Platform: Prime video

Director: Chris McKay

Writer: Zach Dean

Cast: Chris PrattYvonne StrahovskiJ.K. Simmons, etc.

Genre : Sci-Fi, Action, Horror

Release date: July-02-2021

O brother, this one gave us some good goosebumps moments after 2018’s Rampage in fantasy animal kind of genres and we really liked for most of the time except some plot holes and improper finishing between scenes. But we say one hell of a movie to spend your time entertaining all most all the time except first 30 minutes. That Drama may feels meh.


Going around mostly on the Alien creatures and futuristic warfare most of the movie is in Sci-Fi thriller and action genres. Horror wise it gives us some moments but not kind of those you feel from ghostly movies. Drama, is not totally bad but both Sci-Fi and action outwits it. But overall we put this in Sci-Fi , action.


Directed by Chris McKay and written by Zach Dean Tomorrow war movie is primarily Produced by Paramount and sold to Prime video with no theatre screenings happened. Most of the Filming happened in different places in USA and Iceland. We appreciate the authenticity of Iceland and capturing it neatly but you won’t feel them unsettling in the flow of movie.


Dan works as biology teacher during 2020’s, applies for a position in a biological research company and fails to get a job, lives a depressing life. One day while watching word cup he and all the world watches scenes in TV, encountered by Future soldiers time travelled into foot ball gives a message to help them to travel into future for fighting in an alien warfare on earth with species called whitespikes. White spikes are alien species, breeds in hundreds and slowly creates a draft of humans by consuming them. Dan suddenly receives a call from future soldier associated team, gets tested to fit being ex-veteran, hates to join the fight and meets his father James to remove the device he attached with, but goes with out taking the device out. Later he joins future army by leaving his wife and daughter Muri behind. He joins with another accepted soldiers and gets travelled to future for fight which is only 7 days old if they survive. Once he and other soldiers land in future they receive a command from colonel Muri forester to meet scientists at a lab and collect the toxin samples. When soldiers reaches lab just to find out all scientists are dead, they retrieve samples of toxin and gets chased by Whitespikes. Fighting with dare and loosing most of the soldiers, Dan and 2 more soldiers reaches point of extraction and rescued by military leaving the fighter jets to bomb the White spikes herd, which is following them.

Dan meets colonel Forester and comes to know that she is his daughter and takes war more seriously and rejoins the fight to find a solution. Dan, Muri and other soldiers goes for capturing a female Whitespike, so they could try some experiments to find a solution, they all fight harder and captures female species and somehow gets out safely with only few other soldiers. Muri being a military scientist experiments on toxin samples they collected and both father-daughter duo finds out the successful sample, in an island lab heavily guarded by hundreds of soldiers. But to protect the female species, all the near by Whitespike herds moves towards lab ,demolishing whatever come in their path. They all ultimately reaching near Forester’s duo and almost tries to kill both of them. Dan takes sample from Colonel Daughter and lapses into present world as his 7 day time runs out and Muri gets killed in the hands of Whitespike.

Dan along with other friends ends up in present and finds out that whole future soldiers are dead ,so they can’t go back as tech got destroyed. Dan after meeting his daughter and wife at home decides to save the world after realizing what his wife suggests and asks help from his alien warfare friends Dorian, Charlie and Lt.Hart. They find out the actual point of alien invasion using a student from Dan’s biology class . Being rejected by higher authorities Dan makes a plan to move towards Russia where they think alien ship sort of thing is hidden with Whitespikes. Dan along with his father James and warfare friends Dorian, Charlie and Hart leaves to Russia and finds out the Alien space ship. James and Charlie stay out of the ship guarding ship’s exit while others goes inside. They all come to know that ship was crashed on to earth, which of some other aliens transporting whitespikes. They inject few of the toxin samples in whitespikes letting them to die, but whole scene wakes more Whitespikes brooding inside ship. Hart stays inside the ship to let the new whitespike in position while Dorian bombs the alien ship being inside of it. Dan escapes successfully out of ship. Few of the Whitespikes came out of ship dies in the hands of James and Charlie. But one of the female thrashes both Charlie and James and escapes while Dan confronts it and all 3 together kills it. Dan comes back to home along with father James and introduces him to daughter Muri.

Story is cool to feel and there are lot of good moments to notice in screen play. Writing is good except some plot holes are there to notice easily . But most of the moments being driven by alien confrontation, you will forge those mistakes, like you did in Rampage movie. overall story wise they should have worked on plot holes.

Rights and wrongs.

Core concept is good, we appreciate the new variation of aliens and motive of soldiers to eradicate them. Casting is all good and performances went in a fair way . Screenplay is good for most of the part as right point, but with some plot holes on the wrong side. Grand making style with lot of budget made the movie made it worth to watch the movie while observing some of the best photographic moments on the screen. Especially moment Muri is dying in future looks more like a piece of painting. VFX is excellent we say ,except few glimpses of cheeky comp layers floating here and there. Coming towards wrongs, Screenplay should have much more taken care of. You can clearly see the plot holes in the movie. They should have decreased the drama and put some more points towards creating a scene for time travel possibilities. We felt it like sort of Resident evil Video game, but it’s fine to be adjusted with.


Performances are good to the lot of extent by Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons giving their stamp here. Talking about supporting actors Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Jasmine Mathews and Edwin Hodge did their part beautifully. Best part of the performances here unless it’s black summer kind of copy, you never see any odd humans here, both being reasonable here. That human unity made film to be more concentrated on alien warfare rather drifting our minds. This is our first time to see J.K. Simmons in a role he did not played in recent times, we kind of liked it though. Cinematography by Larry Fong is good and you will enjoy the overall look and mood. Peter Wenham did an excellent job in product designing and Brad Ricker did nice art job. VFX department includes big names like Weta Digital, Method Studios, Framestore and Luma Pictures being all giants in VFX industry nicely helped movie to feel the VFX real as much. Military costumes not much put us in weird way, but they are classy and felt acceptable in the scenes set in future.


With it’s mind bending art design, VFX, excellent action, enjoyable fantasy world moments and good thrills & chills, we are giving this film a score of 7.0/10. There are lot of Video game, resident evil, Crysis kind of references, plot holes are there, but they won’t stop you from enjoying this Sci-Fi action flick.