Platform : Netflix

Director: Taylor Hackford

Writers: Andrew NeidermanJonathan LemkinTony Gilroy

Cast: Keanu ReevesAl PacinoCharlize Theron

Genre: Drama, super natural

Release date: Oct-17-1997

We don’t know what kind of movie lover you are, but if your interest goes anywhere near this ,please watch this movie. This will help your career of film making, if you are interested in film making


Involving and revolving around law, justice, conversations, love and arguments this comes mostly into Drama. With few of the moments where unfortunate situations happening in lead women’s life puts our movie into bit of super natural.


Movie is made based on Andrew Neiderman‘s 1990 novel of the same name. Made with a budget of $57M and ended up as super hit at box office with $153M . Not like most of the movie, writer of the novel approached Warner Bros. and got it accepted. Brad pit actually got suggested for this movie but movie got shelved. But some real life situations happened in 90’s helped to rethink about making film. Though movie got made from novel, writing team changed many changes in film which are prominent in the climax of movie. If you are to observe,80% of the movie is set in indoors only except very few scenes you can see travelling in subway or walking in the streets or jogging in central park.


Kevin Lomax ,is an young lawyer with unusually successful with his association being on the side of fugitives and winning . This makes him proud about his job and one day he once again successfully defends his client knowing he is guilty and court sentences Lomax’s client not-guilty. Later in the scene he meets an advocate from NewYork ,who offers a position in NewYork’s best law firm. Lomax and wife Mary Ann leaves Florida and Lomax joins in Law firm. John Milton being head of the law firm observes Lomax for some time and gives him the first case. Lomax successfully wins the case and impresses Milton. Milton ,being impressed gives large salary and good apartment for Lomax’s couple. Mary Ann loves to stay in their new luxurious apartment and lives comfortably until she slowly starts to see demons in her visions. Relation between Milton and Lomax improves drastically and they meet their best in a party where Milton meets Ann for first time. Later the relation between Boss and employee grows even stronger and it gives not just winning cases but also some problems to Lomax. While suffering from hallucinations Mary Ann gets angry on Lomax for not caring her much. Later Lomax in the anger decides to have baby with Mary Ann they both starts and Lomax starts to fantasize about Christabella, his co-worker. Later Mary Ann becomes pregnant and Lomax calls his mother to take care of wife. Mary Ann’s horrors gets intense and she starts to change mentally. Milton advices Lomax to stop working for sometime and take care of Wife. Lomax refuses the offer and continues to work on case. Later Both Milton and Lomax meets Mary Ann and there happened to exchange some uncomfortable looks between Lomax’s mother and Milton. After arriving from office, Lomax finds out his mother don’t want to stay any more in NewYork pretending she is missing her church and leaves the Lomax couple. Later Mary Ann’s hallucinations increases and she leaves to church and Lomax goes to meet her to find out her claiming Milton raped her. On the other hand Barzoon , a managing partner of the firm , misunderstands that Lomax is playing some games to outwit Barzoon to win his position. Barzoon also threatens Lomax saying he will complains about Lomax in US attorney. Among all these Lomax get’s tense with his client Cullen’s case and could not concentrate on family. Mary Ann gets sick slowly and, Lomax joins in her in hospital and his mother comes back to take care of Mary Ann. Lomax asks Milton about Barzoon’s claims and Milton dismisses them. Later Mary Ann from her window watches Barzoon being thrashed and killed by homeless people in the central park and she gets scared by seeing homeless persons as demons from hell. Later Mary Ann locks herself in a room after seeing Lomax’s colleague as a demon , in a room and dies by cutting her throat. In the same scene Lomax’s mother Alice tells him, Milton is the one she abandoned by and, Lomax surprises to listen that Milton is his father. Later Lomax meets Milton in office and asks what is it all about. Later Milton reveals himself to be Satan and all along he is looking forward to have a grandchild with Christabella and Lomax together to seek next generation. Christabella tries to seduce Lomax being half sister and Lomax almost goes in until he blasts his head with rifle after realizing what was all about Milton and his law firm and this horror’s on Mary Ann. Lomax changes into angel with wings ,he wakes up again in the court scene that happened long time ago where he worked for Getty’s trail and suddenly announces his denial to represent the client and walks off the court along with Mary Ann. Larry a reporter then asks Kevin Lomax for an interview but gets denied, reporter later transforms into Milton.

Story is sort of mind boggling and really twists your nerves through out the movie. you will be amazed to see whole journey of script. We must say every film maker should watch this.


We say direction, screenplay, production design, writing and VFX are excellent. Dialogues are strength of the movie along with it’s production design. The interiors of office are fabulous if you see the abstract white colored carving behind the table. It makes us go dumb when the whole carving moves in a way forms satanic figures.


You may feel a little uncomfortable to see this satanic structures, burning inside the fire, monstrous figures stretching out of hallucinations as you might be experiencing them in a wrong place thinking everything going to be drama. This may not impress that some of the melancholic moments are so creepy to feel. Once again saying if the whole movie is as good as the sculpture in office it would have been even better movie. Not much we felt about the wrong side, but climax suddenly jumps like a crouching tiger, it suddenly puts you in a place where breathing is tough job. You will bear it only if you fight it.


Keanu Reeves really fought well with Al Pacino and proved here how strong is in to acting. we really liked him along with Al Pacino’s excellency in acting. Charlize Theron‘s actins is too good too. Cinematography is good and we are spell bound with Production design and lavish interiors of office. Rich costumes of lawyers and culture of law is seen clearly. An excellent work in the area of characterization, module styles, art direction. VFX work in 90’s is bit experimental but they really did some good effects with sculpture, transformations, water effects and fire scenes.


We really liked the movie to most extent and we can give it a good 8.0/10 rating.