Platform : Theatres

Director : Deva Katta

Writers: Deva Katta , Kiran J Kumar

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishnan, Aishwarya Rajesh

Release date : 01 Oct 2021

Deva Katta‘s Republic Telugu Film Review is here. He has done only four films so far in his career span of 15 plus years. His films are not a huge commercial success either. But the impact those films created is bigger than any commercial film, particularly Prasthanam has cult fan following. Now after a gap of 7 long years, he collaborated with Sai Dharam Tej, Aishwarya Rajesh and Ramya Krishnan for the movie ‘REPUBLIC’. Here is the review of our film republic so that you can decide  whether you can watch it or not in theatres near you.


Abhiram played by Sai Dharam Tej is topper from his childhood. He always questions and raises his voice against various issues in the society.  His father ( Jagapathi Babu) is corrupted government officer. What happens to abhiram when he become a collector? What is the conflict between Vishakavani (Ramya Krishnan) and abhiram? Forms the rest of the story


Deva Katta‘s actual strength lies in his intense and emotional writing. His previous films already proved the point. His writings are always special and very strong. Same happens with Republic. Story and the characters are very special and strong.  Every character reflects the mirror image of the society. Introduction scene of Ramya Krishnan is very clever and at the same time informative. He takes time to introduce the characters and create conflict between them. He slowly takes us to main story through Aishwarya Rajesh, from then story gains the momentum, from then there is no looking back. Interval point raises our expectations towards second half. To be honest, most of the young generation does not know the actual duties of a collector. This film provides basic information about the duties of the collector. Thanks to Deva Katta for being so responsible for making this responsible film. He never targeted any particular person or party. He directly questioned the loopholes in the society. I can’t say these kind of films will bring drastic change in the society but at least for once let us think and care about what is exactly happening around us. Climax is terrific . The reason for not getting the solution to the problem is hard hitting.

This film can be called as daring attempt, touches many realistic points which nobody dares to touch. This movie provides a little information about the surroundings around Kolleru region ( shown as Telleru in the movie). The situations, characters are very intense and realistic. Deva Katta‘s hero is not super hero and he do not posses any supreme powers. He knew his limitations and restrictions very well.  Sai Dharam Tej understands the character really well and gave the best performance. His character Abhiram is rebel by nature but has to control his anger due to the situations around him. His helplessness is shown in his eyes. He is so calm and settled as a collector. The confrontation scenes between Sai Dharam Tej and Ramya Krishnan has came out really well particularly one scene in second half stands out. The way evil warns the good constantly has been designed really well.

Aishwarya Rajesh is not unconvetional herione and her role Myra is also not a conventional either. She brought lot of depth to her role. Her accent is perfect. These kind of films are actually proving heroine in Telugu cinema need not to be a glamourous. It is  a welcoming change. Actual story starts through her character but in second half she doesn’t have nothing much to do, That’s unsettling and under rated by the end of movie.

Deva Katta doesn’t disappoint us this time with father and son scenes. They came out really well. Jagapathi Babu again got a good role as caring father at the same time as a corrupted govt servant. His chemistry with Sai Dharam Tej worked out well. The flashback scenes related to Jagapathi Babu are emotional and brings the complete arc to the character. With out any doubt  Jagapathi Babu has delivered a neat performance.

Ramya Krishnan as evil poltician did her part well. Her screen time in first half is limited.  The one scene in secondhalf with Sai Dharam Tej is excellent. Even her backstory is very meaningfull. The way she compares both Gandhi and hitler really thoughtprovoking. Ramya Krishnan has done fabulous job as visakhavani. Visakhavani is not actually a cruel but the situations around her made her evil and has her own equations. Undoubtedly she has got another good role and that can be remebered for years to come.

Rahulramakrishna made his presence felt with impressive performance. Amani is ok in her breif role. Ravi varma shines in his brief negative role. Srikanth iyengar posses irritating features that required for this particular character.

Mani Sharma background score stood as backbone to the film. It complemented the narration really well.  Stunning background score took few scenes to another level.

Comming to the flaws, length of the film is biggest drawback. After some point in the second half film becomes preachy and monotonous. Deva Katta took few liberties for the sake of commerciality that doesn’t gel with the flow of the film.  Had the Sai Dharam Tej becomes collector little earlier in first half, things would have been more interesting.

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Republic is another genuine attempt on relevant social issues from Deva Katta but reach of this film is limited. Same like Prasthanam this movie also would not get unanimous acceptance. But slowly this film gets its recognition in coming years. Slow paced first half is only the drawback. Otherwise it is a good film with terrific climax and superb performances.  If you are a fan of serious dramas, this one is for you. But once again we are reminding that if you expect perfect Telugu entertainer, then definitely you should skip this. This is not an entertainer but a social picture in cinematic universe.

Rating: We could give a rating of 7.5/10 for true to the core film making.