Platform: Theatres, soon to Disney + , hotstar.

Director: Cate Shortland

Writers: Eric PearsonJac SchaefferNed Benson

Cast: Scarlett JohanssonFlorence PughRachel Weisz ,etc.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Release date: Jul-09-2021

If you are watching this movie as a fan of MCU, then there might be a chance of some disappointment and lot of action. We don’t say it is bad movie but not definitely a good MCU movie.


With very familiar MCU worlds and story lines we don’t need to mention that black widow is pure fantasy Sci-Fi movie. And with lot of action and adventure scenes to entertain, black widow is definitely a good action adventure.


Though very first attempts of making a solo Black widow film shelved during the idea from 2004 by lions gate, it never became a dream with Black widow to come on screen. Much after her joining in MCU films, many trails happened to make film but until 2017 it was all dreamy. Being the first of MCU phase 4 ,Black widow actually went in different way as pandemic effected it’s release date continuously until release on 09 July 2021. After shortlisting and finalizing director Cate Shortland from the 60+ choice Marvel took, with help of writers Eric PearsonJac SchaefferNed Benson pre production started since 2017 with initial release estimated to be in 2020 may.


Being a free runner after breaking the Sokovia accords, Natasha runs all alone through places until she settles in Norwegian woods except she receives mails from her sister. On the other hand her sister Yelena goes after a scientist who brings back Yelena from black widow tech poison, she finds herself in between the Red Room and the long lasting family, sends an antidote to her sister Natasha.

Hated to core by sister, Natasha leaves to meet her sister and escapes with antidote from masked assassin trying to kill her. She reaches Budapest and meets sister to know that Dreykov is still alive and Red room is yet training black widows. Unsettling to find the truth, sisters leaves to find their long last father Alexei and lands in action to rescue him from Russian prison. Self centered Alexei believing him self a red Guardian with similarities from Captain America lives in dirty jail, being rescued by sisters. Later he explains them their mother Melina is still alive.

Meeting Melina first time after decades, sharing some emotional moments all 3 gets captured by Dreykov’s team while Melina runs his crew. Later Natasha getting escaped from Red room in disguise as Melina meets Dreykov and finds out she is also being controlled by neuro tech from Red Room. Sisters killing Dreykov and his gun men, helps escaping other black widows from chemical trap and escapes from broken Red room. Natasha Finds out Masked assassin as Dreykov’s daughter, tries to save her, except Natasha only helps her to remember the past. Melina and Alexei meets sisters and they all leave happily. later Yelena who is praying at Natasha’s grave met by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine just to know that Hawk eye is the reason of death. movie ends.

Not quite interesting right, yeah we felt that too. okay to, as we seen many marvel movies in last 3 phases and few series already in Phase 4. Being the first of movies from phase 4 and first ever standalone movie for Black widow , we are bit unhappy with moments it gave us


The best of the movie is most of the time performances and quirky punchlines by sisters. We really like the way character design happened here, that Alexei, Yelena and as we already know Natasha and Dreykov’s. Screen play is good not with out any flaws. Action sequences are best of the part and we can’t go away with all those moments. VFX is hugely respected towards the achievement of huge scale sequences. Emotional sequences and quirky moments between sister are pretty good.


Being the first of movies from phase 4 and first ever standalone movie for Black widow, we are bit unhappy with moments it gave us. This film might have good only in last decade but not after giving wonderful moments until last of her alliances. Scarlet character looked dull in front of Florence Pugh, fault of character writing. Costume department or personal choice, Florence Pugh’s costumes are like she is wearing men’s clothes all the time, loose not like on Scarlet Johansson . Action sequences like sister’s fighting each other are unnecessary and useless. you see none of the marvel moments anywhere as this is not a super hero movies but they would have made some other super hero cameo instead of narrowing audience into complete new place. You will see good glimpses with Antonia/ task master but won’t be very Marvel like most of the time, except character looks more like 2nd tire TV series in costumes. But most of the time except climax and first reveal it’s waste of talent like Olga Kurylenko. As this is the only movie Black widow’s got her solo, we say she did not get her medal of honor being a total disappointment. Sorry folks, truth is inevitable.


Cate Shortland as director did good job, but not a merit at all, among the MCU at least. This movie as solo, biggest drawback for Scarlett Johansson as her last of MCU films, we are not expecting her return, as everybody know about her soul stone moment. Florence Pugh knocked every other actor down to the core. She is now new favorite for fans from MCU and other worlds. Rachel Weisz, as most of us know did her job with out sweat and David Harbour who is already proved his track record once again impressed with A grade acting both a typical man and failed super hero. Olga Kurylenko , we are pity of her for such role with wasted talent, at the climax for few moments it’s good though. Ray Winstone is bright for a moment but not long enough to see him on screen.

Cinematography in the movie is just usual, no stars here ,Gabriel Beristain did clean, that’s all. Production departments and Art departments did great job. Lorne Balfe did her part of music direction.

Action sequences are best part for the movie along with VFX teams. WETA, ILM, Trixter, Digital Domain, Scan Line, The Third Floor, Rising sun pictures, etc did great job