Platform : Theatres

Director : Sridhar Gade

Cast: Priyanka JawalkarRajsekhar AningiKiran Abbavaram, etc.

Genre: Romance, Drama

Release date: 06 Aug 2021

Kiran Abbavaram who attracted many with his venture “Raja vaaru Rani gaaru” has, this time came up with youthful entertainer. Songs are already chartbusters which generated lot of positive buzz on the film. Teaser and trailer also have created lot of expectations on the film. Let’s see in our review, whether this film has lived up to its expectations or not.


With struggle between is relation with father and falling in love story mostly circles around emotions and dram. So, tell us which genre would be better suitable.


Movie is produced under the banner of Elite entertainments and shoot started in early 2020. But with imposed lockdown shoot got postponed and resumed in October 2020. Makers really took their hard work to finish movie in same month just not to impacted by another lockdown and concentrated most of their production time in Post rather than shoot. In contrast to Kiran’s first film this one has completely set it’s background in Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh state.


Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is a student, loves sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar) from last three years while she totally ignores him. On the other hand, kalyan hates his father (Sai kumar) a lot and has not spoken to him in ten years. Meanwhile, kalyan was forced to restore the pride of his grandfather’s S.R.Kalyanamandapam. How kalyan has restored the lost pride of kalyanamandapam? What happened to kalyan love story with sindhu? What is kalyan’s problem with his father? To get his questions answered you should watch this film on silver screen.


Major highlight for this film is Sai Kumar and his combination scenes with senior actress Tulasi. They both lit the screens on fire with their performances. It is delight to see both the veteran actors in such an entertaining role after a huge gap. They are not only good at generating hilarious comedy but also provided required emotional content to the film.  Their scenes with kiran Abbaravaram stands up. No doubt, this is the best role for Sai Kumar in recent times and he did an outstanding job.

Senior Actress Tulasi as hero mother equally good. Don’t know why the director has completely neglected the role in second half. Gangavva has done very small role and it is good.

Film has some very good hilarious moments. All the scenes of kiran abbavaram with priyanka jawalakar provides us decent laughs.  Pace of the film actually picks up only after 30min from the start of the film. Twist during the interval is funny and also gives us an idea about the second half.

Director Sridhar Gade has a good story in hand. Choosing Rayachoti as back drop to narrate this story is refreshing. Emotional quotient in the film is good. He dealt entire climax part supremely well.

Fights are good. Undoubtedly music and background score by Chaitan Bharadwaj  are major plus. Songs are biggest crowd pullers for this film. Placement and picturization are perfect.  Whenever the story deviates, songs come as big rescue. Out of all songs Choosale Kallaraa comes at right place keeps the spirit of the movie alive, proceedings before that song are tad slow with many boring and unwanted scenes.

Cinematography by Daniel Viswas is neat. Town atmosphere has  captured really well. Most of the scenes were shot in real location which looks very refreshing and authentic on screen.

Here comes the man of the show kiran Abbavaram. It is clearly evident that he is trying to prove his versatility with every film.  In last film he acted as guy from Godavari and now acted as guy from Rayalaseema. He perfectly maintained the slang and also required energy, ease for this role. His comic timing is good. Fights are well composed. His looks are apt for the role.


Major problem with this movie is both the hero and director handled multiple departments.

Hero kiran abbavaram has provided screenplay-story – dailogues. Dailogues are ok. There were double meaning dialogues which are smartly ingested. Screenplay is in-consistent. One good scene followed by one bad scene, same pattern was followed for entire movie. First 20 minutes are unnecessarily waste for elevating heroism. These unwanted scenes diluted the overall impression on the film.

Director also handled the editing department.  Had it done by another technician, it would have been shorter, crisper and interesting. Love track between lead pair might be entertaining but it unnecessarily sends wrong signals to the youngsters. There are lot of boozing scenes in the film which can be avoided easily. Director has created a twist during the interval but he totally forget about it during the second half. In the of quest attracting the youth and masses, he deviated from the story most of the times. Kushi scene is completely unwanted and illogical. It was added just to appeal the fans of Pawankalyan. There are many unwanted scenes in the film which can be easily avoided.


Majority of film has comedy but you connect with only emotional part of the film. Had the Director concentrated more on father son relationship, result would have been even better. Despite having its own flaws, film has good songs, nice performance, neat comedy to some extent. If you ignore the flaws, this film ends as passable entertainer for this weekend.


With many unnecessary elements and misuse of screenplay we can’t go with 10 but for tremendous performances and wonderful emotions we could only give 7.0/10 for this youthful entertainer

ReviewerRaghu Vamshi

Raghu Vamshi is a passionate guy with lot of movie knowledge and true love towards movies. He is been working as movie reviewer for more than 5 years. With his his understanding about movies, he is very suitable to Review Indian movies , as he is tremendously well versed with Indian movie industry, which includes Bollywood(Hindi), Tollywood(Telugu) and Kollywood(Tamil).