Platform : Netflix, Amazon prime

Director : Jonathan Hensleigh

Cast : Liam NeesonMarcus ThomasLaurence Fishburne 

Genre: Actin, Adventure

Release date :May-18-2021

If you are a big fan of action from Liam Neeson, this would be your another enjoyable movie for giving us enough thrills all over the movie. Also we guarantee there is no wonders with this movie but you will be okay with all the action and adventurous moments. This is truck lover’s movie, we head line.


With many fist fighting moments and some bullet incidents this would be of Action most of the time to reach the adventure at the end. Genres justified you will feel a little drama in between but, others fades it.


Code Entertainment, ShivHans Pictures along with other companies made this film, entirely shot in Canada ,in precise Manitoba.


Mike McCann and his brother Gurty a duo need to work for a company where they hired to carry well heads to rescue the mine workers who were trapped inside by sudden collapse of internal mine structure by methane explosion. Gurty is in fact a aphasia patient, works with his brother all along with mechanical skills. Goldenrod hires brothers duo for challenging job of taking wellheads to ride through icy roads of Manitoba to reach Katka. 3 trucks starts with well heads being driven by 3 pairs of teams, one being Goldenrod , first one being Mike’s duo and second truck handled by Varnay, man who comes on company account along with Tantoo, a girl with amazing driving skills with bad history, whose brother is one of the trapped miners. Goldenrod’s truck being third in the line, stuck in the middle of icy road as of water problem and with pulling rope stuck to Goldenrod’s legs, whole truck buries inside water pulling him along, Tantoo being helpless except following the order of Goldenrod, looses the rope the by avoiding the other trucks getting pulling in. Varnay warns Mike about Tantoo may have caused the whole incident and blames her. Already toppled 2 trucks being brought back Mike and Gurty goes inside for checking the equipment’s status and Varnay locks them inside and plants a Bomb under Mike’s truck. Tantoo gets knocked out by Varnay and he informs waiting team that 2 of the trucks are gone and every other person is dead while moving towards finding a location to make a fake accident with truck with Tantoo being inside. Manager Sickle meets Varnay in the way and orders him to make everything as they planned. With Mike’s truck stuck by leaky water and wedge takes whole container along with bad welding problem and they understand that whole the plan of company is to let wellheads unreached to mine ,so that company’s plan of killing miners won’t be revealed as miner’s already know some of them are paid by company to switch off methane censors. Mike and Gurty rescues Tantoo and helps her refill fuel by pushing Varnay along with SUV . But Varnay comes back and causes more trouble until killed by Mike. Gurty loses his life holding the truck’s position, severely wounded. Mike and Tantoo rescues him and reaches Katka successfully while Mayor of the city holding meetings with company. Miners gets rescued and everybody appreciates the timely arrival of wellheads by Mike and Tantoo. Gurty breaths his last, mike moves away after receiving one of his brother’s belongings. After 3 months Tantoo casually checking her repairing trucks and surprises to meet Mike ,who now owns brother’s favorite truck. Mike leaves with his truck, feeding Tantoo’s pet ends.

Rights and wrongs

There is nothing much to say of rights and wrongs in the movie, but you will enjoy it only if you love action movies. There are lot of smaller twists but none of them fell like engaging at any step. Every other department did good job to achieve the reality. But not much of a story there to see or appreciate. it’s just an another movie. VFX, sound, Music, cinematography, etc. they did their job.


We could not expect much from Liam Neeson like we seen in Schindler’s List. this is of his another action movies but as a truck driver. Marcus Thomas did terrific job, Laurence Fishburne is unnecessary casting choice for such a small role. Amber Midthunder did fine and Benjamin Walker who looks like young Eric Bana did okay. Holt McCallany also not really needed for this movie, his worthy time on screen. waste of good actors. Story wise its good, but most of the concentration goes towards trucks rather than making mining episode better. There is no much drama with miners, we forget about it through whole trucks issue, so we never feel the urgency of wellheads ever.


We don’t want to give Graph representation as it’s a straight line all over. we can’t give more than 5.0/10 for this movie. But action part is really enjoyable though.