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Peddanna(Annaatthe) Tamil Film Review

Peddanna(Annaatthe) Tamil movie review

Platform: Netflix

Director: Siva

Writers: SivaChandran PachamuthuSavari Muthu

Cast: RajinikanthKushbooMeena, etc..

Release Date: 04 Nov 2021

Peddanna(Annaatthe) Tamil Film Review came bit late to our den. Rajinikanth starrer Annathe directed by Siva was released during Diwali. Probably this is first time for Rajinikanth whose film was released with least buzz and expectations. Let’s check whether Annathe has given much needed block buster for Rajnikanth or not


There is nothing much to write. It is the rehash of few brother sister sentimental movies in the past from south industry. This film story line reminds us atleast 5 to 6 movies from the past. Story is also very small.


Rajinikanth Annaatthe Movie First Look HD Poster

From last few years, Rajinikanth sir’s films are disappointing but our excitement to see our thalaiva never dies. But this film has earned a credit of doing it. As this is the Rajinikanth sir’s film, we cannot come out from the theatre in the middle. So, we literally wait for film to end.

To say frankly we can’t find one good element to analyse or comment on. Tried our best and still nothing to our very regular brains. Apart from that if you are still willing to spend few more minutes, then for people like you we are writing this.

Siva has got life time opportunity to direct our own super star. He totally wasted the opportunity. This film is not only weakest from Siva but also weakest from Rajinikanth in last 25 years. Siva never worked on different storyline but always relies on action packed scenes, comedy and emotional scenes. Comedy scenes are irritating, emotional scenes look forced and action scenes tests our patience. There is atleast one fight sequence for every 10 minutes in second half and nothing amazes us.

D. Iman how could he give this kind of insipid music to Rajinikanth sir film. Not even the background score is engaging. Funny thing is we could not understand why these many writers involved to give us this kind of $#@% story and no clue how they developed.


It is really sad to see Rajinikanth sir’s films quality are depleting with every movie. Dear director, 1990’s directors has given new mannerism which was enjoyed by everyone then.  If you are fan of Rajinikanth or you have talent , please create new mannerism to Rajinikanth sir which can be enjoyed by everyone instead recreating the old mannerism. If we want to  see those mannerisms, we will watch those films which are more entertaining than yours. It is really good that many people does not know even that this film has released and also for those knew it was released, don’t watch. For those who have seen already, remove this film from your memory completely. Behave like as if it was not released.

We suggest to skip to other reviews here, so you can feel better.

With respect towards Rajinikanth sir, we  are writing mini review for this film. Read the film and don’t watch the movie


For the first time in our review history we are not giving rating to this film as we don’t wanna hurt ourselves looking at it.

Review: Raghu vamshi

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