Platform: Netflix

Director: Johane MatteFrancisco Ruiz-VelascoAndrew L. Schmidt

Writers: Marc GuggenheimDan HagemanKevin Hageman 

Cast: Kay BessBrian BlessedNick Frost 

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Adventure

Release date: Jul-21-2021

Troll Hunters-Rise of the titans is a beautiful, yet entertaining movie from the franchise which entertained kids previously with it’s great visuals and adventure. Adults may feel it regular with in comparison with any Dreams works and Pixar movies but it has it’s separate moments

Genre :

With it’s Fantasy set up and Adventures involved and the environment it happens, we don’t need to give much of intro about genre


Rise of the Titans is first of the series to be made as film and 1st of the franchise. As Dreams works decided to make it final they carefully discussed with Guillermo del Toro and planned in a style mixed with Pacific Rim and also used some strategies from Marvel movies specially Avengers. Movie production started in 2020 itself, with out any disturbances from Covid lock down, being animated movie work went continuously and released directly in Netflix itself on 21 jul 2021. The project noted as the first DreamWorks Animation film to be released directly on a streaming service.


Troll hunter, Jim Lake Jr is the only person with brains most of the time, failed to use his powers as his amulet got broken previously. He then tries to protect his friends from sudden attack of Arcadian members but fails to stop them from losing good Arcadian Nari. Team then tries to rescues her but 3 Arcadians forms titans using their power to reconstruct earth by killing humans. Nari in her unconscious stage becomes the part of Bad titan and goes towards stone of heart. Troll hunters team tries to face off with titans and goes through many obstacles to stop the attack on earth. How they succeeded in blocking the attack by titans and saved earth is all we are going enjoy here.


In point of Creators decision to make the last part of franchise movie is mostly successful. Though you see not much change from previous parts in character design and development, you will see very less difference in contrast to movie and other parts of franchise, good part. Making wise movie really felt nice all the way. Directors really did good job. the conflicts between good and bad characters is really smooth and excellent. story wise movie is not to the very extremely good level but you will feel fresh in comparison with visual design, character enhancement and screenplay. If you are directly watching this movie you will fell little flat with characters as the real history of them should be known before from previous parts, we suggest watch them and come back to this last part of franchise. Part were titans are on the screen are eye feast and you can’t turn your head, so beautiful on screen and characterization is good. ending part and creation part of them is beautifully designed. The worlds where trolls live and the other imaginary worlds are too good. Colors are too good ,you will feel more of a Pixar feel than that of Dream works.


Being a single movie of franchise, makes it feel flat with no comparison from history of characters. Starting movie directly as a part of story with out proper intro to character history or story history looks bit uncomfortable for people directly watching this movie. Indulging most of the time inside action part, audience might concentrate less on characters with very less drama induced among them. Movie might feel a little rushed here and there but that’s negligible. Climax part where Jim goes back to past is little unnecessary we felt. yeah every movie comes with both parts of rights and wrongs, but all these negatives are not so much of wrongs we say, except they feel disappointing a little on full scale, but never let your interest worn down.


Johane MatteFrancisco Ruiz-VelascoAndrew L. Schmidt as directors did great job and executed in very well mannered way. visual design and animation by DreamWorks Animation is really impressive. Alfonso Blaas did excellent job in production design. Music by Jeff Danna is clearly excellent part of the movie. Art work is so seam less compared with non movie parts of franchise and success went with movie well too. Overall technical departments like DI, sound also did very good job.


With much of the time indulging in the adventure parts of the movie, and giving some goosebumps moments and fine animation we could give 7.5/10 for this flick.