Platform : Theatres , Netflix.

Director : Navot Papushado

Writers : Navot PapushadoEhud Lavski

Cast: Karen GillanJoanna BobinFreya Allan, etc.

Genre: Action, Adventure.

Release date: Jul-14-2021

Being a women centric movie, we were excited so much until movie turns out to be more of slap stick comedy than serious adventure. Give it a try if you are really into some action after long line of drama just to refresh yourself with fun.


We expected it to be a action packed adventure but it turns out to be a comedy movie by end and we should say, it’s an action comedy and Adventure. we really confused at the end, what kind of movie genre this goes .. So only Adventure is just a better word, as comedy looks awful.


Started the work with Navot Papushado as Director in 2018, with Ehud Lavsk as co-writer.  The Picture CompanyBabelsberg Studio ,  StudioCanal involved in production of the movie. Later movie released in theatre with limited number and Netflix hosted on same day.


Sam after abandoned by her mother Scarlet when she was teen , becomes an assassin and works closely with Nathan. Nathan assigned a job for Sam to recover the money from a thief who stolen. She finds the thief and comes to know that, he stole it to rescue his daughter from some kidnappers. Sam goes to rescue the kid after admitting thief in an hospital and goes towards kidnappers with money instead of going back to the firm she is working for. She rescues girl but loses money to kidnappers dying in blast. This whole act makes the firm’s owner angry and Nathan let’s him take his revenge on Sam. Sam then runs away with kids and meets her mother accidentally. Then they go to her mother’s companion home and meets 3 of the mother’s old mates. Then all together faces man belongs to firm, Virgil and kills most of his men except they ending up kid being kidnapped. Later they meet Jim McAllister in a diner and 3 women along with Sam’s mother kills him. Movie ends with Nathan calling of hit on Sam and all women leaves to coastal drive


the all women killing machine team is good applaud for trying some thing like Charles angel’s kind of stuff. overall movie give some laughs and enjoyable moments. Not so serious look of the movie, gives some tensionless moments. we liked the way story revolves around small girl kid, except it is being regular. Comedic look overall gave us some moments to enjoy it like a movie rather than a project work we are working on.


We never could really understand why it should be sense less comedy if it is a comedy movie. The parts where Nathan’s boys laughs at each other is worst part we say. When Sam fights with them for first time in game area, it’s very clear that Karen Gillan is unable to move much except some angry faces. Many scenes are very forceful to handle for a movie lover and can’t be able to handle all those plastic moves until the end. If you are trying a movie with all women leads, at least plan it wise. For us Thunder Force or Charlie’s Angels are close allies in the losing game. none of the actors did their best in the movie be it creators fault or confusing genre. Even in the comedy movies there would be some scenes where we take some part of the movie seriously. Though there are some serious parts they are mostly numb scenes. Library scenes, hospital scenes and gaming area scenes looks all fake most of the time. The intensity of title, trailer are completely absent anywhere in the movie.


Creators really failed to pull the movie. Cinematography by Michael Seresin is impressive. Music by Haim Frank Ilfman is quite enough for the movie but not memorable tracks. Production design by David Scheunemann and Art by Anna Bucher, Wolfgang Metschan and Stefan Speth are excellent works though. Edit team job is okay but not so tight. VFX is good to level.


With illogical intensities, bad acting, slow scenes, slap stick comedy, movie can’t pass more than 5.0/10 mark