Platform: Theatres

Director : Bommarillu Baskar

Writer: Bommarillu Baskar

Cast: Akhil Akkineni, Pooja Hegde, Aamani

Release date: 15 Oct 2021

Akhil Akkineni‘s Most Eligible Bachelor Telugu Film Review is here and he has been trying hard to score one solid hit at box office at the same time Bommarillu Baskar who once gave us classic hits struggling hard  to show his mark again. Both of them teamed up together for Most eligible bachelor under GA2 Pictures production. Songs are already chartbusters. Recent promos are also created decent buzz around it. With festive season around, Most eligible bachelor is hit the screens today. Let’s see in our review whether Akhil Akkineni waiting for solid blockbuster has ended or not.


Harsha (Akhil Akkineni) is a NRI settled in US. He comes to India to get married. In this process  he meets different girls. But he falls for stand up comedian Vibha for her different mindset which are completely different from Harsha mindset. How Vibha’s thoughts affected Harsha’s life? How Harsha life is changed after meeting Vibha forms the rest of story.


Bommarillu Baskar hits the right chord this time with simple story line. He actually started where he exactly ended the Orange movie.  Most eligible bachelor may look different from Orange in terms of story line but it is actually different version of Orange. Few characters also looks like an extension to Orange movie characters. Where Orange created a lots of confusion, he tries to give some clarity through MEB. He doesn’t want to make the proceedings complicated like Orange, he kept everything under lighter note.  Most of the movie runs on entertaining note at the same time raises questions on relationships. Among all the characters he created, neither the hero or his family and friends have clarity about what they were doing expect for Pooja Hegde. Pooja Hegde‘s role is a central role for the film that has been written really well. 

Bommarillu Baskar has generated decent fun in various scenes and also succeeded in keeping viewers engaged for maximum time.  Temple scene during second half stands out among all. First half is completely filled with fun without any dull moment. He generated most of the fun from the innocence of Harsha’s role. It ends on decent note. Second half also starts with a decent.

The love story development, Pooja Hegde and Akhil Akkineni looks illogical still refreshing. In one way, it is logical too. Vibha  never expected him to return for her or she never fell for him. She hardly meet’s him. Vibha totally forgets him. All she needs is one person to listen her pain. She doesn’t want to see his face also or she knew already it was Harsha following her. So there won’t be a difference whether Harsha spoke to Vibha from lesser or long distance. This is actually an interesting development in this story where most would find it as illogical . At this particular point the sparkling chemistry between Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde made us to forget about all logic. Bommarillu Baskar made sure to put a smile on the face of all viewers for most of time.

Most Eligible Bachelor Theatrical Trailer

However Bommarillu Baskar has decided to end the movie on a preachy note like he did for his previous films. The conclusion and solution he gave for this story is ok but those better scenes would have created more impact. Last 10 minutes of the movie actually reduced the overall feel. Climax is let down, followed the standard format. Bommarillu Baskar completely ignored to give emotional angle to the film. Lot has been expected when Aamani was announced as Akhil Akkineni‘s mother but her role is very minimal. Both of them doesn’t have many scenes. At least one good scene between mother and son would have served the purpose.

Gopi Sundar electrifying background score is actual asset to this movie.  He took this movie completely to another level.  His background score has helped to create a positive feel towards the movie. Songs are already chartbusters and their placement is too good. Manasa song is missing from the movie. Leharayi song’s picturization is like updated version of Vachindi Amma song from Geetha Govindam. With out his BGM, film would not be this good.

Cinematography by Pradeesh Varma is top notch. He captured both Hyderabad and America localities in beautiful way. He beautified the film with his work. Editing from Marthand K. Venkatesh is neat. His work made us forget about few logic less scenes.

Coming to performances, Pooja Hegde has got decent role. She is the central character for the film whole story revolves around her and she gave her career best performance.  She never went over the top and clearly understands the character performed with ease. Her glamor treat and screen presence also turned positive to the film. Eesha rebba, Faria Abdullah has given cameo appearances. Vennela kishore role is funny while Sudigali Sudheer and Getup Srinu made their presence felt.

Murli Sharma has got another important role. But lot more expected from this character during the introduction but it turns out to be regular father role after some time. Among others no one has really got ample scope to perform.

Finally Akhil Akkineni has got one role which allows him to smile whole heartedly. He gave calm and settled performance.  Akhil Akkineni as a confused bachelor portrayed the innocence’s required for this particular character during first half and as matured person during second half equally good. He emoted and expressed well during the difficult scenes. This is definitely not his best but far better when compared to his previous movies. Pooja Hegde and Akhil Akkineni duo looks odd in posters and promos but not on the screen. Chemistry worked out between them really well in fact their chemistry is one of the major highlights for the film.

Before going to conclusion, please watch this space for more recent reviews.


MEB is a Bommarillu Baskar‘s another take on relations. It is breezy romantic entertainer with Good Music, sparkling chemistry, passable comedy. There is no dull moment for maximum part of the  movie. Akhil Akkinenii is clear winner this time. Ayyagaru hit kottesaru.

Rating: We could give this movie a pleasant rating of 7.5/10 for some fun it has given us.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamsi