Platform : disney + hotstar

Director : Abhishek Dudhaiya

writers: Abhishek DudhaiyaRaman KumarRitesh Shah ,etc.

Cast: Ajay DevgnSanjay DuttSonakshi Sinha ,etc.

Genre: War drama

Release date: 13 Aug 2021

It’s been common practice in Hindi cinema for taking one historical event as a base and made movie around that Point. Few of them were attracted the audience and many of them were right away rejected from the audience. BHUJ-The pride of India has been in news for one year because of its interesting plot point and ensemble cast. Let’s check our review whether BHUJ- The Pride of India has impressed the audience or not.


After getting announced for film in march 2019 ,shoot started in june 2019 with aim to release in independence day week of 2020. But Covid affected the shoot after almost 90% of production completed. Later in Novemeber 2020 shoot resumed in Hyderabad as prime location and completed after 5 months in March 2021. Movie is produced by Ajay devgn him self under his banner Ajay Devgn films in association with T-Series Films. Previously Parineethi Chopra and Rana were also included in cast list but after they left with different reasons makers brought Nora Fatehi and Sharad Kelkar as replacements.


Set in 1971 during the war between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. India Supports East Pakistan in the war. Because of this West Pakistan made a surprise attack on Air base of Bhuj and totally destroys the air strips. It also attacks all the roads and bridges connecting to the Bhuj leaving it unconnected to rest of India. How Vijay Karnik (Ajay Devgn) and his army rebuilt the air strip and handles Pakistan army forms is rest of the story.


Sharad Kelkar shines in his role as an army officer. Whatever be the movie result, he never disappoints us.

Nora Fatehi definitely impresses as a spy. Her role is good.

Action blocks are well designed, action block in the climax deserves special mention. Cinematography is decent. VFX is not that good for the film. First fifteen minutes of the film is very interesting.

Makers of this film should be appreciated for choosing this subject which was not known to many in this generation.


This film has huge star cast. But except for Sharad Kelkar and Nora Fatehi no one impresses. Even Ajay Devgn role has not designed well. Unnecessary use of Maratha word repeatedly spoils the mood of many scenes. His screen presence is good but he could not get any chance to save the movie from sinking. Probably this is the weakest character of devgn in recent times. Sanjay Dutt role is also weird. No one actually understand the real intention of that character. It is better not to discuss about the female leads Sonakshi Sinha and Pranitha. Both are completely out of place. Lesser we talk about them better we did to the film.

Few scenes were really good but they don’t have proper connection. This is because of uneven editing. Editing is very poor. Story like this need to be told in elaboratively but things were completely hurried and wrapped. Dialogues are over the top involvement of hyper patriotism. Most of dialogues looked forced.

Director Abhishek Dudhaiya had good story in his hand which was very interesting but he completely fell flat in execution. Proper emotional connectivity has been established between any character.  There was high scope to generate many emotional moments in the film, but he didn’t actually try. The actual plot was completely side-lined.  It is the story of three hundred brave women, their love for motherland. This brave act only limited to fifteen minutes in the movie. Scripting is very poor. Biggest culprit for this film is VFX. This has completely diluted the overall impact on the film. We expect much better VFX. Some VFX shots are poorer than video game shots. This one particular department completely over shadowed the few positive aspects in the film.


BHUj-The pride of India can be watched to know about one of the historical events during Indo-Pakistan war in 1971. Many youtubers explain it in more interesting way about the incident than this film. It has solid backdrop but the poor vfx, unconvincing characterization, lack of emotions totally spoiled the show. You can watch this at your own choice.


On overall scale we can’t give more than 4.0/10 rating for this war drama movie set in 1971.

Reviewer: Raghu vamshi