Platform : Netflix

Director : Chris RenaudJonathan del Val.

Cast : Patton OswaltKevin HartHarrison Ford , etc.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Release date : Jun-14-2019

If you are a fan of enjoying first of series, you will definitely enjoy this one too, a playful, adventure lead, colorful world as first one. But, yes there is a but as always, we would have expected much, as this one for us looked more like let’s try second part rather than original. Overall we can’t hate it anyway, but in a children’s perspective this one is so tight packed with lot of comedy and adventure.


Movie includes 3 jumbled stories together in a good way and all three includes their own sort of adventure level so Adventure suits it better. Comedy is second best thing in this movie, so cool as you can enjoy a lot while watching.


Back in 2016 , just after commercial success and intuitive trail of showing pets life behind owners in The Secret Life of Pets, production team from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment announced about second part and they brought back original directors Chris RenaudJonathan del Val. As of 2018 Productions teams announced that Louis C.K. won’t be returning as voice actor for MAX, lead dog of the franchise, they replaced the voice with Patton Oswalt.


After Max’s owner marries a guy, Pete, Max has to live along with Duke and both their owners. Soon after there is a new baby comes into Max’s life as Katie’s son, Max loves to enjoy the new kid until, kid learns to talk and max suffers adjusting with little grown kid. Later Kids grows to be loving Max and they both starts enjoy their companion along with Duke. But Max getting new scratching issue, has to undergo treatment by wearing a cone. Feeling irritated, he just moves on with friends Duke, Gidget , snowball ,etc. But one day Duke Hearing that their owners thinking about to take them for a tour they gets happy and Max gives her favorite toy Busy bee to Gidget and leaves with trust on her. Max, Duke leaves to country side along with owners and baby boy, meets their new challenge a sheep dog ,Rooster. Being serious most of the time, and hard working always, Rooster observes those new city dogs are sensitive and tries to teach his way to Max. Max, being sensitive and always scared to do any risky stuff, fails to impress Rooster. One day on a mistake, Max ,breaks the Sheep fence thus sheep herd getting escaped from fence. Rooster observing this puts back all the sheep, later finding out Cotton went into woods. Finding Cotton on loosely balanced tree on the edge of cliff, Max and Rooster manages to save Cotton, bring back home. Rooster being impressed with Max’s attitude let’s him move along closely with and accepts as friend. On the other side Gidget ,while playing with Busy bee, loses the toy. Toy ending up in cat lady’s house, Gidget could not dare to enter into Cat’s den asks Chloe, Mel, Buddy, and Sweet Pea to tech some cat lessons and end up recovering toy, by becoming the queen of cats in cat lady’s house. New dog, Daisy meets Snowball, who wanted to become super hero and asks help for rescuing a tiger from circus. They both leaves to circus and end up saving Tiger Hu by confusing the 4 wolves who were safe guarding Hu’s cage. Not being happy with whole tiger issue, Sergei the circus man sends out his wolves to find the tiger and thieves. Sergei manages to captures tiger again also takes Daisy as souvenir to play a dangerous role in circus. Max, Duke finding this difficult to see a tiger in their apartment before capture, Snowball ends up telling what happened with all the Hu issue. Once Hu gets captures they all team up and goes to bring back Hu and Daisy by reaching the circus train. They all manages to reach the train and uncages Hu by Max fighting wolves and getting rid of them and Snow ball saves Daisy from a pet monkey of Sergei and all the friends happily reaches home. All pet friends feels happy about rescuing Daisy and Hu, could not agree to keep Hu at anybody’s house until cat lady seems like a better option. Movie ends by Hu ending up at Cat lady’s house, Snow ball enjoying super hero memories, Chloe being lazy cat and Max & Duke enjoying the companion of kid who now goes to play school.

Story wise it’s good though, what will be needed more for giving out ton of comedy moments and adventure chills. We really like the way 3 adventures being the part of story with out disturbing each other. Not just between animals, involving human part into story is now out of the league for franchise. They should have made even more with animals itself rather than making a human villain. In that case it should be more complicated story at least.

Rights and wrongs

Story part is good, screenplay is nice. Animation came as good as wonderful spectrum. Lot of comedy and nature of characters are good too. We enjoyed all other crafts too. Only disappoint for us is, involving human villain, we did not like that part. They should have made more story in between animals ,rather than involving human villain.


Chris RenaudJonathan del Val both did good job on Direction part. Matthieu Gosselin puts the art direction in it’s best spot. Music from Alexandre Desplat gives us good vibes and also including beat songs here and there is good as first one. Excellent production design by Colin Stimpson. We adore the work. VFX is at it’s best as always for any work from Illumination Entertainment. Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, Jenny Slate, Eric Stonestreet, all did good voice job. we never felt any difference with Max’s voice being replaced this time. We liked Harrison Ford as Rooster, and he is now our best character in whole movie.


Here we go ,with our graph style

We for the bit of expectable ending with whole movie, can’t go farther than 6.5/10 for this movie. Worth watching and find an amazing family time to watch.