now. His work for all the elevation scenes are amazing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best from Thaman. Providing music for a good script is comparatively easy than Providing for blockbuster script. Here Thaman did a magic and mesmerizes everyone with thunderous and thumping background score. Providing background score to this weak script and completely lifting film is something deserves special mention. All the technical department made Boyapati‘s work easy.

Here comes the hero of the show, Balakrishna. As Murali krishna and Akhadha he is just terrific. This movie is the best example for one man show. Right from the start of the movie, he engages and amazes with his terrific performance.  This is not just mass something beyond that. He redefines the meaning of mass. His screen presence, dialogue delivery, intense looks are enough to engage the audience. His dialogues particularly drove his fans crazy. All his fights are feast to watch. His dances are just wow.  Undoubtedly, Balakrishna is the only reason to watch this film. He literally played Tandavam with the role of Akhanda. This is best from Balayya.  His performance is another selling and attractive points for this film after Thaman score.


The reason to watch Akhanda is Thaman’ s vibrating background score and terrific performance from Balakrishna.  It is treat for Balakrishna fans. Akhanda being a first high budgeted and star hero film after second wave, it has high chances to work at box office. Balakrishna comes out with roaring performance and his elevation scenes are delight to watch. Don’t care of logics, don’t care for story just enjoy the Balakrishna stunning performance.

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We could give bit of points each and still we could only give 4.5/10 .

Reviewer : Raghu Vamshi.