Platform: Theatres

Director : Rohit Shetty

Writer: Sanchit BedreVidhi GhodgaonkarYunus Sajawal, etc..

Cast: Akshay KumarKatrina KaifAjay Devgn, etc..

Release Date: 05 Nov 2021

Sooryavanshi Hindi Film Review is here dear readers. Rohit Shetty universe is getting bigger and bigger with each film. This time he paired up with Akshay Kumar for sooryavanshi and welcomed him to Singham Universe. Sooryavanshi was supposed to released in March 2020 but delayed because of lockdown. Shetty and team Patiently waited for theatrical releases and rejected many big OTT offers. Let’s see whether Rohit Shetty’s waiting had paid off or not.


The film opens with 1993 mumbai blasts. Back in 1993, 1000 kilograms RDX was imported to India but only 400 kilograms was used during the blasts. Still the 600 kilograms are still buried in some secret place. Terroisits from Pakistan waits for right time to use the remaining buried 600 kilograms of RDX for bomb blasts. Sooryavanshi and his team got the clue about the bomb blasts planned in Mumbai city. How they chased the terrorists and stopped the attacks forms the rest of the story.


When singham universe was announced, most of the people were trolled Rohit Shetty’s decisson. But the fact is that many people actually enjoyed those movies. How much you can troll Shetty’s film but you can’t ignore his film. That is the magic around his films and where has succeeded in pulling crowds to the theaters. Last one and half years actually not a good year for Hindi cinema and fans of Hindi cinema. Few films were released in theatres but none of them have created any impact.  Those who are watching films or web series in OTT are also waiting for one Proper Masala film to come.

Sooryavanshi is first Commercial Indian Film to hit theaters after lock down and it hits right chord in entertaining the audience.  However, you cannot expect major twists and turns in the narration but it is every ingredient to entertain the common Indian Audience. Rohit Shetty story is very neat and his hero possess all energy, Intelligence and powers to beat all the baddies. This time he gave comic touch to the Akshay Kumar character that was really worked. The funny one liners and every time when Akshay Kumar forgets the name of his colleagues evokes decent laughter. But some where sooryavanshi character looks less powerful and thunderous than Singham.

Film is very entertaining from first to last frame if you are fan of commercial films and not care for any logics. Investigation scenes does not have proper depth and entire Bangkok episode looks silly. If you really put your brains during these investigation scenes, this is the point where you are disconnected from the film. The scenes that were kept to please one particular community has come out well. The song during the climax also shot really well.

sooryavanshi Hindi Film Review

Climax is over stretched like every other Rohit Shetty film. It looks like just to include the characters of simba and singham into cinema it is stretched. Seeing three stars on one screen is really feast for eyes. Every character has one hand to hand fight sequence. It clearly hints for the singham sequel at the end. There is no direct face off between antagonist and protagonist in the film. This is slightly disappointing. It is kept in hold for next films

The inclusion of Tip tip barasa pani and Katrina Kaif dancing surprises us and gives new high. Katrina Kaif Pull off this song with aplomb. Katrina Kaif roles has very less screen time, she done well. What we remember at the end of the movie is her Tip Tip Barasa Pani. It is nearly 15 years she paired up with Akshay kumar. There are not many scenes for them, but seeing them together after some many years is refreshing.

For Akshay Kumar, this is not new. He is doing same thing from last 4 to 5 year. Either he is a patriotic or he is innocent. Some how Akshay Kumar characters are not able to generate much interest. His expressions are also same. The only thing in which he tried little different  is with his rare disorder of forgetting names otherwise this is a regular character for Akshay Kumar. This time he is not a raw agent, he is cop this is only different. As we discussed, sooryavanshi is not  powerful compared to other two cops in this singham universe. At the start of the movie, he was referred as Pagal but there is not even one single scene to justify him as Pagal. He definitely does not have a madness in him. Frankly Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh has stolen all the lime light during the climax portion.

Coming the other technical departments, Editing is as usual. It is very sharp and fast paced. Background score is the biggest advantage for the film although it has some south films flavors in it. Cinematography is colorful. Action is top class. Crowds are shouting during the entries of simba and singham. All these departments have contributed to the film really well.

Before passing to conclusion let’s hear about other reviews here too.


Sooryavanshi is much needed commercial entertainer at this particular point of time. It has everything from high octane action sequences to Blockbuster songs to entertain crowds. This film particularly made to watch it in theatre. This may not give same experience that you get while you watching it on OTT. Still it can be enjoyable fare if you are fan of action dramas particularly Rohit Shetty fans.


We could give an average rating of 6.5/10 for this bollywood entertainer of the year.

Reviewer: Raghu vamshi