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Seetimaarr Telugu movie review


Platform: Theatres

Director: Sampath Nandi

Writers: Sampath Nandi

Cast: Gopichand, Tamannaah Bhatia, Bhoomika Chawla, etc

Rlease date: 10 Sep 2021

Seetimaarr Telugu movie review is here. So, before going, we say, there is lot of dearth for mass films at box office after corona second wave in India, and Seetimaarr is the first full-fledged commercial entertainer. Let’s check whether it has full filled the thirst of Telugu mass audiences or not?.


Karthik (Gopichand) is a bank employee and also a kabaddi coach. His only motive is to save the school in his village. But school does not get sufficient funds and is in the verge of closure. He wants to bring the national relevance to the school and help young kabaddi players in his village to win the national championship. What are the difficulties he has faced in taking his village players to national championship? Whether they won the title or not? Forms rest of the story. Let’s get into it see what really there in movie.


There was a time, where commercial mass entertainers used to release  frequently. We used to enjoy those high-octane entertainers a lot. Slowly the definition of commercial cinema is changed,. The content in commercial cinema is completely degrading.  To name a few films like Okkadu, Samarasimha Reddy, Premichukundam ra etc., these are real commercial movies which are high on content. No body complain about those film even if they have few exaggerated scenes. We watch them repeatedly and favorite for many even now after 2 decades. These films did not do any thing extra for the sake of commerciality. There is a big dearth for these kind of commercial entertainer at box office. Current generation directors slowly changing the definition of commercial movie and they are actually distancing the one particular section of audience from watching commercial movie. 

Sampath Nandi belongs to new age commercial director ( we are agreeing a bit), he does not know ( or may be know , who knows) actual pulse of majority of audience and Seetimaarr proved it once again. He is actually a good writer. Films like Galipatam, Paper boy came from his school(we mean his team). Even Gowtham Nanda is also a good film. But this Seetimaarr is completely a mind less entertainer. First thing, this is not at all a sports film. He just took the sports back ground to narrate the very regular template story. If films like this comes often, definitely people stays away from commercial films. Feeling bad to say like this, but this is not a commercial entertainer what we have waiting from so many days. It has it’s moments, but those few do not make this movie engaging.

Jwala reddy song gives little relief when things are getting completely out of control. Sampath Nandi tried to convey the importance of sports in our daily life and about the women empowerment. But main points are completely sidelined. Idea is good execution is bad.

Gopichand is perfect as kabaddi coach. He got fit and molded himself for the role of coach. He is very good at emoting only with his eyes. He is at his usual best when it comes to action sequences.

Tamannaah also impresses with her performance and also with her looks, but can’t have young grace in her anymore.  Jwala reddy song comes at right time, she completely nailed it with her perfect dance moves.

Bhoomika‘s role is not definitely a new one. Her roles are getting repetitive these days. All the girls who acted as kabaddi players did well. Digangana Suryavanshi is good in her role, her episode during the first half, generates decent laughs.

Tarun Arora looks good but he did OK Job. His character also does not weight enough.

Dialogues are supposed to be the highlight for this film, sadly they are not. For the first time, Mani Sharma’s back ground score is underwhelming, we are in tears.  Editing is not really good. cinematography is decent. sorry that all

If we say any reason why audience are going to see see this movie in theatres, number one would be there is no big commercial movie came in recent times after Covid waves, so audience waited for a good one except omitting lot of disappointments but succeded in giving good collections secondly it’s a movie of Gopichand and in combination with Sampath Nandi. Gopichand got name for acting, macho looks, fights and some comedy along with lot of action under his woods and Sampath Nandi is famous for working with star heroes like Ram Charan for a commercial movie. Keeping both of them in mind you can even imagine.

Anyway we can’t be here for long time, so let’s get into some conclusion guys.


Audiences are becoming smart with the exposure they are getting about world cinema. This kind of template films really does not make sense. This film is only for few people who can enjoy any cinema. Gopichand is actually saving all grace for the film, you can watch it for him. Other than him you feel nothing newly implanted with movie. Seetimaarr did not sounded well.

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We could not give more than 4.0/10 for outdated mixed masala Seetimaarr movie.

Reviewer: Raghu vamsi

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