Platform: Aha Video

Director: Anil Paduri

Writers: Puri JagannadhAnil PaduriA.R. Sreedhar

Cast: Akash PuriKetika SharmaRamya Krishnan, etc..

Release date: 29 Oct 2021

Romantic Telugu movie review is here. Whether hit or flop, Puri Jagannadh movies are enjoyed by particular section of audience every time. Puri Jagannadh has provided the script to the romantic and it was directed by Debutant Anil Paduri. Akash Puri and Ketika Sharma together has acted in a film ‘Romantic’ that was released in last month and now it is readying for Ott audience in Aha video. Let’s check our review whether it is worth a watch or not.


Vasco da Gama played by Akash Puri lives in goa along with grand mother Ramaprabha and his best friend Annie. To grow big, they both joins in a mafia gang led by Lord Rodrigues. Mean while Vasco falls for the charm of a musician Monica played by Ketika Sharma. After a failed drug deal Vasco kills his boss Rodrigues and claims himself as a drug mafia king. ACP Ramya gowariker assigned a job to trace Vasco. The rest of all about how Ramya gowariker catches the Vasco. How Vasco’s relationship with Monica has ended up? and how he dealt with police and mafia forms remaining story.


Romantic is Rehash of all past Puri Jagannadh films.  Racy Screenplay and editing are the biggest positives for the film. Director Anil Paduri has followed Puri Jagannadh‘s footsteps in narrating the story. Since the story, screenplay provided by Puri Jagannadh, this film has Puri Jagannadh signature all over it. One hour into the film we will definitely wonder why film is titled as romantic.  There is one forced romantic scene just before the interval to justify the title. This film is mix of Mafia and love drama. But nobody will understand where the movie is actually heading to. Seems like director has concentrated more on mafia drama than on love story. They touch a sensitive point like difference between lust and love. But there is no proper scene to define them.

Romantic telugu movie review

As long as you did not care for logics, there are high chances for you to enjoy this film to certain extent. Editing and screenplay have tried to save the film to certain extent. But the proceedings in the second half have gone for toss. You will definitely disconnect from the movie after few minutes from the start of second half. Puri Jagannadh has tried to give Romeo-Juliet kind of ending to the movie but lack of emotional depth and whole set up doesn’t let you to feel the intensity in that climax.

Another Drawback for this movie is Akash Puri’s age and physical appearance. No doubt he is truly talented actor but his age and physical appearance does not allow him to do this kind of heavy role. He put all his effort and it is clearly evident but somehow, we are still seeing him as a kid. Akash Puri is a power house talent but he needs to wait for some more time for doing this kind of roles. All his efforts were gone in vain. Still, he engages with his performances for maximum scenes. There is not even one percent fault from Akash Puri’s side. This script does not suit him.

Ketika Sharma on other side has offered much needed maximum glamour quotient to the film. Even her acting also decent. Ramya Krishnan as sincere cop is an added advantage to the film. Her role brought some freshness to the film. If it is done by some male actor, it would have been considered as another regular role.  Uttej is good and Sunaina has provided comic relief.  Ramaprabha garu shines in a brief role after long time

Music director Sunil Kashyap has experimented with the music for three songs. Picturization of those songs are also good. His music has helped a lot to lift the proceedings in the film. Background score is another. Cinematography by Naresh K. Rana is another asset. Localities of goa shot beautifully.  It deserves a special mention during the climax. Editing, music and cinematography have saved the film to the maximum time.

Had the director concentrated more on love story the impact would have been great. Wrong selection of lead actor also diluted the overall impact. Although climax of the film surprises you, but the maximum time in second half is a big let-down. But the climax changes the opinion on the movie to some extent.


If you are Puri fan and does not care for any logics then you will definitely like this film. Music, racy screenplay, Ketika Sharma glamor are the biggest positives for the film. You can watch this movie if you have nothing else to do by forwarding many scenes.

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We could give this mixture masala a rating of 5.5/10.

Reviewer : Raghu Vamshi