Platform : Theatres

Director : A.L. Vijay

Writers : Vijayendra Prasad, A.L. Vijay

Cast : Kangana RanautArvind SwamyNassar 

Genre : Biopic

Release Date : 10 Sep 2021

#Thalaivi movie review is here. From an artist to powerful lady politician, Jayalalitha’s life has many dramatic twists and turns, Highs and lows. There were many Biopics announced on the life of Jayalalitha after her death in 2016, of all of them Kangana Ranaut starrer Thalaivi has generated lot of curiosity and interest among the general audience. After several postponement Thalaivi released theatres on Sept 10, 2021.


This film starts on very interesting note in Tamilnadu assembly, then quickly takes us back to Jayalalitha’s entry into films, meeting MJR and her relationship with MJR. However, MGR distances himself from Jaya after he decided to step into full-fledged politics. After some years in few dramatic turn of events, MGR welcomes Jaya into his political party. What happened to Jaya after the death of MGR? how she became a chief minister to Tamilnadu after facing many humiliations within the party and from the opposition?. You wanna know, then watch movie first please.

thalaivi move review


There is no physical resemblance between Jaya Amma and Kangana Ranaut in terms of looks. Both look completely different. There is a lot of burden on actor and director to convince Kangana Ranaut with her performance. No doubt Kangana Ranaut is terrific performer, she completely slips into the shoes of Jayalalitha and played her role brilliantly. She got succeeded in making us to believe that we are actually seeing Jayalalitha on screen. We totally forget Kangana Ranaut, only feels Jayalalitha on screen. However, there is no proper lip sync with her dialogues. Her look during last 20 min is not at all authentic. Only because of terrific acting from Kangana Ranaut, all the flaws were neatly covered.

Arvind Swamy lived in the role of MJR.  It is really feast for us to see both Arvind Swamy and Kangana Ranaut’s performance on screen. He completely looks like MJR. His makeup, body language, dialogue delivery everything similar to MJR.

Samuthirakani as R.N.Veeraappan is calm and composed. We never see any emotion in his face but he carries a required dose of unexpressed anger against Jaya very well. Shamna Kasim (previously Poorna) as  Sasikala has nothing much to do. Madhoo (previously Madhu Bala) as Janakamma is good, but her role is also limited. It really feels good to see Bhagyashree after a long back.

Nassar as karuna perhaps the most poorly written character. His character is completely one sided. This particular has to be very powerful and emerge as main antagonist during the climax. It never happened

The film majorly concentrates on Inner Journey  and internal conflict of Jayalalitha and MJR. Only last hour is focused on political Journey. Those who are expecting Jaya Lalitha’s Journey as a chief minister will definitely disappoints. Same like the Biopic of senior NTR in Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu. It only focuses on her journey till she became chief minister.

There are high chances to generate goosebumps with many scenes but the A.L. Vijay has kept the things in low profile.  This film actually picks up only after the death of MJR. Entire Delhi episide stands out and is a major highlight of film. Director never tried to show Jayalalitha as saint, that is actually good thing about this biopic. Things would have been more interesting, if the first half has been ended with the death of MJR. This is very convenient biopic, that makers does not dare to touch controversial scenes much. This film completely avoided Jaya’s films with other actor and her relationship with Telugu cinema.

Those who have already seen Iruvar (Iddaru in Telugu) feels like characters of MJR and karuna are half baked. But one must understand this biopic of Jayalalitha, hence their characters took the back seat.

G.V. Prakash Kumar songs and Back ground goes along with the flow of narration. Powerful background score for few scenes would have made the scenes more impactful. Production values are rich. Costumes are beautiful. Set designing is captivating, they perfectly recreated the environment of the past.


All we can say Thalaivi is a very convenient  and incomplete biopic focused only on the story we all know about her, but not an inch about the story we don’t know. Despite of few setbacks, the film impresses because of terrific performance from lead actors.  Performances and last one hour of the film are major assets.


We could only give 5.0/10 for this disappointments we felt with, what would have been a great biopic if portrayed to true extent.

Reviewer : Raghu vamsi.

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