Platform : Prime video

Director:  T.J. Gnanavel

Writer: T.J. Gnanavel

Cast: Suriya, Supergood Subramani, Rajisha Vijayan, Sibi Thomas, etc.

Release date: 02 Nov 2021

Jai Bhim Movie review is little late and movie excited us like any other Suriya movie and this time he chose a way different path compared with any other he did. We should appreciate Suriya for that kind of story selection. After humongous success of Soorarai Pottru/ Akasamae Hadhura, Suriya is back again with this interesting film JAI BHIM, was released on 2nd nov 2021 in amazon prime directly. Let’s check our review to know more about the film so that you can decide whether you can watch it or not.


Jai bhim is basically a story about a tribal couple played by chinnathalli (lijomal Joes) and Rajanna (Manikandan). Whose life goes upside down when local cops frame these two innocent couple in robbery case.  Things become serious after rajanna esacaped from the prison. How the lawyer chandru (Suriya) has helped chinnathalli/sengenni from coming out all this mess? how he has solved the case forms the rest of the story.


Suriya as lawyer chandru  gave a commendable and realistic performance. He drives the film throughout but he does not let his star image took the central stage. After soorai pottru , this is another remarkable performance from Suriya.

Lijomal joes as helpless sengenni is very impressive. The way she portays her role as helpless pregnant lady fighting for justice is terrific. Manikandan is also equally impressive. Rao ramesh is outstanding in his powerful role and gave a powerful fight to Suriya.

Director Gnanvel has also provided screenplay to the film has done intense research which is clearly evident on screen. Most of the scenes are raw,intense and disturbing. The way he designed every character is interesting. But more than the character the actual strength of the lies in showing the abuse of power by dominant people towards particular communities. The duration of the film is more than 170 minutes. Most of the movie is interesting, however after some point it test the patience because of his slow pace in the middle. This film can be considered as one of the boldest attempt in Indian cinema strips down racial discrimination and questions  the judicial system, law enforcement and caste system.

Jai Bhim official trailer

Director Gnanvel took time to show the family of Manikandan and how they are facing discrimination in their village and how they were exploited and then it turns to courtroom drama when Manikandan has framed in robbery case. From there Suriya took the charge. That’s actually where pace of the movie is slightly dropped.

Investigation scenes in the film have few similarities with the awardwinning film visaranai. This film also has zero commercial aspects. No doubt, it is finely made film but for those who is seeking entertainment this film is not for you and at the same time most of scenes are very disturbing that may not appeal to some viewers.

Cinematography is praise worthy. Art work is amazing, the entire court room set has realistic feel. Music by Sean Roldon is another asset. For telugu audience, dubbing is decent. But the voice dubbed for Suriya is not the regular dubbing artist. This decision has affected adversely during the intial scenes of Suriya.

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Jai bhim is focused on the systematic discrimination towards particular caste and how they were easily targeted and Jailed. With Suriya and Lijomal commending performance and its realistic approach makes a perfect watch for this weekend on OTT. Before watching it, prepare yourself that this is not either a regular movie or another soorai pottru kind of movie. This is different from every aspect. Prepare yourself for some  Raw and disturbing scenes.


We are honored to give a decent rating of 8.5/10 for this wonderful film.