Platform: PrimeVideo

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Writer: Jeethu Joseph

Cast: Venkatesh Daggubati, Meena, V.K. Naresh, Sampath Raj, etc..

Release Date: 25 Nov 2021

Drishyam-2 Telugu Film review is here guy and you already know Drishyam-1 is the most favorite and highly successful family thriller. It was loved by everyone because of its uniqueness. When sequel to the Drishyam was announced, all the fans have waited for its release and the sequel is also a huge hit in Malayalam. Now it is released in Telugu in primevideo with the same cast starring every one’s favorite Venkatesh Daggubati and Meena along with Nadia Moidu, V.K. Naresh etc.


Unlike most of the sequels which are forwarded to more than years 20 years of time, Drishyam started where it exactly ended. We were left with an opinion that Rambabu family is out of danger but everyone in the family lives with fear even after the five years of that incident. That one incident completely shatters the whole family. Rambabu’s elder daughter Anju (Kruthika) is more depressed and gets fits whenever he heard the police siren. Jyoti played by Meena often ask her husband the truth about the body and the bond between Jyoti and Rambabu is also not the same. Once a happy family now lives with fear every day. What will Rambabu do when all their fears come true? What extent Rambabu has gone to save his family is the actual crux of the story.


Jeethu Joseph takes his own time to enter into main story. He takes us to Rambabu’s world slowly then reveals the twist. He often gives hints about what is coming next. His narration is quite gripping. Slow narration during the first hour is actually needed to understand the Rambabu’s family and to get connected to them. Once the main twist is revealed things goes in a fast-paced mode. Pay attention towards each and every hint given by him during the first hour. We will go crazy for few twists and offers us best cinematic experience. We will be thrilled to see how narration is unfolded. Narration is quite gripping. The addition of new characters has become asset to the narration.

Sampath Raj as rough cop nailed it. Satyam Rajesh is impressive in his role. Emotional angle is very high and the way Jeethu Joseph handled is very impressive. One could say this the best sequel ever directed in India.

It is really difficult for actors to portray the same role and showcase the same emotions after 5 years gap. Every actor has played their roles with perfection. Meena is brilliant , she shows the same innocence, pain and tension perfectly. She is really good in her role. We wish to see her in these kind of meaning roles in future. Kruthika and Esther Anil does their best. The chemistry between all the family members is same like its prequel.

Nadia Moidu and V.K. Naresh still wants to know the actual truth behind their son’s death. Actually, V.K. Naresh‘s confrontation with Venkatesh Daggubati touches our heart. He carried the pain really well. Nadia Moidu as unforgiving parent makes an impact with her limited screen presence. Ruthlessness job was taken by Sampath Raj and he is brilliant in his role.
Venkatesh Daggubati is outstanding. Not even for a minute, we compare his acting with Mohanlal from original. He completely owns the character of Rambabu, emotes superbly and keeps everyone hooked with his brilliant performance. He no more leads peaceful life and lives always with guilt and fears. We knew that Venkatesh Daggubati would definitely perform this role in extraordinary way but what he has done is something beyond that. He is flawless as Rambabu.

Drishyam-2 is not only benefited from supporting cast but also from technical department. All the technical departments have complimented the narration really well. Camera work by Satheesh Kurup is very effective sets the mood really well. Art work is perfect, they recreated the same atmosphere what we had seen five years back.

Those who have seen the original may not feel the magic again. This is scene to scene remake from original. For others this is definitely a worth watch.

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Drishyam-2 lives up to our expectations. This offers beyond our expectations with solid performances, good thrills and twists with crisp narration. This is a whistle worthy sequel does not let you to settle down especially during the second hour of the film by revealing twists with one after another. As we discussed earlier, this film is one of best thriller offers you thrilling experience.


We could give a nice rating of 8.8/10 for brilliant film making.