Platform : Disney +, Hotstar

Director: Enrico Casarosa

Cast: Jacob TremblayJack Dylan GrazerEmma Berman

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Release dates: Jun-18-2021

This is one cool movie with not much of energetic but definitely entertaining. Among the lot of animation movies happened from story from different folk stories of different countries, this time Disney with Pixar took it’s walk in Italian tradition. Though it’s in English almost, you will happen to hear Italian every now and then, not like any of Pixar’s movies.


With mini scale adventures and risks taken by lead characters always push this film into Adventure genre. Other than that lot of drama and comedy is there. Fantasy is main genre to be included as whole story is after the mysterious characters of the movie.


Primarily Disney presenting the movie with Pixar being producer of the movie, sent some of the artists to explore and research the culture and beliefs around. They took the inspiration and shot at Italian Riveria, you can see close resemblance with town. Also many of the cartoony forms were inspired by Hayao Miyazaki as revealed by Pixar. this is debut film for director Enrico Casarosa. Most of the production of animation happened during Covid pandemic.


Set in Itlaian city of Portorosso , Luca a small sea monster boy living inside the sea waters with his family, taking care of goatfish herds most of the time. But his little adventure of sneaking above the water always worries his parents but his intentions never changes. One day while sneaking around, Luca meets Albert ,cheeky guy who lives on the ground, being a monster. Luca befriends with Albert and they both share their dreams and starts to explore to city , their advantage being getting human forms once comes out of water.

In their journey towards getting a Vespa, they meet Ercole a bully who won most Portorosso cups, who bullies both the boys. But an young girl with hope of winning cup ,Giulia saves boys and takes them home after learning about their dreams. Later all three decides to go as team and starts their practice, while both boys always trying to hide their true forms by avoiding water. But while trying to practice their skills, albert end up being good eater, Giulia as good swimmer and Luca as good cyclist. While working closely with Massimo, Giulia’s father who want to hunt sea monsters, they all enjoy companion ship.

Other side, Luca’s parents come above waters and searching for him while trying their water trick on every boy they find. One day they find him but he escapes some how. While practicing for race, after small clash between Luca and albert, Albert shows his true nature to Giulia and Luca also joins her, blaming Albert. Rain coming after wards reveals Luca’s nature also to Giulia. Luca goes after Albert and finds him at tower, in a sad place, and knows about how he got abandoned by his father and now his friend blamed him. Luca meanwhile joins in race as solo performer and Giulia as another solo performer. While after finishing two of the steps Giulia goes with 1st place and Ercole crosses her on cycling. Then being founded by his parents Luca confuses and rain starts to pour down other side. Hiding under shade not to expose his true, Albert comes with an umbrella and got hit by Ercole and people finds out his true nature and starts to attack ,then Luca coming out of his fear and rescues Albert and crashes on to Ercole by winning first place. People finds out the true nature of Both boys and comes to attack while Giulia comes to save them and Massimo Helps them. Village people accepts to give prize to monster boys and accepts how cool actually sea monster with normal humans. Luca receives the money from Albert selling his gains and goes to town along with Giulia for schooling. movie ends.

Rights and wrongs

Most of the time movie went in a good way, so many rights. Nice of Pixar’s production, great character design, wonderful scenes, nice animation work, simple and neat screenplay from coolest story among. We did not see much problems but its an okay movie to entertained. Character looks are our most favorite part. Only wrong thing being movie on a whole scale looks little rushed and some times very fast, giving less scope to some of the emotions. they would made some scene cut and made important scenes bit developed. Like Massimo, Luca’s parents and Ercole scenes can be improved a lot.


Jacob Tremblay is wonderful actor and he did an amazing job with voice cast as Luca, Jack Dylan Grazer is great asset for movie as his voice acting is too good. Remaining actors good at their own levels. We really impressed with how debut director Enrico Casarosa, really did a good job. Production design, cinematography, Art direction, VFX and animation are top of the craft to say here.


we would like to give a rating for this satisfying flick a 6.9/10 for its amazing fun