Platform : Theatres

Director: Shawn Levy

Writers: Matt LiebermanZak PennMatt Lieberman

Cast: Ryan ReynoldsJodie ComerLil Rel Howery

Genre: Sci-fi, adventure

Release date: 13 August 2021

Living in a world of sci-fi elements are good until you come out of theatres. Free guy is such one type of a movie puts you in a world mixed with references from “Ready Player One“, “GTA vice city” playing with “Fortnite” and “The Matrix”. We know you are already getting the vibes. But too much of anything with very less amount of interesting screenplay pulls your character out into real world. Yeah that’s what happened with Free guy. But, hello! don’t just decide everything at here, let’s walk with us.


Free guy is an NPC( non playable character) suddenly comes into his own senses and starts to play game missions in his own style. But that does not impress much of creators expect Keys a developer and his girl friend Molotov girl ,who plays game as Millie moves their plans. When Antwan wanted to take out AI risen Free guy gets popularity and impacts revenue of company, how Free guy got survived and how Millie and keys helped him achieve any of that is all story.


The way makers put out so many references of blockbusters and video games into a single movie, it’s a deserving feat. You will feel very good references all over the film and creators used them very well except making all of those references very obvious. But for some of them there is no other way, so we should say they are good. You will feel floating in a world like GTA vice city where you can just play with freedom and Free guy is such a guy with that attitude imported from GTA. But most of the time this NCP get challenged with Ready Player One like villain, that’s a challenge not to replicate and mess up. Makers almost tried to do it but end up in way not very much disappointing.

Movie from the start gave a feeling of family entertainer and during most of the play time it really kept it’s note appropriate. Other wise movie would have been a disaster flop. It’s not a heavily political movie theme, so Free guy saved itself from serious logics. Movie most of the time goes on a liter note and don’t let any of fun go away at any minute. Fun , fun and fun. That’s what movie is all about and it gives a good appetite to all fun lovers.

Characterization is very good that even in the world of million people you would only be remembering few faces which were neatly designed. Again, even those characters are designed like a Pixar animated movie. All fun. Ryan Reynolds is master of fun character but this time Jodie Comer really dominated him like cheese. Taika Waititi‘s funny villainous character is once again fun to watch. Lil Rel Howery really did his best as suited. Joe Keery is cool on screen but you can’t see him much glowing on the screen except 2-3 incidents. Utkarsh Ambudkar is really shined on the screen like not many Indians in Hollywood.

Technical departments really nailed their respective parts and VFX guys dominated every other way. You can’t see a frame with out VFX giving us what is best. ILM, Digital Domain and Scanline VFX teams along with other VFX companies should be appreciated well. Cinematography by George Richmond is cool and you would experience some crazy shots in Free guy‘s world. Christophe Beck did an amazing job with fun intended music all the way.

Shawn Levy tried his best to do what he wanna say, and he almost did it. He would have concentrated on many things but he may have lost his way. we should talk about him more in the other section.

With most of the time being an entertainer for families, Free guy almost stood still except few wrong things.


Anything too much is a curse. For that matter Free guy gives many things too much. Too much of game feeling, too much of references, comedy, illogical scenes, countless repetitive moments all made this movie went in other way. These factors pulled the success backwards during half the time. When audience know what is it with movies like Ready Player One , makers should put brakes here and there for family entertainer. But where they put breaks is , screenplay and story part. story is too weak and unimpressive, which makes you boring. Also during most of the playtime you wont be felling the journey at all except you will be laughing like a kid.

Movie majorly failed to distinguish the challenges between entertainer and a fun adventure. You will feel no hard tasks for hero anywhere. Everything looks like hero can to anything. It looked like he is a Free guy and he can do anything. That made every bad (though we only have 2) character in the movie more sillier.

If kids would not been liked this so much, movie would have been a disaster flop.


Free guy is a comedy movie more than a adventure sci-fi. Movie is funnier but does not let you come out of fun. You will be bound inside comedy and could not at any step go near by other emotions. Love, adventure and struggles gives no much feeling to your heart. it’s a pure children movie. Kids love it.


We could not give more than 6/10 for fun it gave us but with lot of disappoints.