Platform : Theatres

Director: Naresh Kuppili

Writers: Naresh Kuppili, Chanti Karani

Cast: Vishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Murli Sharma, etc.

Genre: Rom com

Release Date: 14 Aug 2021

Paagal Telugu movie Review .Paagal is one movie after second wave that has created lot of curiosity and released with decent hype. It is in news like every other Vishwak Sen‘s film for every reason for its Intense Promotions, for his comments during the release of film. Let’s check into our review whether paagal is good or bad film that you could watch for this weekend.


Prem (Vishwak Sen) who was very attached to mother (Bhoomika Chawla), loses her to cancer at very young age. His life becomes miserable after her death and always searches for love, affection, caring in every person he met. He remembers his mother words if you love someone sincerely they will also love you back. Taking those words seriously after his mother’s death, he keeps on proposing every girl he meets to find true love but sadly every girl rejects him after some time. How things have changed in the life of Prem after he meets Theera (Nivetha Pethuraj)?. What is the connection between Prem and Theera? How Politician Raji (Murli Sharma) has affected the life of Prem?, to get all these questions answered, you should watch the film.


This film definitely offers you different viewing experience, that is for sure. Probably this would be the first where you can not love or hate the film. This film story has innocence, purity, intense emotion at the same it also has childishness, foolishness, convenient and forced writing. It is truly difficult for a reviewer to write an analysis on this, because almost every scene is good and entertaining at the same time looks illogical, few are irritating too.

For example, where Prem conveys his feelings to Theera for first time in railway station, looks totally illogical and forced but the way the scene concluded does not let us to complain about it. The acting of lead actor Vishwak Sen and Nivetha Pethuraj at this particular scene is so Pure and true. The smile that Nivetha Pethuraj has on her face while Vishwak Sen telling his heart feelings to her or the Vishwak Sen’s expression after Nivetha Pethuraj touching his hair are so genuine and real. Undoubtedly, these two people are good actors. Stories likes these really required with someone who has tremendous acting talent and these two totally nailed it with their sparkling chemistry. We will have a little smile on our face for entire second half because of these two.

This above-mentioned scene is just an example, there are many such good scenes that are dominated by illogical or foolishness.

Writing these kinds of stories involves really difficult task. That was clearly visible on screen. Only for those who connected with the prem’s character from the start will understand. For other, this film was partly entertaining and high chances for them to completely disconnected from the film because they don’t understand the emotional depth behind those scenes. Director Naresh Kuppili should be remembered for offering a film with that unique treatment. He narrated every scene keeping prem character in mind. Prem’s character is very matured at the same time very foolish, that was real herculean task to balance these two but Naresh Kuppili has delivered his product with near perfection.

However, he would have taken little care while narrating the Nivetha Pethuraj flash back. Again, those portions are good but at the same time they are so convenient. We will get obvious question, why does not she express his feelings all these days to him. But here he actually he uses his magic, Naresh Kuppili takes us to Theera and Prem’s world completely and makes us believe what they told, makes us forget about all the logics behind. Once you are connected to them, there is no looking back, the film definitely vouches a unique viewing experience. Had he had established, father- daughter relation effectively or introduced Theera character little early, things would have more impactful.

Climax portion would have written in more interesting. There are several complaints regarding missing of emotional conflict,. It is actually there. you will find it only when you are connected with the soul of the film. Man, Naresh Kuppili, his film will definitely stay in one of best love stories list ever made in telugu cinema on one day. It really takes time to understand the depth in film. Once they are connected, Vishwak Sen‘s words during Pre-release event will come true.

Vishwak Sen, he is truly talented and his script selection is really interesting. Be it Psycho Vivek or as Das or as ACP or now as Prem, he is nailing every character totally. In this movie, he is just amazing. I don’t want to say more than this and also don’t know whether any other actor can pull his character well like he did or not. The only concern or complaint from our side is , his words during pre- release events are doing more harm than good to the film. They were creating negative hype around the film. His films are really good and have lot of Potential to speak about his talent, know about it. He may have his own reasons, he should let his films speak about. I genuinely feel, because of this particular issue many are not showing interest. Acting wise, there is no single complaint, he is terrific and his character Prem will be remembered for many years.

Nivetha Pethuraj as Theera is perfect, she did already proved with characters like Swetcha in Mental Madilo, Shalini in Brochevaru Evaru Ra. It is because of her screen presence, looks and sparkling chemistry with Vishwak Sen takes the things to another level. Same like Vishwak Sen, if we are saying for Nivetha Pethuraj, no other actor can pull the role of Theera so well like she did. Just because of them, many illogical and forced scenes were covered.

Every other actor shine in their respective roles. Rahul Ramakrishna episodes are entertaining, Murli Sharma role is different from regular roles, Simran Choudhary gives us brief experience. Everyone are aptly casted.


Radhan music are attractive. Back ground score from James leon is outstanding. Just like acting, this BGM takes the film to another level.

Cinematography by S. Manikandan deserves special mention. His work is very clever. He cleverly mixes the locations of Pondicherry, Vizag and Hyderabad. The terraces of hero friends are different every time but he convinced it as same location. There is no French colony or IKEA in vizag still he made us believe that movie is actually taking place in vizag. His work is truly magical and colorful. Radhan, James and Manikandan has lent superb support to the Naresh Kuppili and made his work little easier.

Editing is pretty difficult task for these kinds of films. Editor Garry has done decent job to some extent. As the scenes are repetitive in second half, he would have taken little care to make them interesting.


Paagal is definitely a different and unique film. As I said before, this film neither loved or hated completely it has its unique charm and actually lives up to its title. This crazy film makes us paagal ( on a good note). If you have time, watch it in theatre, because theatre experience is different from OTT. Or if you watch it OTT, don’t take many breaks in between and completely forget about the forward button. Once you are connected with actual soul of the film , Prem’s character you will definitely love this film.


We are proudly giving this film a rating of 7.5/10.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamsi

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