Platform: Netflix

Director: Douglas Attal

Writers: Cédric Anger,  Douglas Attal, Gérald Bronner

Cast: Pio MarmaïLeïla BekhtiVimala Pons

Genre: Sci-Fi , Action, Thriller

Release date: Jul-09-2021

Among the hundreds of super hero genres coming after huge success of Marvel and DC and what not, now here is the French movie to entertain us all for a bit except it won’t stand for long. But with out disappointing you , it might give some time to spend time at couch.


As mentioned most of the story goes after super heroes and powers, we can’t be mile away from Sci-fi Fantasy genre. The math of this fantasy puts us into some action and thrills too. Any way what is the point of spending long time here.


Primarily based on the book of same name written by Gérald Bronner in 2007. But Writing crew changed few of the parts not to make it look like Marvel and DC American comic universes. Though previously aimed to release in mid 2020 by warner bros, movie got postponed to shoot many times as of Covid lock downs. later Warner bros in April 2021 announced that they are directly releasing the movie in Netflix itself with no presence in theatres. Douglas Attal directed this movie in full scale after received approval from production , he had to create short based on this before for that.


Gary Moreau is an investigation officer looking after finding a source, which gives super powers to genetically normal humans. He has to work with his newly joined partner Lieutenant Cécile Schaltzmann and they both goes after clues they find. Meanwhile Callista is a trainer who trains many kids with basketball, despite having her own super power and got dissembled from her super hero team previously. After one of her super hero student Lily(daughter of Gigaman) gets kidnapped by Naja’s men , so that Naja could extract blood of heroes and sell it to normal humans for gaining powers, Callista has to meet Gary and Cecile. All three meets Gary’s super hero ally Monte Carlo. All together try to crack few clues but are underpowered by Naja’s men. After Naja’s men attack on police station Gary comes to find out that he himself a super hero and comes to know that his super hero team got separated after Gigaman’s death. The super heroes again unites and releases Lily by killing Naja.


Very few to say. Overall execution is not boring too much (but for super hero movie it sort of feels like some body pulling us behind, execution is good we say. Much of the actors did good job. Those parts where Gary comes to know about his memory of super hero are good. We can’t recollect much of the good things any more. On a full scale movie gives few good moments of entertainment.


Oh, boy, what a boring movie is this for super hero genre. We understand French movies are good with drama and entertaining with just good part of story , but this one is an exceptional failure to comment. There is nothing new about the screenplay and writing except it’s from book rather line of the story is only saving item among. The one who played Gary despite having charm on his face most of the time looked like drug addict than an investigating officer. Many of the scenes according to bad screenplay are badly filled puzzle. Characters design might be good with well written reactions but some times they look forced on screen.


Pio Marmaï would have been better as Naja than Gary. Vimala Pons did great job as Cecile. Leïla Bekhti is good except her scenes some times looked forceful as of writing problems. Benoît Poelvoorde nailed his part well. Clovis Cornillac‘s part is so small that any small scale actor might have served well for his role than paying money for having big actor on screen. Director Douglas Attal and writers Cédric Anger, etc. did not impressed us well. Cinematography by Nicolas Loir is visually good and justifying. Art direction by Dominique Moisan is pretty good and convincing. VFX by Mikros Image are the best part of the whole movie. FX are special mention from VFX for their greater reality. Compositing is seem less.


Super hero story and good VFX won’t save a movie with only few good actors and too few to count good scenes. Can’t be elaborated any more on disappointments, we wanna give our rating as 4.0/10 . Sorry guys.