Platform : Theatres

Director : John Krasinski

Cast : John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy etc.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense , Fantasy, Adventure

Release date : May-28-2021

Released during May 2021 ,this one really gave a good credit to it’s very first part came back in 2018, A Quiet Place. Both being directed by John Krasinski, they really stood strong at box office too. We ,with lot of confidence suggest this for thriller adventure fans out there.


Happening in an apocalyptic time, this really give us lot of chills. As everybody know for it’s actual phenomena, fantasy gives good name for genre. With lot of emotions between mother and children, a friend from past and a tribe of island people moves this movie to consider as drama too but not even comes close to fantasy elements. Good thrills, suspense are of course guaranteed.


Paramount Pictures primarily involving in the production of first part, took all the idea of John krasinski to direct second one too after rejecting ideas from many writers as they are too much of franchise looking. Once first one released in 2018, Krasinski finished the second script in 4 weeks and casted other main cast from first part along with him, later Djimon Hounsou joined. Total production took place only in US itself. Gained tremendously at box office too.


Starts with a baseball match happening while all the parents enjoying their game time, Marcus Abbott observes an asteroid falling in distance and whole games stops after everybody gets panic with extra terrestrial event. Just after moving out of arena, while Lee Abbott speaking with local policeman, first alien attacks on Police and everybody starts to run for life. Lee’s family separated in the panic moment, they wait for the moment and meets again. Until this part this is all about what actually happened before first part, after this we will come back to present.

In present day Evelyn Abbott along with her kids Regan Abbott, Marcus and months old child, moves along the dangerous territories filled with aliens. While crossing many paths they accidentally falls into Trap set by an unknown person and Marcus gets his leg stuck into bear trap and shaken by pain screams and attracts an alien, which Evelyn takes care of. Moving from spot they enter into basement of spoils and comes in contact with unknown person who is watching whole faceoff between family and alien. Unknown person then shows family a bunker kind of setup to hide for sometime and ,tells them leave as there is no much resources with him, later Evelyn notices it is their old friend from town Emmett and shows the baby and explains their situation. Later they all hear a song coming in radio and feels sad about Lee ,not being there to enjoy the moment of music. Regan later realizing that what they hear from Radio is not a music but a signal from safe place to invite survivors. Regan later decides to leave with her radio equipment and a shot gun, with out intimating anybody to find the signal’s source. Later Evelyn realizing Regan forgot hearing aid and convinces Emmett to rescue Regan and bring her back to Emmett’s place. In a lonely journey, Regan finds a place of train wreck and searches for any clues, but being found by alien she plays the sound frequency and put alien in painful place and shoots but fails to kill alien, while Emmett appears and saves Regan. They both move to safer house around and Emmett tries to convince her for returning. Both takes rest in that house for sometime and Regan won’t find Emmett and her equipment, feels dumb stuck and cries clueless, but Emmett returns with clue of hope and they both leaves towards river bay. At river bay while loading boat ,they will meet very odd looking tribe who captures Emmett and Regan, but Regan jumps into water making big noises and attracts aliens. later she brings a boat and helps Emmett to board the boat . One alien tries to kill Emmett by jumping in water, but dies helplessly while other alien moves along with floating boat. In the night they leave towards the island and meets the people who sent signal. Later Emmett find the boat carrying alien and tries to inform while alien rampages lot of people on island. Meanwhile Regan and Emmett together leaves to Radio station in car honking for attracting the alien and alien chases them and somehow they escape from alien and reaches radio station. Man not realizing alien is behind him, it attacks him and Regan, Emmett moves inside the control room and confronts aliens in silence. Meanwhile Evelyn goes for oxygen cylinders leaving Marcus and baby at bunker. Marcus notices a alien nearby and gets into bunker not realizing to put a cloth in lock ,closes the bunker door and locks himself inside bunker along with kid. Using the last remaining Oxygen from Baby’s cylinder he struggles for sometime but faints inside bunker. Hearing the sounds of outside noise made by Evelyn, alien comes out and Evelyn sets trap using one of the oxygen cylinders she is carrying and jumps into bunker floor and open lock but before closing the bunker door, alien comes and attacks Evelyn and Marcus. In radio station ,Regan manages to hang her hearing aid to mic and raises the frequency sound there by numbing the alien brain and kills with an iron rod. Marcus immediately realizing Regan reached Radio station, he beams up that frequency and alien starts to move back. Marcus comes outside using increased radio volume, picks gun and alien get to die with brain death even before he shoot it. Movie ends.

Overall it’s nice thrilling story and along with frequency point ,they introduced another weakness of alien being unable to swim, there by dies by drowning. All went very chilling and suspending. Though the scenes with wild people is good, but unable to accept why they are attacking humans being humans. May be after all it’s human nature to hate humans, we don’t know for sure.

Rights and wrongs

Everything sat well in the screenplay, as we mentioned may be confrontation of wild people is a little forceful suddenly. When Emmett tries to prepare for boat ride sudden moving head in the background feels more like gothic-horror movie, as we can see it’s not an alien. But after realizing it’s just a small kid, we felt silly and whole scene of humans hating humans and bunch of people acted as fools is little unconvincing. In the flow it will go ,but just imagine, how could bunch of people surviving there with out making a fuss there, but falls into trap so easily that every last wild person dies.


This movie really gave it’s card for continuing the thrill first one gave us. Locations are as usually seem less like first one and newer wild people’s look and muted behavior is convincing too. Millicent Simmonds , Noah Jupe nailed the acting once again and we can’t easily forget the acting by Noah in the bunker moment and bear trap moment. Millicent’s growing age charisma did not effected movie theme and she really did a good job. Cillian Murphy is good addition for cast and his character is so justifying through out and especially taking the risk for saving the Regan at last moments, he gives tears. Djimon Hounsou is alive on screen for only few moments and they are worthy, but not really an abundant time on screen. Production design, Music all went into good wavelength. Sound department did a very well job.

VFX is so cool that we have more moments in this part enjoying the alien closely and VFX gave us the good moments.


Here is our graph for movie

We can give 7.5/10 for whole the Chills and thrills we got here. Movies is definitely watchable and good too.