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LOKI(2021) season 1 review


Platform: Disney +, Hotstar

Director: Kate Herron

Writers: Michael Waldron

Cast :Tom HiddlestonSophia Di Martino , Owen Wilson,etc.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Release date: Jun/July-2021

So, with out any introduction to lead characters and back grounds most of the Marvel fans already know what happened, happening and going happen around here, among them from MCU, Loki is one set of series with multiple twists and unimaginable worlds. You won’t regret the time watching the series.


We never thought of giving what genre this belongs to as we already seen many marvel movies but to mention and for sake of our responsibility we have to do our job. Being most of the time bound by time lines, alternate universes stuff, Loki is purely a Sci-Fi fantasy series . The ultimate goals of Loki put us into adventure most of the time including all the 6 episodes.


After a fan of Loki character Kate Herron( experienced writer though) met Marvel executives through multiple Zoom meetings with her 60 page pitch for Loki series, she got ultimate role of directing it and co- written developed by Michael Waldron, Kevin Feige and others. But most of the shoot happened in 2019 and post during Covid times ,Loki got it’s dates little jumbled and released in 2021. Even before 1st season gets released Marvel and production, creative teams started for working and developing season 2 itself in 2020 November.

Though Tom Hiddleston know about his appearance in End game, He has no idea about what is going to happens once he escapes with Tesseract. After Kate Herron got her role she immediately flew to NewYork and sat with Tom for giving her Pitch and explained ideas.



After Loki during his escape with tesseract from NewYork in 2012, he ends up landing in Mongolia unknowingly. Immediately getting arrested by TVA hunters, an authority that controls the glitches and problems occurring in Main time line which creates rogue time lines. Loki being clueless finding himself with this complete new things, gets assigned Mobius for further enquiry. Mobius instead of mistreating or judging Loki, asks Loki to find one dangerous variant whom TVA is unable to catch, who is none other than other variant of Loki. Loki, Mobius duo finds the female version of Loki who is dangerously intelligent and Loki goes behind her and slowly befriends Sylvie, female Loki. Once Loki finds out that she got captured wrongly and TVA kidnapped and erased her history since child hood, Loki starts falling in love with Sylvie, they travel to different places including a dying planet as hunted by TVA until arrested again. Loki tries to explain what he finds, to Mobius and Ravonna Rennslayer , but they arrest him instead. Mobius finding all this unsettling joins with Loki and ends up being hated by Rennslayer. After Sylvie convincing the B-15 about her past, B-15 starts to help Loki’s and they all together fetch a plan to find who is controlling TVA. Loki, Sylvie, Mobius finally ends up in Time-keepers room. Rennslayer comes into room and Sylvie with the Help of B-15 Uncovers the robotic time-keepers and in a fight she knocks Rennslayer after Rennslayer pruned Mobius. Recovered Rennslayer then prunes Loki and he ends up in void along with other variants of Loki. Rennslayer arrests B-15 and tries to arrest Sylvie before she prunes herself and ending up in void. Loki with Other variants escapes from Alioth , a cloud like demon created by creator of TVA. Later Mobius and Sylvie meets each other in Void and ends up meeting Loki. Classic Loki who is master of escape art then helps Sylvie and Loki to enchant the Alioth there by reaching the end of time. Loki and Sylvie finally meets “he who remains” and tries to kills but both Loki’s can’t agree on single thing “He who remains” said. After a threshold point as mentioned by “He who remains” new timelines starts erupting and he urges Loki’s to kill him so that younger people can take his thrown. As Loki not agreed to Sylvie, she sends Loki back to TVA using he who remains device ,and stabs he who remains with her knife. Inside TVA everybody starts to worry on what going to happen with rapidly spreading new time lines, Rennslayer escapes after meeting Mobius. B-15 informs few hunters about the history of Rennslayer. B-15 and Mobius meets and worries about what could be done, while Loki joins them and tells them they can’t do anything. series ends with Loki reminding himself with words told by he who remains while looking at the large statue out side of TVA office.

As of it’s larger number of details, we went brief on story here. We are very excited with story and we hope you will enjoy it too.


Apart from what happened during the MCU events with bad side of Loki, this series puts us into very friendly angle towards him, which will be helped by his death in Infinity war moments in the hands of Thanos. We really like the way this series pulls us into Loki fans base. Series really stood closely with MCU, we never felt off anywhere. Character design and world design as of TVA, hunters, time keepers, Loki variants are all believable and related, which never let us doubt about any loop holes. Though it’s for a less time, Loki variants inside Void are fun and entertaining through the core, except they end up being less time on screen. Screenplay is tightly packed and justifying. Not really found out any wastage of scenes are emotions in this series, you feel this whole goes in a way a movie goes like, not creating unnecessary drama in between. Ending is an excellent part where all the assumptions of audience breaks in a way it’s mesmerizing. Unlike Black widow, Loki is full on entertaining and emotional here and there, with out messing with our minds.


We know we are expecting much after becoming a fan of Loki here, that we needed more than 6 episodes. none of the Marvel series are this short, we say, hope you agree with us, Very less clues about Void’s nature or is it sufficient, we may not know that. Character of Rennslayer is bit off in both good and bad times of Mobius, pushing us into confusion that is she good or bad, yeah, we know this is not wrong, but we felt sad for us. There are again so many Easter eggs we missed them in the line of story and we regret that, our wrong. Any way we can’t find much of the Wrongs as of some changes creators made to differ from Comic books, so that we can’t predict what is what.


Tom HiddlestonGugu Mbatha-RawSophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosaku, Sasha Lane did tremendous job as respective roles. Richard E. Grant should be specially mentioned for his classic Loki role. Jonathan Majors did his best in smallest of his performances yet. Cinematography from Autumn Durald is wonderful, we really like the Production design by Kasra Farahani is so good for TVA and Void especially. Natalie Holt did wonderful job as Music director, we can’t leave with out loving her. Costumes by Christine Wada and Set decoration by Claudia Bonfe are clean as we see in movie. ILM, Legacy Effects, Lola Visual Effects, Luma Pictures, Rodeo FX, Trixter, etc. did wonderful VFX job. With out them we could not have achieved this wonderful series. Thanks to VFX team from and around the world.


Though everybody knows about Marvel’s cheeky commercial movies, we deducted few point here.

For the crazy amount of screenplay and writing, visuals, technical, music ,art work and production we decided to give 8.0/10 for the series.

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