Platform: Theatres only

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writers: Jon SpaihtsDenis VilleneuveEric Roth

Cast: Timothée ChalametRebecca FergusonOscar Isaac, etc

Release date: 22 Oct 2021

DUNE(2021) film review is here guys and we are long excited to talk about it. This is going to be long and interesting. since the news from Denis, who is really known to me for his awesome work on Arrival taking his hand on Dune, I am very eager to know more on this movie. I never knew there is already one movie on the same story. But what interested me is many people and articles mentioning that how many trails were made to make the movie. I am not very well introduced to novel also, matter of fact never heard in my network. Anyway how I am impressed or not, connected or not, understood or not is all about this review.


Underneath the sand there is a dangerously huge worm which sucks anything and above sand there is galaxy’s most valuable spice. Land is barren and dry but soul need to be sucked out for businesses of galaxy, everybody want their part to get the spice. So, native people of desert try to save themselves while fighting the colonizers and living under holes. In between many other wars happen with those who want to conquer the desert. But what everybody thinks like myth is, who is going to be “the one”. That’s briefly story and it all reminded me of how Mughals and British did same with India. Pretty decent fight for independence and India did not get real independence and desert people still don’t know what their future is.


Despite being discussed many times not getting made as movie in modern times, Dune really is a good novel among the Sci-Fi fans all over. I am yet to read it though being highly addicted to all sci-fi outcomes. What I wanna elaborate more about in this analysis is making, succession and satisfying fans mostly rather than the story itself. Yeah, it might surprises that story is not really a big part for me here. That’s why firstly I wanna discuss about it.

About the story I am not going to think at all about novel here and also saying this as a regular guy. This did not impress much, may be because of what in India really happened with colonization by British, French, Portuguese and Ruthless Mughal wars on Hindu’s and looting India for riches and then congress party continued the legacy of colonization under carpet. That’s what exactly reminded me when I seen this movie Dune on big screen. There is nothing new for me in it comparing with Avatar and Starwars or Indian mythological stories and world wide oppressions happened. But movie is movie, that part I will be talking in next paragraphs anyway. Don’t scold me already I am not saying I hate story rather I say it did not excited me, may be because it’s not yet complete other wise. That’s mostly about how I felt with story. Let’s go to interesting part which excited me.

Film making.

I am truly happy with what has dune achieved successfully. I really stuck still with it’s awesome visualizations and wide angle shots. Could not throw my thoughts with how beautiful visuals are and thanks a lot for direction, cinematography and VFX parts. Most of the movie melts you in the desert but how they explored the hugeness with those kind of widest shots is awesome. Still I could not imagine how  Frank Herbert would have explained those designs and architecture in novel. Denis really got the soul of novel I think and Dune made me even bigger fan compared to his Arrival movie. I wonder still, why not many could not made this while films like Avatar, Starwars, Matrix, startrek, MCU, etc are possible. Did not see anything that is impossible on screen. Could not understand what possibility of novel could not be possible on screen with modern era VFX and technology. I am sorry as did not know about what was in novel.

Writing part of the film is truly inspiring and dialogues are wonderfully written. Screenplay is neat & clean, impressed me the way slowly it takes along. Best part is audience are hero and travels along with lead character played Timothée Chalamet who did clever acting. Handling a Sci-fi story as natural as it can be, not at all a normal feat. That’s the beauty of Dune’s unique story telling. You won’t be feeling much about Sci-fi elements rather you will be indulged in natural portrayal style of story and how you go with it.

Best part of the making is most of the shots looked so real because the way makers took lighting the shots seriously with harsh real sunlight. Natural light gave more control for VFX artists for calculating the global settings and giving best output too. You won’t see randomly lit shots between scenes and on whole, movie looks pretty real even with so much VFX in each frame. For that matter, night scenes are also good and combination of VFX with natural light gave more authenticity. For scenes like night attacks, worm attacks, chopper swinging inside dust storm, etc. which let you enjoy. Design part of movie is spellbound. Every part of design in every corner of frame is excellently made. From smallest robotic bug to largest worm, cities and environments everything looked excellent on screen.

Cinematography and VFX are the first rankers here in technical departments and none other are weak at any second. In the modern world of wonderful cameras and awesome VFX artists nothing is impossible now a days, but still Dune really stood up to a place. I do say it did not achieved what Lawrence of Arabia, Starwars, Benhur, Matrix did to Hollywood, reason being so much of masala stuff hanging around with different fan bases dims Dune. But Dune definitely becomes a memorable one for future film makers and past one’s along.

Lead and supporting actors are too good and you won’t feel much exaggeration anywhere except many cinematic references for all fighting characters in the movie. Stellan Skarsgård, Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Javier Bardem, Zendaya looked superb on screen and they truly did wonderful part and did justice to characters.


Before going to my conclusion please read more reviews here to encourage me and team’s hard work of passionate about movies.

Dune is audience’s movie. director’s movie and film technician’s movie. It pleases you every where and every true Sci-fi fan and every true movie fan. If you watch it like me, being with no prior knowledge of story and novel, it would be only a bit different from pictures I previously mentioned. But I say it will hit you different if you are a fan of them. But I suggest everybody to watch it in theatres before it goes away to OTT. Dune movie is made for theatres. I don’t say anything to people with their own 80″ TV sets but others need to go for theatres. Dune is a movie truly worth of all technical evolution we have seen and it is one hell of movie to touch your film beat.


I wanted to give a rating of 7.0/10 for this movie. Story is still not a impressive part for me.

Reviewer : Venkat