Platform : Theatres

Director: Sekhar Kammula

Writer: Sekhar Kammula

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi, Rajeev Kanakala, Easwari Rao, etc..

Release date: 24 Sep 2021

LoveStory Telugu film review is ready guys and Sekhar Kammula name is enough to create expectations around the movie. Audience doesn’t really care for the actors in his films. Audience thong to theatres only seeing his name. But this time he has collaborated with sensational actors, one is Naga Chaitanya who has created niche for himself, riding high with back to back superhits and the other is Sai Pallavi, her craze is something different which no other actress in current generation can get that. Her presence increases the value to the particular movie. When these three versatile people collaborated for a movie, expectations are generally high. Songs are chartbusters, trailer already increased the curiosity. This is first film after second wave releasing with humongous buzz too. Let’s check our analysis whether it has met our expectations or not.


Revanth runs a Zumba center in Hyderabad while having his own set of problems. Monika (Sai Pallavi) comes to his neighborhood in search of job but her trails for the job really didn’t work. Left with no other options, he joins as a Zumba instructor in revanth dance school. Things goes well till they fall in love, belonging to different communities. How they sort out the all the issues before them forms the rest of the story.


It is really difficult for the same writer to write the character of Monika, who has already written the memorable character like Bhanumati. When director and actress paired up for second time after the super hit, comparisons are inevitable. Monika will make you forget about Bhanumathi once you settle down. May be she reminds of Bhanumati for initial portions but after that you see only the story of Monika on screen. I don’t know how these two people Sekhar Kammula and Sai Pallavi has recreated the same magic again. Sai Pallavi as Monika is terrific. Her dances are out standing and feast to watch. Her dance moves in intro song are just wow. It is really good to see people coming to the theatre to enjoy the actress acting feast not the glamour feast. She proves it again that she is only one piece.

When there is an actor like Sai Pallavi pairing opposite to you, it is really difficult for a particular to match the grace of Sai Pallavi and to get the required recognition. But Naga Chaitanya proved it wrong. This film is not at all a regular for Naga Chaitanya. He totally comes out of his comfort zone. He as a Zumba instructor surprises, his slang his perfect. We only see Revanth on screen. Star in him never dominates. Naga Chaitanya is only actor who always allows his female lead to run the show. He only gets his recognition only after his co-stars be it for Ye Maaya Chesave, 100% Love, Majili to name few. Only because of his calm and composed performance and the way he understands those particular characters, his female leads are getting good recognition.

Now in LoveStory, Sekhar Kammula finely balanced both the male and female leads for the first time ( generally Sekhar Kammula also has a habit of highlighting his female characters) and Chaitanya grabs that opportunity and performed with ease. Naga Chaitanya’s calmness and the ease with emotions makes the film quite heart warming. In few scenes, he dominates Sai Pallavi also. Revanth is the character that can be remembered for many years. His performance specially during the Zumba center opening about his mother is marvelous. The chemistry between both the actors are another highlight. His scenes with Easwari Rao comes out really well. We actually feels like they are real mother and son. Naga Chaitanya has given his career best performance . Usually, Kammula heroes are very responsible Revanth is no exception for that.

Easwari Rao has finally got a good role. she utilizes it really well and she is natural. Same with Rajeev Kanakala and Uttej also. They both got superb roles finally and both are terrific. Specially, for Rajeev Kanakala, it is a great opportunity to prove his acting caliber. This one particular movie will bring him more opportunities in future. He clearly sends the signals about what he is actually capable of. Devayani is good during the climax

Music from Pawan Ch is already a chartbuster. Picturization is good but there is a problem with placement.  Although these songs comes along with story flow but we really cannot enjoy these songs particularly saranga dariya song. Situations around saranga dariya are very tense, we really can not enjoy the song due to the tense moments around it 

Cinematography is stunning. The visuals of rural Telangana and Hyderabad have been showed wonderfully. We should appreciate Vijaya Kumar C. for all his work, except few bad moments of cinematography in intro song lighting.

Coming to Sekhar Kammula, he always have a habit of picking up simple story line and narrates it in an endearing manner which will be loved by Majority of audiences. This time he choose the complex story line with more complex characters. The issues he touched in this movie are not new but the way he integrated them into LoveStory made the entire movie different. Generally makers choose hard hitting screenplay to narrate these kinds of storyline but here it is Sekhar Kammula. He gave his regular treatment to this hard hitting storyline.

Initial hour in Hyderabad is slow. Story picks up once it reaches armor. Interval bang is normal still generates some interest. The way he regularizes various taboos in society is really praiseworthy. For example scene about sanitary pads he doesn’t glorify or sympathize anything that is best part. Fears of people belongs to one particular section of community properly conveyed through Revanth character. Every character from Chaitanya to Pallavi, Uttej, Kanakala, Easawari rao written well and so meaningful. The conflicts between these characters are designed really well. Sekhar Kammula is a responsible film maker who never makes his films with ignorance or negligence. He clearly shown the mirror image of various aspects of the society which are bothering every single individual on every day. He questions about individuality , one’s freedom, caste discrimination, sexual abuse in a very sensitive way. Dialogues are natural and meaningful.

The actual problem lies in execution. Proceedings are very slow for those who expect entertainment definitely disappoints. Length is the major drawback. Short run time would have worked well. This is serious drama and with this long length spoils the mood. Title gives wrong expectations. Better title which describes the story of film would have done much justice to the film. Child sexual abuse scenes are shown only during the climax, if it was addressed little earlier things would have been more interesting. Sekhar Kammula picks up so many issues to address but the way he concluded the movie is disappointing. Sekhar Kammula gives open climax which may not be satisfied by everyone. Good climax has given a good impression but can’t imagine how audience will take it.

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Before stepping into theatres, keep all your expectations utmost low forget about the trailer, songs. There is a bigger and serious issue was addressed in more sensitive possible. This is not Fidaa or any Sekhar Kammula film, some thing different with Sekhar Kammula kind of treatment. There are high chances of attracting negativity initially but once people understands the actual soul of the film there is no looking back. If it is made in other language and dubbed here, most of the people would definitely like this. Not a regular film from Sekhar Kammula. You will like this only if you have connected to this. Despite of having few flaws like slow execution and all, this film has all ingredients to work at box office.

Rating :

We could give a beautiful 7.8/10 for all we have enjoyed. And we definitely suggest you to watch in theatres.

Reviewer : Raghu Vamsi