ESPN NHL Brand Film from Elastic on Vimeo. Elastic is a design and content creation company specially focused on motion graphics and it needs no intro for VFX and design individuals. Not distant from their creative thoughts, this latest ESPN NHL brand film is another wonderful short VFX brand film is cool to the core. We liked it very much and we thought it will inspire you too.

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VFX & Post Production
Design Studio: Elastic
Creative Director: Paul Mitchell
Art Directors: Carlo Sa, Olga Midlenko
CG Leads: Lee Buckley, Caleb Ollivant
3D Artists: Jun Kim, Josh Dyer
Designers: Lee Buckley, Renato Marques, Sky Bird, Kaya Thomas, Min Shi
2D Animators: David Wave
3D Animators: Lee Buckley, Savva Tsekmes, Renato Marques
Editor: Jessica Ledoux
Color Management: Andrew Young
Producers: Emily Stave, HJ Kim
Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Executive Producer / Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall