Platform : Theatres

Director: Ajay Bhupathi

Writer: Ajay Bhupathi, Syed

Cast: Jagapathi BabuAnu EmmanuelAditi Rao Hydari , Sharwanand, Siddharth, etc..

Release date: 14 Oct 2021

MahaSamudram Telugu Film review. With huge star cast and perfect trailer cut MahaSamudram has created lot of expectations before its release. Let’s check our review whether this movie has reached our expectations or not.


Arjun ( Sharwanand) and Vijay (Siddharth) are good friend with contrast personalities. Arjun loves Smita (Anu Emmanuel) while Vijay loves Maha (Aditi Rao Hydari). Twist in the tale arises when the Vijay accidently kills the dreaded smuggler Dhanajay (Ramachandra) and at the same time Vijay also betrays Maha leaving her pregnant. What happened to Maha? How Arjun is involved in drug mafia? Who is goon Babji (Rao Ramesh) and Chunchu Mama (Jagapathi Babu), forms the rest of the story?


Star cast of this movie is enough to create decent expectations among the audience. Every actor who acted in this movie proved their mettle and also created separate fan base for them. It is very rare for new director to get a fame with one single film but Ajay Bhupathi has got such huge fame with his first film RX100. When he was collaborated with Pro’s like Siddharth, Sharwanand, Rao Ramesh, Jagapathi Babu, Aditi Rao Hydari etc for his second film with power title called MahaSamudram, generally expectations reach ocean wide. But Ajay Bhupathi completely disappointed with his story and direction this time. We actually wait for any RX100 kind of surprises in pre climax but it did not happen (be it our expectation of overthinking).

Ajay Bhupathi has introduced all the characters in a powerful way and set the premises right during the first half. Although interval bang does not have required emotion, still it raises the curiosity towards the second half. But actual problem lies with the proceedings in the second half. Predictability is the major concern in the part. The rise of Sharwanand has not established well. Expect for Rao Ramesh character no other character has got proper arc and we don’t understand their motive. Most of the scenes are extended for the sake of convenience and there is unnecessary lag for most of the time. Ajay Bhupathi has tried to establish father – daughter relationship but it was very late and it did not work either.

Really feeling bad to say like this, we clearly understand the reason behind why many actors has rejected this film before coming it to Sharwanand. Neither the story nor the taking excites us much. Second half of the film does not have any motive or any emotional conflict to make us involve us in the movie. Even confrontation scenes has not designed well. This is the clear disappointment from the talented director like Ajay Bhupathi.

Chaitan Bharadwaj has tried to lift the many scenes with his re-recording work. His back ground score is the major life line for the film. Even the soul-less scenes also has got some life. Songs are also very good but placement of the songs, not really sit well. Tribute to Ramba song does not create any impact on screen.

Cinematography by Raj Thota captivated the locales of Vizag in a beautiful manner. Same like music, cinematography has brought lot of depth to the proceedings. Every scene has shot beautifully. Thanks to the team for showing real Vizag locations unlike few movies were shot some in other city and named it as Vizag.

Fights by Venkat have been designed neatly. All the fights have realistic approach. Thanks to swift camera work in the fights which created decent feel.

Sharwanand as Arjun had done his part well but his role was not written properly. The rise of Sharwanand has not established properly. Sharwanand is actually a brand. His name is enough for us to go for the movie. His story selection has separate fan base. But this movie definitely stood at the bottom in Sharwanand movies list. Aditi Rao Hydari is actually a central character for the story but never in the movie it does create any required impact. Anu Emmanuel is good in short role. Comparing to these three, Siddharth character is somewhat better. Audience literally waited for re-entry of Siddharth character in the second half. Even after entry also things do not change much. Jagapathi Babu role gives twist in the end but it completely lacks clarity. Rao Ramesh is only character in the entire movie impresses with his acting and looks.

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MahaSamudram has succeeded in introducing the characters and set up the plot well. But things become completely fell flat during the second half with lack of interesting twists and required emotional conflict. Watch it, if you have nothing else to watch. Then also keep your expectations very well. A huge disappointment.


We could hardly give 5.0/10 for this disappointing film with big cast.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamsi