Platform : Netflix

Director : Vinil Mathew

Writers: Kanika Dhillon.

Cast: Taapsee PannuVikrant MasseyHarshvardhan Rane

Genre: Drama, thirller.

Release date: Jul-02-2021

If you are a fan of psychotic humans and worst behaviors ,then this is your take. You will like almost until climax comes. But okay for spending some time watching rather than wasting it in Tiktok’s. This is Bollywood movie acted by not so top level actors in the industry but performance wise you can see some.


loops in between the flashes of death and post circumstances mostly it is very suitable as thriller genre. With most of the time being run on drama between a trio with emotions between them, drama is next suitable genre.


Directed by Vinil Mathew , shooting started and ended itself in 2020. Shooting happened in different schedules as of covid pandemic lock down in India. Eros International and Colour Yellow Productions. Film sold to OTT platform Netflix with out any theatre release and released on 02 July 2021.


Rani a bit of lust loving, immature , typical cheeky women wanted to marry just for funs and marries Rishu and moves to Jawalpur. Feeling uncomfortable for blending with in-law’s family. Rishu is bit of shy person meets and marries Rani after many failure match makings and instantly falls in with love. Post marriage, their first night keeps on postponed of silly incidents until one day Rishu loses his manly-hood in a moment even before satisfying his wife. Being unsatisfied rani could not hold her feeling about lust and shows her anger on in-law’s family including her husband. late Neel, cousin brother of Rishu comes to Rishu’s home and starts to attract the lusty Rani and makes her fall in his love and they meet physically. On fine day after Rani expressing her interest over Neel, Neel escapes with out even saying a good bye. Feeling cheated Rani starts to love his husband and they go well for some time. Being happy with her husband, she tells about all her dark moments with Neel at Husband. Being Okay with it for some time, Rishu starts to show his psychopathic moments on wife and she asks him to punish her. Rishu goes to kill Neel and Neel thrashes him, but ends up home with wounds. Once Rani suggests not to go near him, both couple enjoy their lives until someday Neel’s visit’s Rani at her house and that makes both couple furious and they kills him accidentally before Neel maligns Rishu almost to death. But instead of revealing the whole scene Rishu and Rani sets up and whole new plan and Rishu escapes by jumping in river. Rani get’s arrested for killing her husband gets interrogated by police as murderer. But police after many failures with her has to leave the case as some other priority case came in scene. After 5 years since the scene inspector transfers to some other place. Just before boarding his trains inspector finds book and starts to read about it in train and finds out that the couple took the whole murder inspiration from same book he is reading and shares the whole drama happened with his deeply sleeping wife. On the other side movie ends with Rishu secretly meeting his wife at a railways station and they holds their hands together.

God, the story is good about screen play part but, until you realize audience got fooled for 2 immature, pyschopathic couple.


About rights Performances, Cinematography, DI departments did good job. screenplay is good part to watch until some extent.


We wanted to be subtle about this part but, we failed here. Direction is seriously bended in wrong angles with age old story and writing. Felt bad for watching movie. Netflix once again failed in India to choose a good movie. there is no maturity with climax at all, until unless the director’s idea is to cheat audience.


Lead roles being played by Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane, movie performances went in very good way. We really like Aditya Srivastav as inspector Kishore. Cinematography is really good by Jayakrishna Gummadi, we really felt like we are in India. Remaining departments did their jobs well and good for the movie.. Nothing sort of any wonders here. Taapsee is so good as lust driven, pyscho-maniac and Vikrant is too good in portraying such variances. Overall movie technically performed good.


We can’t recommend to watch this piece of under improved story. we could give not more than, 4.2/10

Rishu should have surrendered himself and loved his wife instead cutting his own hand after Rani killing Neel. that may have made some little difference. Anyway lost is lost.