Platform: Prime Video

Director :Srikanth Addala

Writer :  Vetrimaaran

Cast: Venkatesh DaggubatiPriyamaniKarthik Rathnam ,etc.

Genre: Mixed genre

Release Date: 19 Jul 2021

Since it is a remake of classic Asuran , the comparisons are inevitable with the original. Narappa is a frame-to-frame remake of Asuran. Apart from Actors, every shot is same. So, we are reviewing it as a original film without taking original into the consideration.


Content of the film is raw and bold narrated in realistic way with full of emotions. This can be touted as mixed genre film because of the plot and setup.


Produced by D. Suresh Babu under Suresh Productions along with Kalaippuli S. Thanu. Production values are top notch. This movie directly released in prime video. Though movie did started it’s pre production work in 2019 aiming to release in 2020, 2 time pandemic lockdown in India effected movie release many times until Finally released in Prime Video with out theatrical presence.


Narappa  (Venkatesh) leads a peaceful life  in a village near Ananthpur district with his wife , two sons and one daughter. Problem arises to Narappa family when most of villagers surrender their land to Panduswami for the construction of cement factory to which Narappa refuses to surrender his mere 3 acre land to Panduswami. Munikanna (Karthik Ratnam), eldest son of Narappa protests against it and locks horn with Panduswamy.  What kind of fate has been received by Munikanna after this? How this is affected to whole Narrappa family? What extent Naraappa went to protect his family? Forms the rest of story.


The major asset for the film, its content with full of emotions. First half is a complete package of emotions not even for a minute deviated from the story. Whole set up had been built really well. Strength of Narappa lies with its actor performances.  Priyamani and Rajeev Kanakala are very natural, brings lot of depth to the whole setup. The child actor Seenappa, younger son of Narrappa is terriffic.

Even though Karthik Ratnam role is short lived, he made his presence felt. His performance is outstanding ,definetly he is going to be one of the finest actors of telugu cinema.

What more can we say about Venkatesh, he is soul and life line of the film. Lately, we are seeing Venkatesh in not so serious roles, But this kind of character is completely new for Venkatesh. He pulled out his role effortlessly in the first half. He portrayed every emotion through his eyes. Even though you are fan of Asuran, watch this movie for Venkatesh’s finest performance. You will understand why he remade the movie. 

Fights are designed well so as the background work. Interval fight is superior in all aspects. Cinematography perfectly balanced the mood of the film.


Flashback part has not designed well. Love story of Venkatesh with Abhirami looks little odd. Most of the moments in second half are let down. Venkatesh look as younger Narappa is not so convincing. Proper care should have been taken for Venkatesh looks and etching the love story.


Srikanth Addala has comes out from his comfort zone, does well with his taking and  sticks faithful to the original. He portrayed the family emotions really well. Had he taken the proper care with Venkatesh looks and love story in the second half, things would have been far better. On a whole, Narappa is a watchable flick for it raw and intense emotions. This kind of hard hitting movies are considerable less in Telugu cinema. Narappa gives you better viewing experience, if you haven’t seen the original or you don’t compare with the original.


With out thinking about Original we could give rating of 8.8/10.

Reviewer: Raghu Vamsi