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Maestro – Telugu movie review

maestro - telugu movie review

Platform : Disney+ (hotstar)

Director: Merlapaka Gandhi

Writer: Sheik Dawood G.Merlapaka Gandhi

Cast: Tamannaah BhatiaJisshu SenguptaNithiin, etc..

Genre: Crime Thriller

Release date: 17 Sep 2021 (India)

Maestro – Telugu movie review is ready. Being a remake of blockbuster Hindi movie Andhadhun, featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu in pivotal roles and Radhika Apte in supporting role. Maestro is official remake and almost. what we are going to say here will be how different and impressive from it’s original Hindi one. Not only that, how good they remade it to entertain Telugu audience. Let’s get into discussion.


Arun is an young pianist experimenting with his vision to let himself focused on Music, while continuing his relationship with Sophee making her believe he is blind. Meeting an old famous actor in his way to entertain changes his life completely and shatters him to the ground at one point and leaves him with limited options. How Arun have managed to overcome his obstacles and stands still till the end he want to see is all the remaining story.

Analysis :

Ok. Here we are. Everybody mostly know where maestro came from. So expecting similarities is common so we don’t want to point that out. Remakes are very hard to be reviewed and also at the same time very easy to blame. First thing comes about Maestro is how neatly they recreated all the original scenes and stronger emotions from movie with out corrupting. Director Merlapaka already told in press meet that he tried not to spoil the original but only added few elements to entertain Telugu audience. So we really can’t blame him for few of those additions.

Coming towards screenplay as it is as exciting as it’s original and neat too. Director did clean job. Writing part is also not bad and they used original Hindi dialogues well and transformed into Telugu in a wonderful way. For a first time viewer who directly watches, Maestro is a master piece and they will love it like anything to the core.

Director did great job by saying everything in press meet, except most people who watched original feels no much entertainment with this as they watch this just to see how makers remade it. But when making a remake director would have used a Telugu city to full instead most of movie feels like happening somewhere else in other states. that really keeps off feeling of remake. Remakes happen only to present it to local audience most of the time and that’s what we miss with Maestro all the time. locations, lead female actress are main drawback of movie.

Coming towards the actors, Nithiin did wonderful job but comparing different rocks is not a good practice. We felt Nithiin truly in his performance as a blind guy and he dominated every moment he should shine. Tamannaah is an actress only and we can’t un-see Tabu and keep on comparing her. Especially the way she acts is all fake to our eyes. Director should have picked better performer. She is bad part of the movie and total disappointment. The best part of Tamannaah is only the car part acting, else she is a disappointment.

Mangli on her first longest acting role dominated and did wonderfully even comparative with Tamannaah. Jisshu, Sreemukhi, Racha Ravi , Naresh did wonderful job, that you see no offsets anywhere. Harshavardhan enters game lately, his performance is memorable in a singular way but he looks as same as any other role he plays on the screen. Nabha Natesh is just another character on screen with no impressive acting anywhere. Even for smaller character, she did no where near what Radhika Apte did.

Cinematography is nice and did what maximum needed. J. Yuvaraj should be appreciated for that. Editing, is just fine as we have nothing to say about it. Music is okay with no great moments to remember for long time. But BG score deserves some respect.


Being a remake Maestro is good and if you watch it with fresh eyes it will definitely entertain and engage you to the screens much of the time. Movie is a good one. We for Telugu audience, suggest to watch this. Makers did not do much publicity to movie but that does not let you stop waiting. So, go hit the Hotstar. Movie should have been released in theatres, but we felt like makers might have thought these grim times of Covid theatre lockdown will hit them hard for a remake. Sad that we no have info about why they did not released this in theatres even after opening.


With out thinking much about it’s original ,we could give an 8.0/10 for this movie.

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