Platform : Prime video

Director : Pa. Ranjith

Writers: Pa. Ranjith

Cast: Arya, Pasupathy, John Kokken, Dushara Vijayan, etc.

Genre: Sports drama

Release Date: 22 Jul 2021

Off late , none of the films of Arya were not very impressive. He is coming every time with both experimental and commercial entertainer but none of them were really worked. On the other hand, P.A Ranjith one of finest story teller of Tamil cinema was failing continuously to impress majority of audience.  When both of these talented people collaborated together for one film, obviously expectations will be higher. Let’s get into our review to check whether this film managed to impressed us or not?


As most of the story goes between boxing rig and emotions around sports is of course obvious here , with little inspirational events from 70’s India.


Film started with Karthi and Suriya being his primary characters in directors mind but with unmatched dates, director has to change his mind and met Arya and they both settled deal. Shooting, though started in early 2020 ,with extensive training to the actors on martial arts ,paused for some time with Covid lock down and resumed in September again just to finish shoot by December month of 2020. With bad scenario happening around theatres to reopen any time soon, producers decided to release directly on OTT and Amazon bough the rights to feature both Telugu and Tamil versions. Neelam Productions and K9 Studios produced movie.


Set in 1970’s in northern Chennai during the time which is considered to be a golden era for boxing, Sarpatta revolves around the boxing clans in the city . Kabilan (Arya )is daily laborer at the Chennai harbor, aspires to become a successful boxer like this father. But his mother does not want his son to opt boxing because of loss she already faced earlier. One day, Kabilan gets an opportunity to prove himself as a boxer. This is the point where actual story kick starts. What are troubles, challenges faced by kabilan during his sports journey? How he was managed with, political conditions in Chennai? Forms rest of the story.


P.A Ranjith has a habit of narrating the stories of people belongs to oppressing community beautifully, this time he did not change his habit in selecting the backdrop to this story. He chose such background which was not known of people of this current generation. This time he does not disappoint us, he hits the right chord with his amazing direction. He beautifully weaved the caste dynamics, political situation in Chennai, boxing culture in Chennai during  1970’s into the story. Best part is neither of any these elements diluted to main plot in fact they became added advantage to film’s narration.  He attempted a sports drama which is raw yet realistic , detailing very perfect. Undoubtedly we can call it’s as a P.A Ranjith best work till date and sets the benchmark for sports films are very high. It is not easy for anyone to cross the bench mark set by him.

Arya as kabilan absolute revelation. His conviction and dedication are commendable. Arya know his limitations as an actor and uses his physique perfectly to overshadow his limitations. Undoubtedly, he is on par with the standard set by Hollywood actors in boxing movies.

Dushara Vijayan has mariyamma brings much needed comic relief at crucial times. Probably this could be another most lovable wife’s character after soorarai pottru. Dushara perfectly fits the bill and carried out her role neatly. Anupam Kumar as concerned mother Bakkiyamma who doesn’t want his son to go for boxing is good.

Pasupathy as Ranga celebrated coach in the clan of sarapattai is  wow. He gave a controllable performance which required for the role. Apart from this, there are many other beautiful performances in the form of shabeer kallarakkal as Dancing Rose, John kokken’s  vembuli etc.


This film is nearly 180 minutes long. You have to invest all your 180 minutes on this film. This is not regular film which you can see in your leisure time. You will understand the film only when you have watched the film from first minute to credits of the fill without taking longer breaks.

Those who have no idea about political atmosphere, boxing culture of Chennai may have disconnected from the film and feels it’s as tad long.

Like all the sports drama made in India, this film also follows the simple template to narrate the story, sometimes film plot looks predictable. The film also depicted the one side of the coin about the political conditions of Chennai , this may not go well with everyone.


Santosh Narayan does it once again. He is the major backbone for the film. His BGM is teriffic, perfectly elevates the mood of the feel. His electrifying background score perfectly defined the motivations of the characters of the film.

Cinematography, set and art design has succeeded in transporting to the Northern Chennai during 1970’s.  Essence of that era is presented in a best possible way. Cinematography by G. Murali Vardhan is one of the highlights of the film. His work makes you feel like you are at the real boxing match, All the boxing matches were designed perfectly. None of the boxing match looks neither repetitive nor boring.


Sarpatta Parambarai is brilliantly executed film ably supported by all actors and technical departments. Definitely, this is the best work from Arya in last 8 or 9 years. This kind of authentic film were rarely made in Indian cinema. A true entertainer in this own way. Highly Recommended.

We would like to give a rating of this really amazing movie at 8.8/10

Reviewer: Raghu Vamshi

Raghu Vamshi is a passionate guy with lot of movie knowledge and true love towards movies. He is been working as movie reviewer for more than 5 years. With his his understanding about movies, he is very suitable to Review Indian movies , as he is tremendously well versed with Indian movie industry, which includes Bollywood(Hindi), Tollywood(Telugu) and Kollywood(Tamil).