Platform: Netflix

Director: Álex Pina

Writers: Álex Pina, Javier Gómez Santander, Luis Moya,Esther Martínez Lobato, etc..

Cast: Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Enrique Arce,etc.

Genre: Crime, Adventure,

Release Date: 03-sep-2021.

Most awaiting series “LaCasa de Papel (Moneyheist)’s” season 5 pt01review is here and we are also exited same way as you all guys are waiting for this. But as usually action and adventures you are expecting are no less fun here and also brutally injected with adrenaline rising scenes. So going forward, let’s see whether season 5 pt01 managed to give same fun as previous seasons or not. Let’s go guys, come on.


As same as any other seasons came previously, story again revolves around heist ,which continued from National bank as pivot. Story happens around, When professor get caught by Alicia while team of heist members are struggling with continuous threats from Coronel Tamayao and his actions in associations with military team. Not only that story also includes a lot of flashback from long been forgotten lives of gang members like Tokio, Denver, Monica and Manila. Also we wanted to say that season 5 story is a little different from your expectations based on last 4 seasons. So Let’s forget about story and dive into analysis(spoilers ahead).


When you are entering into the world some what known to you, but you end up experiencing all together different world inside of that, then that is season 5 of Money heist. Some time you will be holding your heart in clutches and sometimes you will be floating in the ocean of love. None of them put’s you in anywhere less of emotions.

You were already surprised to know that professor got caught, but you expect miracle happens as always with carefully happened plans, right?. No that is not the case here this time. there is no plan B. So be careful what you wish for.

When you are going through your toughest times but you should never forget what your life goal is all about, the way rise of the Tokio narrated, amazing we say. When Tokio is a human, she can’t die with out loving somebody and When her love is long last she have no other way with out ending herself in a miserable way. But not with pain but with satisfaction, that too being a member of family to protect them and even for dying to keep your family safe. Marvelous scenes through out, what a journey to see Tokio in such a way, you feel angry on her in last seasons, but not this time.

Life is good, that Monica being a sexy lady in the place and people get caught by her looks and charms until she end up being a super human for cause which makes her believe who Monica is. She is mistreated, messed up, confused but Monica chose her heart and she believed in her cause and became a super human and then by protecting her family by ultimately sacrificing her fears but ends up among oceans of emotions which are killing Monica from inside. What to say, man, those are some good and gifted scenes of film making beautifully mended well with emotions of any normal human who has to find him/herself in a situation with only one option. Esther Acebo shown all these in such a pace to fight, cry and give us the adventures we needed. wonderful.

Parallel journey of Denver and manila is designed very well with out disturbing much of present story happening inside bank. But makers makes you satisfied with what Manila feels inside her when she has to fight off her emotions with Monica and how that leads to not so good emotional sequences between two of them. That too with out pulling Denver so much into.

We might remember Berlin for his adventurous ways , this time his journey is all different together with fun intended business and perfect behaviors. You might not see him during present day but past is what the best happened for us. Lessons, lectures and lemons are his way and if series is Davinci, he is the Mona Lisa.

Palermo, Arturo, Tokio, Rio in them you can’t see what past has though you but that is not any less interesting case. Your jaw almost touches floor with their presence on the screen and Their war( this time a literal warfare) with released Gandia and his Army mates beside, makes you go nuts all over your couch.

Plot twists, characterization ladder, jumbling screen play, unexpected goods and ultimate sacrifices, unbearable adrenaline levels are here with almost all the time except you are in love scenes. They are no less emotional though, they are wonderful, beautiful and deep. They touches your heart in softest places and makes your blood bouncing between emotions and ecstasy. Also not putting story completely on the Professor’s shoulders, is best thing happened along with making all characterizations altered a little here and there.

There should have been some importance to Rio, Helsinki, Palermo, but few might feel these characters are hugely left out in this season. Rio is literally unable to pull this time with much of scenes involved. Also putting audience in confusion between gold or getting out sense is sometimes partially missed. Would be better if some subtle scenes were added around but again it’s too early to say even before watching the upcoming part of season 5.

Technical works:

Screen play is as usual a gem of art and strength for series. Cinematography(Migue Amoedo, David Azcano, Sergi Bartrolí, Mike Valentine) is equally beautiful and takes us deeply into scenes with all the characters. VFX is beyond the realism and you fell artificial touches now where along journey. Editing is seem less and Music is excellent. Special mention is direction and art departments(Abdón Alcañiz) for unparallelly made levels of details they give us during. Kudos to all teams, which include action team and costume team and all other who has been part of this amazing series.



Season 5 of the Money heist is not your regular predictable joe. it’s a world of many things. what ever you name them with your best moments rendered. Don’t build up emotions based on previous seasons and watch, also don’t forget the past. Season 5 will definitely put’s you a world where your adrenaline keeps getting hotter. Watch it peacefully. peacefully, try a home theatre screening with your friends and foes(if possible) together.


We keep ourselves confident, by ranking this with 9.0/10 for what we seen. What do you think. is it fine or too much.

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