Platform: Theatres

Director: Karuna Kumar

Writers: Nagendra Kasi

Cast: Sudheer Babu Posani, Anandhi, V.K. Naresh, Rohini, Ajay, etc.

Genre: Mixed genre

Release date: 27 Aug 2021

Karuna Kumar attracted everyone with this first attempt Palasa 1978 has Collaborated with Sudheer Babu and Anandhi for Sridevi Soda Center. Sudheer Babu appearance, Trailer has raised the expectations on this movie and it is released with decent buzz. Let’s check whether it has met the expectations or not in our review.


Lighting Suri Babu played by Sudheer Babu is an electrician in a town, falls in love with Sodala Sridevi (Anandhi) during the festive event in the town. Slowly love blossoms between them but things take shocking turn with unexpected events in Suri Babu’s life. What are those unexpected events? How does those events effected the love story of Suri Babu and Anandhi forms the rest of the story.


Telugu Girl Anandhi is a natural beauty and a natural performer, impresses with her expressions. She is perfect fit for the role. She does exceedingly well in all emotional scenes. Her performance during climax portion is praiseworthy. It really feels good to see our Telugu girl in such role which has a lot of scope for performance. Let’s wish to see her in  good roles in more Telugu movies in near future.

Sudheer Babu has got a chance to prove his acting talent and he does well. He is excellent in emotional scenes during the climax portion. I guess, this is the first for Sudheer Babu to act in such an intense role. Fight sequences are designed really well. Sudheer Babu has carried the perfect emotions during those fight sequences. Boat chasing sequences are good.

Pavel Navageethan is a perfect find. He is very cunning, cruel and at the same time irritating which is actually required for this film. His role is one of the well written negative character in recent times and made his presence felt with his impactful performance. His character is not strong physically, knew his limitations very well , the way he attacks the hero using his cunning methods are impressive. The last fight between hero and Pavel has designed really well keeping the character limitations in mind.

One word we can say about senior actor V.K. Naresh, he is probably in best phase of his career. The roles he is getting, the way he is performing are actually shown us what he is capable of. This particular role has a lot of scope to prove his versatility and gave a remarkable performance. Give him any role, he acted effortlessly. His role in this movie is again different role from his comfort zone. It has various shades and he steals the show completely. His role completely dominated all the roles at the end of the movie.

Cinematography by Shamdat Sainudeen is beautiful. He captured the locations of Godavari districts beautifully and at the same time he created realistic visuals that are required for the story.

Mani Sharma background score is excellent. He has given slightly different background score for this film which actually lifted the many scenes in the film. Director Karuna Kumar has designed the pre climax and climax portions well. He effectively handled the emotional scenes in the movie. Dialogues are good with purpose. Interval sequence makes you wait for the second half. Twists during the second half may not thrill you but definitely engages you. He has given proper Justification to every character in the film. We feel the pain of all the characters.


Major drawback is, scenes wise every scene is good but the emotional connectivity required for those scenes are actually missing. The love track between hero and heroine has not established well. Stories like these requires beautiful love track with emotional depth, but it was totally missing. There has a great scope to develop an emotional bonding between the hero and heroine during the Initial portions of second half but has not properly utilized.

Songs are good but the placement of songs are not proper.  Ajay role is completely wasted without any purpose. There are many repetitive scenes in the film which can be easily trimmed down by the editor A. Sreekar Prasad. The first 30 minutes in the second half can easily be chopped down to few minutes lesser. The long fighting shots and running time has negative effect on the film.

Sudheer Babu‘s chiseled body is another set back for this film which is not at required for this role and actually looks forced. It actually deviates us from many emotional scenes and makes us think what is the need for such body in this film. Proper care would have been taken for looks also. During initial portions of first half, he looks like a rich kid from the city but not as a village guy. He undoubtedly gave his best for this role with his performance but his appearance has diluted the overall impact on the film. Title itself is the biggest negative for the movie. Although Proper justification has given for the title still there are high chances for people to think it as a comedy or rom com. For those who comes up with these kinds of expectations will definitely disappoint. Entertainment wise, it scores low.


Sri Devi Soda Centre is a  different attempt for its realistic approach. This film is actually mixed bag for me neither it follows complete commercial approach nor realistic approach, commercial elements look artificial and love story which is actually a base for the story to progress has not  engagingly executed. Still the honest performances, hard hitting climax,  different setup engages you.


Overall we can give a rating of 7.0/10 for this movie.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamsi.