Platform : Netflix

Director : Laxman Utekar

Writers: Laxman UtekarRohan ShankarRohan Shankar 

Cast: Kriti SanonEvelyn EdwardsPankaj Tripathi , etc.

Genre: Mixed genre.

Release Date: 26 Jul 2021

Continuing the trend of releasing films directly through OTT, MIMI is one such film based on the concept of surrogacy released in Netflix on 27th July 2021. Let’s see how it is.


While most Indian movies comes with mixed genres, Mimi is no exception with having drama, comedy while giving strong message about mother hood. Still Mimi is another mixed genre movie with strong stand


Primarily ,Mimi is actually remake of a marathi film Mala Aai Vhaaychay!. directed by Samrouddhi Porey. Most of the Mimi’s shoot being happened in Mandawa, Jaipur with few scenes barring in Mumbai film is more authentically showed the people and emotions behind middle class family with struggling life style. Film with a plan of regular theatrical release produced by Dinesh Vijan under banner name of Maddock Films in association with Jio Studios. With it’s intial release date aimed on 30th of July 2021, accidental appearance of whole movie on torrent sites forced producers to release it little earlier on 26th of July. Film also victim of Covid lockdown and only released in OTT alone


Mimi played by kirti sanon is a 25 year old girl from Rajasthan and her dream is to become an actress in Bollywood . she is in need of some quick money to maker her dream come true. Bhanu understands the Mimi’s need for quick money, sets a deal with U.S couple  to become Mimi surrogate Mother for their child. What happens, if U.S couple abandons the child after Mimi gave birth? What happens to her dreams of becoming an actress in Bollywood? What will she do now? how will mimi life of Mimi has changed after the birth of her child Forms the rest of the story.


Most of the time Mimi runs on a lighter note. Not even a single scene was unwanted.  It is well made and perfectly balanced film between the comedy and emotions. Not even one comedy scene looks over the top or the one emotional scene artificial.

Director Lakshman utekar along with screen writer Rohan Shankar narrated the film beautifully, ably supported by A.R.Rahaman with his beautiful music.  This film may not be a gem, it is on its point. Director has not unnecessarily added any melodrama.

Mostly we have seen kriti Sanon in regular commercial films. This movie is her first female centric film and she performed fantastically.  She makes a strong impact with her performance and announce her arrival as a solid actor who can carry entire film on her own.  No doubt she was the good actor before, but in this movie she gave her best performance.

Pankaj tripati as cab driver balu is another asset to the film.  It would not exaggerating to say that most of people will watch film these days after seeing name of Pankaj tripati in it. This time also he doesn’t disappoint. Unlike his previous films, this character is one dimensional did not get a much scope to show his brilliance as an actor. Still he performed brilliantly

Of the other cast, supriya Pathak shines in her role. Monaj pahwa, Sam tamhankar are good in their roles.

This film has also got good support from its technical department. Dialogues are impressive. Cinematography is apt.


Like all other Bollywood films, Mimi also shows one particular community as stereotypes.  Even though Pankaj tripati has performed well , his role is a restricted one. Had this role has some emotional angle to  connect, it would have been more impactful. Few scenes looks logic less. Many scenes in the movie are simplified and does not give required dramatic turn to them. All these negatives are nicely covered by actors  with performance. Like all other films made on surrogacy earlier, this film also follows the similar path. It ends on a predictable note. Some how after some point, this film doesn’t look progressive. If we see this film for entertainment purpose, we may not find many mistakes in it. But we start discussing on the point it has touched upon, some how we felt this film is half baked one and followed the old school while narrating it.


No doubt, Mimi is the beautiful made film but it has its own share of flaws. Like we said earlier, this film runs a predictable note. On a whole, with stellar performance from kriti sanon and other supporting cast Mimi engages you with its beautiful moments and makes a decent watch for this weekend.

But on overall scale movie does not even crosses rating of 6.0/10 for misusing a golden opportunity, instead made it more controversial.