Platform: Theatres, Disney hotstar

Director : Deepak Sunadarrajan

Writers: Deepak Sunadarrajan

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Tapsee

Release date: 17 sep 2021

Annabelle sethupathi Tamil/Telugu movie review ,Tapsee and Vijay Sethupathi collaborated together for the first time for the film called Annabelle Sethupathi, A horror comedy. Here is our review of the film.


A bunch of ghosts who belongs to same family, stays in a bungalow from many years. Rudra (Tapsee) and her family, are all thieves was forced to stay in the bungalow in which ghosts are residing. After entering into the palace, she realizes that she had a special connection with the Palace. What is that special connection? Who is Annabelle? what is the actual story of Palace? forms rest of the story.


Horror comedy is almost outdated genre that tested for many times in Telugu and Tamil films. This Particular film can not be completely called as Horror comedy, because this film has zero horror and director also does not want to slow-mo horror scenes.  He used ghosts for the sake of comedy. In fact, ghost in the house looks for salvation. They do not want to scare anyone who enters into the palace. In one word we can see like it is a GHOST BIGBOSSHOUSE.  In GHOST Big boss house Yogi babu, the main chef is the master and remaining ghosts are the participants.

This film is actually mixture of various genres and on paper it looks interesting. If it was executed nicely, it would have been great entertaining film.  But it does not happen here. There are many loopholes with execution.  It completely falls flat with poorly directed scenes that lacks energy with those comedy needs. However, actors in the film are complete saving grace.

Radhika Sarath kumar is hilarious in her role. We all love her acting. In one particular scene in which Yogi babu spirit enters into body of Radhika Sarath kumar. She acted exactly like Yogi babu. It is really a fun to see veteran act in a comic role. Rajendra prasad comic timing is perfect. The scene in which Rajendra prasad is sword fighting on its own and ghosts thinks that he was attacking them. The whole sequence is very funny. If the film has maintained same tempo for entire, the experience would have been completely different.

annabelle sethupathi

We generally keep lot of expectations on Vijay Sethupathi movies and same with Tapsee also. When these two power talents came together, expectations were generally high. But roles played both of them are not for the actors of such great potential and caliber. I don’t understand how they were convinced to act in such a regular role. Tapsee as Rudra disappoints and her look is also not great but she is good as Annabelle.  Vijay Sethupathi role can be called as extended cameo.  These two made the flash back portions alive and saves the movie from completely sinking, sparkling chemistry between them during the flash back is one of the fewest highlights of the film.

Jagapati babu is regular. Yogi babu manages to chuckle us with his one liner but after some point, he also does not have much to do. One good thing about this film is, film has erased the language barriers. Taking Prominent actors from both Tamil cinema and Telugu cinema industry is welcoming change. It would be difficult for us to fix this film to one particular language. In short, we can call it as South Indian cinema.

Director sundarajan did a decent job with flash back portion. The way he establishes the main character and showcases the palace is interesting. His film is mix of various genres, reincarnation, revenge, ghosts, comedy. However, he has not done proper justice to any of them. Flash back portion is decent but it is not because of his narration, acting of Tapsee and Vijay Sethupathi made it look better. Flash back portion is also predictable. The vow anabelle has taken before dying does not full fill during her rebirth also. The way he concluded the entire movie is disappointing. Climax is cringe and total mess. If he had chosen to conclude in an emotional way thing would have far better. Villains are also very weak. First half has decent comedy but two songs come as a major speed breaker. Flash back portion is good but the climax is big let-down. It is being a regular practice for horror film makers to transfer all unanswered scene to next part which never comes. I actually feel these makers also does not know the proper reason behind putting those scenes. They keep it just for the sake of increasing curiosity among audience. It is very irritating if those scenes are not concluded.

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The title itself looks silly and the film sticks true to the title. Entire film is outright silly (not in a good way). There are good scenes here and there but bad scenes completely spoil the mood of the film. Only cast and crew would have fun while making the film. Take out the flash back portion and few comedy sequences, this film makes for just an average watch.

Rating :

We could give a rating not more than 4.5/10 for this film

Reviewer : Raghu Vamsi