Platform : Amazon Prime

Director: Shiva Nirvana

Writer: Shiva Nirvana

Cast: Nani, Ritu Varma, Jagapathi Babu, etc..

Genre: Mixed genre

Release date: 09 Sep 2021

Tuck Jagadish – Telugu movie review, Nani starrer Tuck Jagadish has been in news from one year. Makers have actually waited for theatrical release but things didn’t work out in favor to them and finally opted for OTT release. This is the first big ticket release in OTT after second wave. Since it is Nani starrer film, expectations are high. Let’s get into our review whether it reaches our expectations or not.


In a village called Bhoodevipuram, Aadhisesh Naidu (Nassar) is a well-known land lord. His aim is to see the village is free from vengeance and killings. However, Veerandra belongs to a rival family, who does not let it happen. He has two sons Bose (Jagapathi Babu) and Jagadish (Nani) born to second wife and two daughters Rohini and Devadarshini born to first wife. Both Jagapathi Babu and Nani loses her mother during their childhood and first wife Anjunamma treats them as own kids. Actual rift in the family arises after the sudden death of Aadhisheshulu? What happened to Aadhisheshulu family after his death? How Aadhiseshulu’s arch rival Veerandra (Daniel Balaji) tried to grab the land from the villagers? how tuck Jagadish has solved all the issues? Forms the entire story.


First things first, I don’t know how audience would have received if it was released in theatres. But this film is purely made it for theatrical release Purpose. Another important thing to keep in mind is, this is neither a comedy movie nor an action one. Pure emotional family drama devoid of entertainment. It’s been many years for Telugu audience to experience a complete family drama. Like makers said, it takes us completely to late 90’s where family dramas are favorite genre. As it is a completely forgotten genre and  most of audiences are exposed to world cinema, it may not appeal to larger section of audience.

Ritu Varma is alright. Her role does not have offered much to perform. Aishwarya Rajesh is good, her relationship with Nani has established well. The whole sequences between Aishwarya Rajesh and Nani are treated differently, It was so pure. It shows how maternal uncle should be responsible towards his sister’s daughter. Most of our Telugu movies generally show, sister’s daughter is only meant for either loving or marrying the maternal uncle. In this movie, it is different.

The core strength of the movie is relationship between every character has dealt naturally without going over board. Every character suits their roles perfectly. Rohini who has acted as mother to Nani in previous movies acted as sister to him in this movie, still it looks good  and  no one remembers previous movies because of her neat performance. Devadarshini Chetan provides slight comic relief. However, roles of Rao Ramesh and V.K. Naresh does not have much scope to do.

This time Jagapathi Babu is role is different from what he was doing these days. It has various shades and he performed well. Twists that are related with his role has been established well. Maala Parvathi as mother has brought the fresh feel and adds the required strength to the emotional scenes. Daniel Balaji is aptly casted.

Nani is one actor who always raises the bar with his every movie. So, generally we accept different kind of movies every time from him. This kind of role may be different for him not for us. Because of Nani’s decent performance as Tuck Jagadish made this movie engaging to most of the extent. His acting particularly during Pre-climax portion shows what kind of terrific performer he is. This role is not definitely for terrific performer like Nani, but he made this role different with his natural performance.  His look is different and the story behind his get up is good. There is nothing more to say about Nani for his performance. He is already a proven actor. We are actually waiting to see him again in a role which has lots of scope to show his acting brilliance.

Coming to director Shiva Nirvana, same like Nani this is different attempt for him but not for the audience. He takes us to late 90’s with his story selection and we find many similarities with many movies. It takes time to get into the actual story. Things are really not interesting for first few minutes. It actually takes off and things become interesting only after the “inkosari” song. Movie does not give pleasant feeling because of template and background chosen by him to narrate the story. There is unnecessary tension which does not let us to involve into the characters of the movie during the initial portions of the movie. Things would have been more engaging if he had chosen to introduce the family first and then the village problem. This one particular thing has done lot of damage.

However, he dealt the family emotions neatly. Few sequences really stands out, scene between Nassar and Nani, scene between Nani and Ritu Varma during pre-climax portion are the few among them. He completely sticks to his story during first half. However, few sequences on Nani during second half looks forced and unnecessary. Twists comes at regular intervals engages us and at the same time few are very convenient for the purpose of letting the story forward. Pre-climax portions are narrated neatly. He succeeded in establishing perfect chemistry between every family member. He also kept everything normal and natural. He tried to bring out the authentic village-based movie and he partly succeeded in his attempt. He is good at dealing family portions but villain portion requires little care. Nani wearing dhoti actually generated lot of interest in the trailer but in the movie it does not have much impact. Dialogues are good. His mark is clearly seen.

He has taken right decision by choosing Gopi Sundar for background score. Because of this single decision, this movie has completely got different feel. Otherwise, it would have been a complete routine movie. Gopi Sundar Background score is real life line for the movie. Definitely his work is different from this kind of movies.

S. Thaman songs are regular, “Inkosari” song attracts. Cinematography by Prasad Murella perfectly captured the village beauty. Fights are neatly composed. It would be better not to talk about the editing.


Tuck Jagadish primarily targeted for family audience and for those who are missing village dramas, for them it definitely engages. Those who are expecting different movie from this not for you. On a final note, Tuck Jagadish is passable family entertainer, can be watched once. Watching this movie with group of people around gives different experience than watching it alone. It is definitely not a bad film, but these kinds of regular films we are not expecting from terrific performer like Nani.


We could only give 6.5/10 for this family entertainer for keeping everything except screenplay on the track.

Reviewer : Raghu vamsi

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