Platform : Sony LIV

Director : Ashwin Gangaraju

Writers: Ashwin Gangaraju (story), Sai Madhav Burra (Dialogues).

Cast: Samuthirakani, Vinay Varma, Teja Kakumanu, Prashant, etc..

Production : Padmanabha Reddy

Aakaashavani Telugu Film Review is here, bit late but with same enthusiasm we wrote this. World cinema evolved with vision of showing something which is not very conventional to regular life. But with many years it travelled Film making and stories took different paths. Then came genres to simplify what kind of vision or idea behind story and how it told to. If you are such a filmy guy/girl to indulge and truly enjoy movies you watch then there are some movies which occasionally entertain and watches us from layers of shelves all along film history. Actually Aakaashavani is one such for us, but we also wanted know how it impressed us with not so common stories in India these days.


Gidda is a shepherd boy lives in a village with his single father, where whole village is bound religiously to part of the deep forest of Nallamala. Whole village believes they are serving to Dora, a demi god says he is saving them from British ruling. But with having no knowledge of outer world transforming too distant from their village life ,villagers have to live with what they believe. But how karma came in a way to rescue villagers from their situation of helplessness and slavery to Dora is all about the story. How Aakaashavani conveyed its journey is all the story here. Let’s see how director Ashwin Gangaraju succeeded in telling this to us.


First and foremost, how Ashwin Gangaraju thought of making this story into film and the way he narrated are major plus for movie. We agree that Telugu cinema is slowly coming out of commercially bathed odor, Aakashavani to be told that too old and too new for the time it came. Comparing with any diamond age Telugu film era(B/W movie time) and slow paced modern movie making years (present) Aakaashavani would be a silently built bridge between, and would be standing as classic in coming times. We should thank Ashwin Gangaraju for giving this to us.

Making wise Aakaashavani a small budget film with smarter ideology, stuck true to the depths of film making and writing. Sometimes it may make you bit cranky on timeline to fast forward it because you are watching it in Digital platform, Don’t do it, or may be you already have done it. Screenplay made that, we agree there are some problems with SandeepRaj’s screenplay here and there to stretch it but as an idea it is fine to some extent. May be that is the only backdrop in the movie. But in front of wonderful narration and godly elements molded, no problem is visible and that’s good.

Characters in the film are so subtle mostly and every front character has it’s own roles mostly. There is no single hero is here, except story being the gigantic one. Gidda, Yeddodu, Sambadu, Elder, Dora, School teacher are too perfect as a characters and as actors too. Even for a small role wastage selling guy is also made important among, even for short time on screen. All other’s apart, the stone god and Radio are some other level in story and narration. Ashwin Gangaraju really carved good meaning behind both characters and setup. Director used the advantages of village characteristics drive his story high.

Visual story telling is prettily visible in screen many of the times but we have seen some major compromises regarding cinematography. With this kind of story there is lot to showcase with art cinematography but everything looked bit synthetic than authentic. There is lot of visual freedom to explore but more compromises than exploration happened here. Beauty of the locations are huge and they are merely visible in the entire movie just here and there. We can’t say whether director wanted it that way or cinematographer Suresh Ragutu failed to do it. We felt CInematography is underdone art of the movie.

Technically Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad is good and with screenplay being bit edgy we can’t blame editing. production design by Mohan Bingi is appreciated but sad part is story is so closed regarding art part and set design has very less scope to explore any further. Still Art department did good job. Music by Kaala Bhairava is too good, but problem lies with screenplay that placement of songs feels more of unnecessary to the story, instead makers would have tried bit songs rather than full songs. VFX is nowhere to bee seen gigantic and in few places that any normal non technical guys like us can see. May be like Cinematography VFX guys did not use their opportunity to much extent. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra came very well and we should appreciate director for choosing him.

This is what we all felt with watching Aakaashavani and we suggest you head for more reviews here before going for conclusion.


Aakaashavani is one such a film of modern Telugu film making body doubled with diamond era of Telugu film industry. Emotions are strong, essence is pure, a rare blend of elixirs for modern Telugu movie. Watch it with peace and love. You will be traveled a bit to off world fantasy times and you will like it. Many elements looks foolish to city people but that’s what it used to be in old times and some places even now a days. Aaskashavani is so successful at proving point of belief and how stronger is it. We really appreciate the movie for their bold move in such challenging times like Covid and we missed it’s presence in theatres. We really appreciate Producers and can’t thank enough for giving chance to these kind of stories. Thanks to Padmanabha Reddy for that.


We could give a good rating of 7.5/10 for this Fantasy film.