Platform: Theatres, PeaCock

Director: Tom McGrath

Writer: Michael McCullersTom McGrathMichael McCullers .

Cast: Alec BaldwinJames MarsdenAmy Sedaris , etc.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure

Release date: Jul-01-2021

If you are a fan of first of the series, then you will end up coming out of theatres with bit of “not bad” face. The Boss Baby is a book and DreamWorks made the boss baby franchise loosely basing the book by Marla Frazee. This time whole plot follows the adult brothers Tim and Ted’s lives once they got separated by marriage and responsibilities.


With funniest theme ahead, Templeton brothers need to chase an old man. This puts primary genre into Adventure other than being animated. Comedy is second in list as the whole is for laughing and fun.


Universal pictures and DreamWorks entertainment announced movie 2021 but predicted the date as 26th march of 2021. But as of work from home issues arose from Covid pandemic, movie postponed to July 01st of 2021. Surprisingly movie being made with just $82M, it costed far lesser spending $125 on first of franchise.


Tim grows to be an adult man married and having 2 children Tabitha (7) and Tina(months old), while on the other hand Ted is busy with his multibillion life far ahead from his brother. Living happily with his family, Tim goes good with his life until he finds, his younger daughter reveals herself as secret employee of BabyCorp. She asks her father’s help to call Ted and they three need to save all school kids from the newly expanding global school by Arm strong a witty old man, who wanted separate kids from parents. Templeton brothers need to join school and along with Tina they fetches different plans. Meanwhile Tim keeps an eye on Tabitha by encouraging her to sing and meets his only family as younger version of himself. Actually Tina helps, Templetons brothers to become younger versions of themselves until 48 hrs. While Ted fully immersed with his new gang from school to work on his plan, Tim concentrates on his daughters peasant next day. Brother’s find out Armstrong is actually a baby tells to Tina-the leader. Armstrong meanwhile fetches his plan to use peasant day as perfect day to separate parents from their kids using an electro magnetic tool and captures Ted and Tim. But Tina revealing that whole her dad’s stories are real to Tabitha, both rescue Tim and Ted from Box and all together exposes the plans of Armstrong meanwhile Both Templeton’s brothers comes back to adulthood. They all celebrate Christmas while Armstrong being a boy goes back home to meet his parents and welcomes happily.

Story is nice but writing wise they could have done more into the film. Instead of making a lot of fuss in school reaching episodes and all they would have worked in a deeper way on whole writing process.


With excellent characterizations, wonder full animations by DreamWorks Animation, colorful and vibrant imagination sequences, family drama, sequence handling, cinematography, art direction by Christopher Brock and Andy Schuhler, production design by Raymond Zibach, etc. movie really stands out for its comedic and adventurous moments. VFX-animation work is too good to appreciate and DreamWorks did an amazing job unlike they did on Spirit: untamed. Thanks DreamWorks for those amazing visuals like the first film.


Though overall movie is entertaining, we feel bit bad with some writing parts. Scene wise it’s good to enjoy but unnecessary to write so much stuff on school reaching episode where Templeton brothers ride a pony. This particular scene looks like a pressure. Along with that some of the scenes where infants grills their nipples and other smaller fights here and there until Ted hears a letter written by Tim from childhood. they all looked fake to be put in anymore. Hollywood should put that nipple twisting jokes and silly issues aside. Better that there are no fart jokes, but at least that would have worked for babies. Why in 22nd century they are still working these age old silly jokes, that too in a kid’s movie?


Movie mostly brought back almost all the actors from First part except They replaced Tobey Maguire with James Marsden as adult, that made no changes to entertainment anyway. Alec Baldwin, Amy Sedaris, Ariana Greenblatt, Jeff Goldblum did amazing job. Though it’s for only few moments Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow made their marks. As mentioned all other departments did well and good. VFX and animation is majorly appreciable department. Kudos to the work they delivered.


Though it will entertain both kids and adults through out movie, it won’t give much look into creativity about writing. Movie is watchable once and you could spend some time with family.

We could only give 6.0/10 on average to this for silly writing issues.