Platform : Netflix

Director: Karthick Naren,  Priyadarshan, Arvind Swamy , etc.

Writers: Multiple writers

Cast: Revathi, Yogi Babu, Arvind Swamy, Delhi Ganesh, Bobby Simha, etc

Genre: Navarasa

Release date: 06 August 2021

Produced by legendary Tamil director and directed by 9 directors ranging from young to old, Navarasa is an anthology constructed on the basis of Indian classification of acting into 9 variations. Going down we gave clear idea about whether they impressed us or not. Let’s dive guys.


As mentioned Navarsa is anthology with 9 major emotions of acting as classified by indian literature from ages. So we could say each genre is clearly became name for each episode if you observe that,so, no need to mention specially, but we do. Karuna(compassion), Haasya(comedy), Adbhutha(wonderful), Bhibatsa(disgust), Shantha(peace), Roudra(anger), Bhayaanaka(fearful), Veera(powerful), Shringaara(romantic).


Tamil legendary director Maniratnam in association with Jayendra Panchapakesan unde 2 different banners but Maniratnam did not directed any of the episodes. Producers duo ,solely associated with Ott for first time in their long lasting film career ,only to raise funds and support those struggling artists of Tamil artists in association with fundraising teams of FEFSI and Bhoomika trust. Navarsa is the only anthology series with any of the lead actors from this anthology. None of the major actors in this series done any movies short films for OTT in their career before Navarasa.


As it is taking long and boring for readers, we are going directly towards the rights and wrongs of series.


Edhiri (Karuna) : Acting of Revathi really dominated the short and she is sole of the film. She did tremendous job that all the other major actors like Prakash raj and Vijay Sethupathi just went down in the flow. This is the best of all 9 compared and with no extra popcorn content. Characterisation of vijay sethupathi is good but he has no much scope to explore it at all, that makes him look small in front of Revathi. Cinematography is cool that it is just what need for a film, nothing of too much moments here.

Summer of ’92 (Haasya): Yogi babu really did good job but actually it is childhood actor who played velu as school kid. Sad that we can’t find his details but he is the one made this episode a hit. Old way of cinematic representation for 90’s is really cool and we appreciate the part

Project Agni (Adbhutha): This one episode is a complete contrast among other 9 rasa’s. Karthik Naren did good job. characters are all good with it’s micro number of people on screen. Arawind swamy really put this one is best of performances too and his acting is way too ahead too. we loved this one also.

Payasam (Bhibatsa): There are no much rights for this series except it’s greatness on making and character designs. But okay to watch for it’s representation and clever use of characters.

Peace (Shantha) : This is also one of the less deserved of all. we didn’t see much about rights here except casting and micro locations with less number actors sharing the screen, acting done well.

Raudram (raudra): We say this one made to top 3 list and direction is amazing, not with out it’s faults but really went well. all the actors did great job. sufficient with story and screen play. Not phenomenal but definitely good one among. Sreeram did excellent job and all other just helping him. technically also this one is good for both eyes. Story is also good and it went a way audience appreciate. Nothing of over sophistication happened here. everything went very simple and nice.

Inmai (Bhayaanaka): This one looked more forceful than impressive in many places but except Siddarth everybody did their part well. nothing much about technical parts also thy are seem less and good on screen and no where you will feel artificial. story is good one and screen play also went good most of the time.

Thunintha Pin (Veera): For it’s style of making we loved it but this one does not deserve the Navarasa. we will say more about this in wrongs. wait please

Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru (Shringaara) : About this one also we will discuss more in wrongs section. actin is as always went good with surya and Pragya martin.


Eedhiri: Prakash raj did his part but his portions are very much misused. Even for vijay sethupathi because of narrow story line and limited possibilities to explore his character, he could not able to show his own potential. Story is very limited and climax is the only punching part of the film.

Summer of ’92: Though most of the film really gave some good laughs, it is not near anywhere to rasa it has promised with trailer. Portrayal of teacher is also a complete misleading and it looks more like cheating than good ending. But definitely better comparing with some other shorts of the series. Climax is disgusting to end with in flash back and that gives more of disappointment than laughs

Project Agni: Looked good all the way with fantasy story line and unlimited possibilities this one also has some negatives . Synthetic. everything looks synthetic, you will feel more like simulated than interested with this one. Prasanna loos in front of Aravind Swamy.

Payasam : with all the well balanced characters and emotions through out Payasam fails to sweeten us instead they poured it stupidly on the floor. We understand the variation of screen play and importance of payasam here, but they should have elaborated it a little with intro being different. Movie from all the way goes in different way and climax is in some other world.

Peace: Looks like this director wants only Lankan Tamil conflicts all the time, Peace is one of the stupidest of all 9 rasa’s. This one looked like much of production happened because we have more money than giving us a good movie. no where near to stardom but loosely developed story and screen play. Peace took us into horror most of the time.

Roudram : We liked this one very much and we felt good with this film and mostly no wrongs we felt.

Inmai : Siddharth failed to give us a performance he used to give us. he looked more like a vampire on the screen with antagonistic views than a satisfying character. What we build up with flash back in mind completely got ruined by present happening in the film.

Thunintha Pin : This one is a pure half baked story with unnecessary scenes and omitting all good they could have been tried. Nothing is new here, nothing is interesting too, nothing is appreciable here. it just goes on with flow. looked more like kuska with no proper taste than biryani it promised. No rasam here at all, except Kishore Kumar G. giving his best.

Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru : except giving long title Giutahm vasudev menon failed to the core with this in anywhere near to his old works. we better should watch Surya s/o Krishnan rather this one 2021. We could not imagine why surya would have acted in this one ,it’s a step down for him.


With many actors thinking they are helping out struggling actors of Tamil nadu , it seemed like they never went through scripts fully. Any of them neither give us what trailer shown nor rasa’s deserved. Every film of the series is so common except Project Agni for it’s fantasy script, all other are just pure disappointments. In front of all the bad, we can’t see goods most of the time, they are all got buried deep under the negligence of using film making, leaving the professionalism behind. Don’t watch this expecting Tamil industries most noted faces in trailer doing unnecessary emotions which got completely missed. All the films looked more luxurious with rich film making and all but they are nowhere near the rasa.


We can’t give a rating of more than 4.0/10 for this totally disappointing series.