Platform : Prime video

Director : Amit Masurkar

Writers: Aastha TikuAmit MasurkarYashasvi Mishra 

Cast: Vidya BalanVijay RaazSharat Saxena , etc.

Genre : Crime drama

Release date: 18 Jun 2021

Sherni has such plot which was untouched, probably least explored in Indian cinema. The concept, narration definitely engages you, thrills you and most importantly it educates you.  Rarely we see in Indian movie on Man – Animal conflict in the forest. Directed by Amit Masurkar who previously gave us gem in the form NEWTON, hits the right chord with power house performer like vidya balan. Probably, I can say Sherni is the one of the finely made films in the recent times.


As we see the conflicts always revolves around some animal pouching and people’s emotions around, movie mostly puts us in crime drama area.


Directed by Amit Masurkar produced under T-Series and Abundantia entertainment. Shot mostly in Kanha national park, Madhya Pradesh. Though principal photography started in early 202 ,Covid lock down put a break for some time and shoot resumed in same year aiming for both theatrical and OTT release except,second Covid lock down forced only to release on Amazon prime video. This film has skipped theatrical release and released directly in Prime video on 18-jun-2021.


This is the story of lone, isolated women Vidya Vincent played by vidya Balan, a forest officer who faces many challenges in her professional and personal life posted to the forest of Bijaspur. In the forest of Bijaspur, vidya has to face new challenge in the form tigress identified as  T12 by the forest department. It  starts hunting the farm fields, farm animals and also kills many villagers and makes them angry. They wanted to find and kill the tigress. How vidya and his team protect the villages from the tiger and saves the tiger from hunter and the villagers? How political conditions in that area affected vidya Vincent forms the rest of the story.


First credit should be given to the director Amit Masurkar for choosing this unique story and balancing it extremely well. Very rare, we see films which are equally entertaining and informative. It touches upon very sensitive topics like rights of forest people, politicians lust and greed for power, problems we face because of forest depletion etc. Screenplay by Aastha Tiku very neat.  Audience will understand easily what the makers decided to convey.  

Sherni dares to communicate the significant part of human lives which was barely showcased earlier. Dialogues are meaningful and creates a huge impact.  All the actors have come up with natural performances.


Only flaw in this movie is its predictability. If you are expecting thrilling and exciting moments after seeing the trailer and the title, this movie is not for you. This film has touched too many concepts, one may feel exhausted and disconnected at some point. Once disconnected, this film definitely bore you and only picks in the last minutes.


Cinematography by Rakesh Haridas may not be phenomenal but it’s beautiful, we really enjoyed many moments between nature and modern man , felt good to eyes. Art and Production design are good to most level and gives clean look. Thanks Art department and Set decoration team and Production designers. Music by Naren Chandavarkar,(BGM)Mayur Narvekar, Benedict Taylor(background score) is Cool. VFX by The Cirqus are good ,yeah there are few nonreal moments too but negligible for common audience. Vidya Balan did wonderful job as officer but when compared other best of her, this may look normal. Big heads like Sharat Saxena, Vijay Raaz, Vijay Raaz are such great assets to film’s style.


Sherni is an intense , intriguing film neatly supported by technical teams and all the actors. Film is slow and definitely not a regular one. This film may not be a master piece but definitely a must watch for its unique and unusual concept.

We could give a rating of 7.3/10 for this movie for it’s style of story and narration.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamshi

Raghu Vamshi is a passionate guy with lot of movie knowledge and true love towards movies. He is been working as movie reviewer for more than 5 years. With his his understanding about movies, he is very suitable to Review Indian movies , as he is tremendously well versed with Indian movie industry, which includes Bollywood(Hindi), Tollywood(Telugu) and Kollywood(Tamil).