Platform : Prime Video

Director: Vishnuvardhan

Writers: Sandeep Shrivastava

Cast: Sidharth MalhotraKiara AdvaniShiv Panditt, etc.

Genre: War drama

Release date: 12 Aug 2021

Films wise last few years were not at all good for Siddarth Malhotra. Neither he is getting interesting roles to perform nor he is getting solid commercial blockbusters. Time has come to prove himself again to stay in the race. For the first time, Siddarth Malhotra has paired with Kiara Advani who is currently on top of her game by delivering superhits under the south India’s stylish director Vishnu Vardhan for the Biopic of Kargil war hero Vikram Batra. Trailer was already a hit and raised the expectations on the film. Let’s check our review to know whether it has met our expectations or not.


Movie is Directed by south indian guy Vishnuvardhan in association with Karan Johar under banner Dharma Productions and Shabbir Boxwala. movie production started in 2019 mid year and wrapped shoot in 2020 jan with aim to release in july 2020 but Covid lock down changed plans and ultimately after one year film released in prime video directly.before all this Kran Johar himself announced to produce film based on Param vir chakra award holder Vikram batra‘s life.


Story about the Journey of Captain Vikram Batra,  pride of our country who fought for our nation bravely and lost his life at very early age. This film primarily focuses on his relation with dimple, his obsession towards Indian Army, his emotional bonding with Indian Army and how he lost his life for the sake of nation. To know the Journey of Vikram Batra, you must watch this film.


Undoubtedly this was the best from Siddarth Malhotra. With his fabulous performance, he silences his critics and haters. Even haters will start  admire him for his excellent acting after this. This man completely stole the show with his flawless acting from start to end. He poses the boyish charm that required for romance with kiara and maturity required for the soldier. Not even for a single moment he went overboard.  Seriously, I was falling short of words to praise his outstanding performance. It was just wow. If someone prepares the list of  best performances of Indian cinema, this role must be there in it. He effortlessly slips into the shoes of captain Vikram batra, perfectly captures the essence of our national hero and portrayed the role extremely well. 

Magnetic chemistry between Kiara Advani and siddarth is another Major highlight for the film. Love track has never deviated the Main story. In fact, it is required to understand the characters well.  The last hug between siddarth and kiara is emotional and song followed by it is has pure classic feel. Kaira looks very beautiful and her performance is equally good. This might be the first war film, where love story part integrated into the story really well. Her screen presence is limited but she makes presence felt.

Vfx work deserves special credits. Every sequence in the war looks so natural , gives you the perfect war feel.

Major complaint with Hindi movies in recent times is lack of having originality in songs and this film is an exception. Every song  is original and really good to hear and also to watch on screen. You definitely falls in love with the songs of the film after watching film. Background score is very effective.

Directing a biopic always involves a huge risk because of its predictability and  one bad scene is enough to attract a lot of criticism. Director Vishnu Vardhan along with the writer Sandeep srivatsava has a mammoth task of doing justice to the biopic of Captain Vikram Batra. First hour has been spent on understanding the character of Vikram, his entry into army and his relation with colleagues, his budding romance with Dimple, although these portions are bit slow but actually required to enter into the world of virkam batra. Second half has been completely focused on the war. The detailing in this film perfect be it.  Best thing about the movie is, writer and director never tries to glorify the patriotism and sacrificing for nation. Instead, it has shown as responsibility. The order it has been told and execution are flawless.  There are many best sequences in the film, the one best sequence which I felt deserves special mention is, the last act where our soliders captures the last army post and Pakistani flag fell on the ground but none of our Indian Soldiers has laid their foot on the flag. This particular scene depicts war is not meant to disrespect the pride of the nation.

Another good thing about the film is, it  doesn’t portray any of our army official in negative manner. Instead, it has focused on their conversations, relationships and bond shared between them. Most of the time movie runs in the army backdrop but not even a single scene makes us to feel boring because of sparkling chemistry shared by all supporting actors Shiv Panditt, Nikitin Dheer, Sahil Vaid, Abhiroy Singh with Siddarth Malhotra and their natural way of portraying their respective roles. It completely ignored the hardships faced by army men during their training and punishment received by them which indeed a good sign because there is a high chance for youngsters to get afraid of Joining into the army. It has showcased only the beautiful side of army people.  This film does not have any lengthy speeches to inspire the cadre.

Fare well scene between Jimmy and Vicky , Vicky and dimple, Vicky and his brother are emotional and stands out.

War sequences has been designed extremely well. These are really a visual treat to watch.  Some lighter emotional moments shared by army men in between the war gives you different feel. Every department has been worked aptly.  Cinematography by Kamaljeet Negi is very good takes us to the late 90’s . Art work is apt. No doubt, it is well picturized war drama carried every essence of that time really well. Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad is good not even one scene felt unwanted. Dialogues are natural and creates an impact.


The film has best in everything be it in terms of story, or in terms of acting or with support from technical departments. Predictability is major concern, still it had been overshadowed by brilliantly executed scenes.  The only complaint about this movie is, it should have been released in the theatres. The experience of watching war sequences on big screen would have been completely different.


Shershaah is a definite watch. Films like this, we need actually at this point of time where most of the people taking nationalism as a joke. The script, performances, the art work, supremely choreographed war sequences does not let you to feel bore. This is not less than an epic. The value of this beautiful film will be realized slowly after some time. One will feel the pain, emotion of Vikram batra and you will definitely feel proud of him after watching this film. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Biopic’s of Indian cinema. Watch it. Don’t miss the ending of film, where it shows the actual heroes of the kargil war and also real clipping of Captain Vikram Batra. Don’t miss.


This movie highly deserves a good rating and we want to give 9.999999/10 rating.

Reviewer : RAGHU VAMSI.