Platform: Theatres

Director: S.K. Dale

Cast: Megan FoxEoin MackenCallan Mulvey,etc.

Genre : Thriller, Suspense

Release date: Jul-01-2021

With little bit of nail biting scenes and edgy seat moments and with lot of boring situations Till death is a movie where you put it in neither bad or good position. Just another movie with good writing by Jason Carvey. Megan fox looked very pale for us in this movie with lot of makeup, so synthetic to see.


With most of the time being held in the hands of a murder and psyche husband, movie to be pushed purely into thriller genre with some revenge murder movie sort. Suspense is nevertheless a major winner too.


Being a story happening in whole cold place, whole shooting happened in Sofia, Bulgaria to take the advantages of the climate. Film is debut for director S.K.Dale and Screen media films produced movie. As impacted by Covid pandemic, movie released lately than projected.


Movie starts with Emma having an affair with her colleague friend Tom. But could not accept tom to take their intimate moments too deep as her husband may soon visit. Mark, Emma’s husband visits her in the office. Tom and Emma,Mark exchanges their looks in office lift. Meanwhile Mark takes wife to a special place and they both exchanges their wishes for marriage anniversary and Mark surprises his wife with a wonderful necklace as a gift. later they both go home and Emma finds the whole set of decoration mark prepared for her as a anniversary surprise. They goes toward bed and after having their moments, Mark shoots himself leaving her in the cuffs which each other bonded by. While trying to uncuff herself, she fails, drags the body into garage to cut his hand and uncuffs herself. In the same moment Tom comes to visit her and find out she is unable to meet and just before he leaves a pair of murders Bobby Ray and Jimmy comes towards tom and kills him. Emma runs around and tries to save herself for sometime, ultimately ending up in the hands of burglars. She cuts a deal with Jimmy and helps to recover the diamonds from a locker ,where they searching in. But burglars finding out there is no diamonds in locker and Jimmy tries to cut the necklace from Emma’s neck with wire cutter but fails miserably. Bobby getting angry, decides to behead her but Jimmy puts up a fight not to kills her. In an accidental way, Jimmy loses his life in the hands of Bobby and Bobby comes towards Emma to kill. Emma knocks bobby to faint and locks both Bobby and Jimmy with cuffs and try to run way. Bobby getting his consciousness back tries to kill but with his mistake ,ice breaks and jimmy slips into water dragging bobby and bobby pulls Emma too with him. Emma struggles with Bobby and escapes towards the surface leaving bobby and jimmy into their destiny.

Not a bad or good story for a thriller, but can be done with more exciting moments. Overall it felt Okayish for us rather having some uncomfortable and boring time for first 20 minutes as screenplay goes slower than imagined.

Rights and wrongs

Rights wise everything is okay as in handling perspective but we say movie has given us some good nail biting experiences and thrilling moments. Performances are good , all the departments did good job especially about creating set design and art work. Coming towards wrongs, first things we felt bad about is how unimpressive with silly moments being re drawn from so many thriller or horror movies we watched all along , should have tried new techniques. it felt regular all over the execution. Also length of the movie can be decreased instead of forcing with silly boring issues. With Megan there might be an advantage for pulling the audience but what if you have used a lesser level actor, then it would be failure of story and execution?. you know that. Some times the whole scenes looks so fake like a movie in a movie. Should have worked more on script.


Megan Fox really pull us most of the time with her performance. But that could not help us for escaping the boring moments. Callan Mulvey and Jack Roth pushed their levels to let the movie stand somewhere above average ratings. Aml Ameen and Eoin Macken though glittered just for moments, did fine. Jason Carvey should be appreciated but screen play could be much more tighter if they worked for more time we think. Locations are handled well. Walter Mair played major role with score, thankyou for that. Cinematography is fine and Art department handled by Ivan Ranghelov in such a good way. World wide VFX did nice job.


As we are working on newer graph system , we permanently shredding the existing graph pattern.

With most of the time enjoying the moments of thrills and chills, we put this movie at 6.5/10 rating, You could be entertained with this thriller but would not appreciate the movie to full extent.