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Sweet tooth (2021) season 1 review


Platform : Netflix

Creators : Jim MickleBeth Schwartz

Cast : Nonso AnozieChristian ConveryStefania LaVie Owen ,etc.

Genre: Drama, Adventure, fantasy, Sci-fi

Release date : Jun-04-2021

In recent days Sweet tooth is one of the binge-worthy and clean series we have watched peacefully with out any hesitation. Though they are some similarities you find along but you will forget them easily. This series give you vibes like Disney world and sense 8 world collided together, but in an enjoyable way. We appreciate the technical work, writing along with design departments.


Sweet tooth’s main elements being driven in a world where scientific experiments goes in 2 ways where experimental virus kills people and other way same experiment giving birth to new hybrid humans with animal characteristics, who are immune to virus. So we say Both Fantasy and Sci-fi is better suited as primary genres. As you will be experiencing some beautiful, heart bending, emotional stories on the way it give a good Drama genre to us. The adventure which makes characters in the movie travel along gives us abundant suspense, thrills, action we needed. Namely a series with multiple satisfying genres.


Jim Mickle created the series in association with Team Downey and DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and he also played a role as an executive producer. There were incidents with production getting halted as of Covid reasons and finished later once lock down ended in New Zealand. Cast, Nonso Anozie joining early , remaining everybody are joined one by one depending on schedule, whom many are not very notable yet on Hollywood screen. Series which destined to release actually in Hulu somehow ended up in hands of Netflix and they decide to compress the whole first season into 8 episode series. Considering the locations they really nailed to bring New Zealand’s greens to life here.


Story has 4 internal stories simultaneously happening in this series. Series starts with Dr. Aditya Singh roaming cluelessly in a hospital where he works , around which people are damned by the news of virus attack and simultaneously pregnant women giving birth to babies with animal features. 2nd story starts with a father somehow leaving along with his new born animal child(Gus) and ends up finding a small house deep inside Yellow stone national park and starts to raise the kid. One day after some 9 years of time raising kid, father gets sick, dies end end up leaving kid alone there in house. One day being frustrated by all of his tools getting broken, lonely child want to set fire to his imaginary animals made of dry grass, smoke reaches over the sky and few people comes to attack him. Being rescued by a big man , Gus, wanted to follow the Big man to find his mom in Colorado. Big man won’t accept Gus to follow him but after finding kid’s abilities, Bigman thinks child might be useful for his journey and they both finds a cliffside house. Narrator introduces 3rd story of the series where Aimee ,who bounds herself in her office all along tries to come out and finds herself in between a herd of elephants running wild on the road. Deciding all at once at the moment Aimee goes to zoo and finds herself a home. Meanwhile in 4th story Abbott an ex-military man with lot of soldiers to serve, raises a team of people called ” the last man” who hunts hybrids for killing or turning them into experimental objects. Dr.Aditya Singh on the other side living along with wife Rani, who been infected with non-contagious variant of virus and her health declines slowly time to time but Singh manages to not open up about this situation any where around his community, as burning the patients and their house is only salvation community finds. They both end up living in fear and Dr.Singh continuously making his efforts to find a cure. Aimee trying continuously to rescue Hybrids and hides them in zoo. Gus travelling along with Big man and they go through many obstacles and one day gets captured by “the last man”. But a group of children running army of hybrid saving team rescues Big man and kid and tells kid that Big man is an ex member of the last man. After a fight gets escalated internally between members of hybrid saviors, leader of the team Bear, helps Gus and Big man to reach train and decides to travel along with . Abbott finds Dr.singh while community tries to burn Dr.singh couple in their house and Abbott asks for a file from Singh and leaves with file and gets in a an agreement to find cure for virus. Gus along with 2 companions boards train and surprisingly meets Big man’s old buddy Jim and Last man finds them in train. They will escape train by jumping near Essex county, leaving Jimmy to his own fate. Gus finds the Mother’s home and meets his mother’s friend. But to find out his mother left home for finding him instead and he gets a key from her friend. Devastated by not meeting his mother and finding that he is a product of experiment Gus runs away from house and stops at a plane which he seen in his past in jungle releasing notice papers for rescuing hybrids. Abbott Meanwhile finds zoo, Aimee reroutes hybrids through underground pathway and gives responsibility of taking care of hybrids to Pigtail. But Pigtail and hybrids finds themselves directly in the Hands of “the last man” once they come above Under ground. All the hybrid’s end up in Abbott’s den. On the Other hand, Big man finds Gus at plane and tries to convince about what should have happened with his Scientist mother, while Bear stays at home trying to fix satellite phone. Abbott suddenly coming into the scene shooting Big man and kidnaps Gus and put him along with other Hybrids. All Hybrids in den meets and forms a family hug. Aimee finds Big man at plane and rescues him and treats him saying they should rescue hybrids from Abbott. Dr.singh couple taken in custody by Abbott, could not able to see each other being captivated in different rooms at same place, Dr.singh continues to experiment as commanded by Abbott. Story ends by Bear somehow connects with Birdie, scientist mother of Gus exploring in some cold country receiving the phone call.

There is good amount of feelings you will express while watching this whole season. about this whole hunting of hybrids looks like a psycho scientist going behind sense8 people in series sense8 by Wachowski  sisters in same Netflix. But not as intense as Sense 8’s thrilling scenes. Adventure part is also very smoothly driven and not very aggregating in first season, may be it gets more intense later. Drama part of the story is good the whole way. Flashbacks, present connected very well by screenplay. We really liked the whole part, we never felt any slower drama here in whole season.

Rights and wrongs

Good writing, good screenplay, good acting, good character development, very good VFX, nice locations, smooth drive of the whole adventure all good here. Nothing to mention in a negative except it looks like a fairy tale in a visual scale and not very fresh regarding action sequences. Wrongs wise casting a Muslim guy as Hindu Indian guy is too bad to see for international audience, he looked more like a Mediterranean guy rather than Indian. Adeel Akthar is bad choice. Should have been lesser drama between Dr.Singh couple. Abbott’s costumes are too weird if he is on screen as sole character but along with the last man costumes they went well, not completely about a wrong thing here. Only thing where we could not get the clarity is a mysterious Deer suddenly appears behind Gus when ,he is being attacked by one of the last man team.


Christian Convery nailed his character as Gus, eldest Hybrid of all and he gives us really good moments through out series. Nonso Anozie, Dania Ramirez, Stefania LaVie Owen, Neil Sandilands, Will Forte are all went to their best levels here. We appreciate the acting. Though he acted fine for character, Adeel Akhtar is bad choice for Indian character and not really impressive with Indian authenticity, should have went for an Indian actor as there are many. Aliza Vellani nailed her character as infected person. Good to see no fake Indian accents on Dr.singh couple though.

VFX are seemingly good, makeup and Special effects are nice. The den of Hybrid saving army seemed different overall though. Good job by production design people Nick Bassett and Russell Barnes, they did well, lighting effect when Aimee repelling Abbot’s attack came nice. Overall series is very colorful like Disney visuals, thanks for Dave Garbett and Aaron Morton. Music by Jeff Grace is smooth like blade, convincing. Prosthetics are worth mentioned once again.


Sweet tooth is sweet like it’s name and beautiful like a fairy tale. Colorful, enchanting, visually good, impressive series for both kids and adults, worth of binge watching. Our rating is 8.3/10

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