Platform : Theatres

Director : Hasith Goli

Writers : Hasith Goli

Cast: Megha AkashRavi BabuTanikella Bharani, Sree Vishnu, etc..

Genre: Comedy

Release date: 19 Aug 2021

Sri Vishnu has created niche for his movies. Be it a hit movie or flop movie but his movies are definitely unique and different.  He always vouches us pure and clean entertainment.  Raja Raja Chora trailer already impresses us and raised the expectations towards the movie. Let’s check into our review to see how different is Raja Raja Chora


Bhaskar played by Sree Vishnu, a part time thief works in a Xerox shop. He pretends to be a software engineer loves a beautiful girl Sanjana ( Megha Akash ). Twist in the tale arises when we knew that Bhaskar was already married and has a kid.  What is the reason behind Sri Vishnu becoming a theif? Why did he lie to sanjana? How vidya (Sunaina) and William Reddy (Ravi Babu) effected the life of Bhaskar? To get all these questions answered you should watch this film on big screen.


Each Technical department complements really well with other technical department and brought the best from every scene. Every department has scored brownie points for their commanding Job. Art direction by Kiran Kumar Manne is apt helps in elevating the plot well. Camerawork by Vedaraman Sankaran is another asset. He adds new beauty to the film with new camera angles. His camera work is very neat flows well with Narration. The Circular Frames (we actually don’t know the exact word to define shot, but we are amazed with that shot) during the first half of the film is really interesting. editing by Viplav Nyshadam supported the narration. This movie is the perfect example for perfect utilization of technical department.  Everyone has contributed well. 

Vivek Sagar background score undoubtedly the best. He strongly and continuously proving his capability with every movie.  Hope very soon we see his name on one big star movie. His tunes sync well with story flow. At this point of time, he is most underrated music director of Telugu cinema. The BGM during transformation scenes of Sri Vishnu deserves special mention. Undoubtedly, he takes any movie to another level with terrific Background score. It was already proved with films like Brochevaru evaru ra, Samohanam etc now again with this movie.

This movie seems like it is inspired from one character from our epics. Director Hasith Goli perfectly adopted that character to the backdrop in current generation. Story he chooses has potential to attract everyone. The love track between Megha Akash and Sree Vishnu is beautiful and the way it unfolds also interesting.  The scenes between Sunaina , Sree Vishnu dealt nicely. Those 20 minutes before the interval are hilarious and at the same time crazy. People were literally shouting like crazy for those scenes in the theatre. It’s really feels good to watch the movie with such an amazing Audience around the film. It happened only because of beautiful narration of Hasith Goli. Thanks, Man, for bringing back the real theatre feel with your film.  Twists comes at this particular time are hilarious. Undoubtedly this is best part of the whole movie and in second half scenes between Sri Vishnu ,Ravi babu, Megha Akash dealt  well.

Director Hasith Goli definitely belongs to new league of directors. He gave the fresh Treatment to the story. The way he utilizes mythological references to narrate the story is excellent.  We can say that he has invented new genre called hilarious family emotional thriller with this film. Screenplay does not follow regular formulaic format . Hoping to see many more different films from him quickly. He announces his arrival confidently with his amazing work to telugu cinema. There are few hiccups in second half, still it is a better product from debut director.

Comedy takes the back seat during second hour and few scenes are emotional. The emotional angle between Sunaina and Sree Vishnu is established in natural yet in a beautiful manner.

Megha Akash appears stunning and her chemistry with Sree Vishnu stands out.  This movie is the perfect comeback for Sunaina .  She has very less dialogues and performed confidently. Her interaction scene with Ravi Babu is another highlight Part in the movie. Dubbing suits her perfectly. She is perfect find and perfect for the role. She is very lucky to get such beautiful role even after her huge gap in Telugu.

Ravi Babu has got a good role after a long time. Though this kind of roles are not new for Ravi Babu , he has shown the variations. The best among his scenes is conversation between him, megha and vishu at his house. The way this character ended is very satisfying.

Vasu inturi is good. Gangavva generated a good fun. Her character is actually driving force for Sri Vishnu. Every other artist performed equally well and there is no single actor

who is unwanted for the film.

Tanikella Bharani role is nowhere connected to actual plot but the way it drives the story is interesting. Man of the hour, Sree Vishnu. What can we say about this man?  He is giving his best for every movie and impresses us with emotions, mannerisms and dialogue delivery. The way he is learning English from school kids and uses the same with Megha Akash is actually jeopardizing (only you will understand what jeopardizing means after watching the movie).  He succeeded generating comedy. He perfectly balanced both the emotional and comedy scenes.  We blindly trust this man from now on. Expectations kept on his movies are intact. His comic timing is excellent, his performance during emotional scenes is excellent. Overall, he is brilliant in every possible way right from choosing the different script to performing them with utmost perfection.


Megha Akash role was limited in second half and ends in abrupt manner. Since the first half had been completely filled with humor, audience generally excepts more fun in second half but it was drastically low, emotional content takes the front seat. So, the audience who are craving for more entertainment in second half also could definitely be disappointed. Narration at this hour is actually slow.  Pre climax scenes again generates the interest but the way it concluded at the end might have disappointments. Emotional part slightly misses detailing during second half. Had it shown with good emotional scenes, impact would have been really better. Few corrections during the scripting stage would have worked wonders for the film.


Raja raja definitely impresses us big time with its hilarious comedy and beautiful performances from the cast.  Those who are craving for good entertainment, this movie can satisfy you to some extent.  On a whole,  Raja Raja Chora has high chances to attract everyone and is a worth watch for its entertainment and its fresh treatment. Finally this is one movie after lock down for which you can go to the theatre with your family.


We are giving this comedy entertainer a rating of 7.2/10 for its timing and fun

Reviewer : Raghu vamshi