Platform: Theatres

Director : Sharan Koppisetty

Writers: M.G. SrinivasSharan Koppisetty,

Cast: Priyanka JawalkarSatyadev KancharanaHarsha Chemudu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 30 July 2021

The only hero who got benefitted with lockdown is undoubtedly Satya dev. Because very few people knew about Satya dev, about his work, about his caliber before lockdown. His Popularity has been increased immensely during lockdown because of his previous films and films released during lockdown. It may not be exaggerating to say that few sections of people are actually waiting for his next films to release. So, with found popularity of Satya Dev, TIMMARUSU being the first movie to release in theatres. Let’s see how the film is.


With a story revolves around victim of justice and crime happened behind, this one is a pure crime drama. but with other emotional parts dominating movie we can say Drama is best suitable as genre.


Movie started by Mahesh S. Koneru and Yarabolu Srujan under the production company East Coast Productions and S Originals as producers predominantly in Telugu language only. Thimmarusu actually is a name of chief of ministers from late Vijayanagar empire ruled by Sri Krishna Devaraya from Karnataka. Creative team said they chose the name as the protagonist’s character is designed in similar narrative with Thimmarusu’s intelligent behavior. Movie is a actually a remake of Kannada language film which came in 2019, which received good both at theatres and prime video., which again is based on Korean film “New trail(Jaesim)”.


Ramchandra is lawyer, who re-opens the murder case which happened in 2011 in which some goons frame an innocent vasu  in the case and he gets jailed for eight years. How Ramchandra has proved vasu as innocent? What is reason behind Ramachandra opening the case after 8 years? Will innocent vasu gets justice at the end? Forms rest of the story.


Right from word go, it is pure Satya dev’s film. He is cool, calm, settled and decent in entire movie. His acting has covered most of the flaws in the movie. Not even for one scene, he went overboard. Oh yeah! There is one scene but that was justified neatly.

Bhramaji has provided much needed comic relief. He is quiet good and generates  decent laughs in the film

The film has some ensemble cast in the form of Jhansi, Ajay, Ravi babu. Every one has performed well in their limitations. The actor who played vasu is also very good.

Thrill factor is good to most of the extent. Twists during the climax are good. Director has narrated most of the film in convincing and endearing manner.

Justification given for the title is also very interesting.


Priyanaka jawalakar does not get purposeful role this time. Director tried to generate a twist with her role. But after some point, he deviated it completely. Because of her mistake, one person got killed. But nobody cares about it. Her character doesn’t have proper arc. She has got good screen time and has done well but her character lacks consistency.

Technically this film suffers a lot. Cinematography is very weak. Lighting of the film is not consistent. It varies from scene to scene. Background music by sricharan pakala is pretty average. It does not help anyway to elevate the scene in the film. Editing is crisp and neat

There is lot of scope in the film to generate an emotional connectivity between the characters but for some reason director has failed to concentrate on this angle. At least after revealing Ramachandra’s identity during the climax, we expect one emotional scene. It’s a complete miss there. The film has been shown in three dimensions, but all the three dimension shows Vasu as innocent. Because of this we lose interest on this to some extent. Few scenes which are supposed to be logical were actually silly.


Despite having flaws, Timmarasu is a decent crime drama made with interesting back drop. Satya dev’s terrific screen presence is the major asset for the film which covered most of the flaws in the film. This film may not have star value and content to bring people to the theatres. But it does not disappoint the audience who came to theatre to watch this film. You can watch it for satya dev and for interesting premise.


With it’s unbalanced events and miss judged moments we could only give 7.0/10.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamshi

Raghu Vamshi is a passionate guy with lot of movie knowledge and true love towards movies. He is been working as movie reviewer for more than 5 years. With his his understanding about movies, he is very suitable to Review Indian movies , as he is tremendously well versed with Indian movie industry, which includes Bollywood(Hindi), Tollywood(Telugu) and Kollywood(Tamil).